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Radio Realidad: The Popular Voice in Honduras

December 13, 2007 Kari Lydersen 0

DJ’s at Radio Realidad

In Honduras, campesinos are working with grassroots solidarity organizations to take the media into their own hands. Radio Realidad is one of a growing number of small FM stations that are popping up throughout Latin America to address communities’ needs for information. […]

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Brazil’s Landless Movement Sets Sights on Nationalization

December 12, 2007 Juan Reardon 0

Occupation of train tracks

Brazil lags far behind her left-leaning neighbors in government initiatives that bring privatized national resources back into the public domain. In recent months, however, Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) and other groups have launched mass actions that demand similar moves toward national resource sovereignty. […]

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Plan Condor: Crimes Without Borders in Latin America

December 12, 2007 Marie Trigona 0

Jorge Videla

Former military dictator Jorge Rafael Videla and 16 other military leaders in Argentina will be prosecuted on charges of conspiring to kidnap and kill political activists in a scheme known as Plan Condor, developed by Henry Kissinger and George Bush Sr., head of the CIA at the time. […]

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Action Against Agrochemicals in Paraguay

December 7, 2007 Diego Segovia 0

Protest Against Soy

On December 3rd, various Paraguayan civil society organizations commemorated the international day against agrochemicals. They paraded through the capital city of Asunción and its suburbs to demand that various authorities fulfill their duties of controlling and regulating agrochemicals.


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