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Colombia: Thousands Come Out for Anti-Paramilitary March

March 7, 2008 Helda Martínez* 0

Street theatre during the march

"I will march against the members of the security forces who have betrayed the honour of the military and the police, and have betrayed their fatherland, by selling themselves out to paramilitaries and drug traffickers to serve their interests," said Colombian Senator Juan Manuel Galán in a speech given at the spot where his father was assassinated in 1989.

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Photo Essay: Colombia – Massive Demonstrations Against Paramilitary and State Terror

March 7, 2008 William Robinson 0

"Some four million people in Colombia have been displaced, the majority of them by paramilitary groups.  These groups, acting alone or in conjunction with members of the armed forces, have disappeared at least 15,000 compatriots and have buried them in more than 3,000 mass graves; they have murdered more than 1,700 indigenous people, 2,550 trade unionists, and close to 5,000 members of the Patriotic Union. " […]

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Colombia Border Trouble: Uribe Diverting Attention From Humanitarian Accord, Targetting Venezuela

March 5, 2008 Micheal O'Tuathail 0

To understand the current crisis in Northern South America, it is important to recognize what most books and classes on Colombia state from the outset: the geopolitical importance of Colombia to the interests of the United States in the region. In recent years, Colombia has been recognized as one of the last and most hard-line outposts of neoliberalism in Latin America. […]

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Uribe’s Colombia Destabilizing Latin America

Raul Reyes

A few weeks after the Ecuadorian and Venezuelan state called on the Colombian government to respect the need for peace and negotiation with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army (FARC-EP), the administration of Álvaro Uribe Vélez (2002-2010) supported an extensive armed air and land assault against the insurgency movement – not within Colombia’s borders but rather on the sovereign territory of Ecuadorian soil.


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