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Social Housing in Bolivia: Challenges and Contradictions

February 11, 2009 Emily P. Achtenberg 0

Bolivia’s Vice Minister for Housing, Ramiro Rivera, had been on the job only two weeks last March when his office was occupied by 100 angry members of the Ponchos Rojos (Red Ponchos), a militant Aymara peasant group. Three weeks later, wheelbarrow porters from the Abastos market in Santa Cruz staged a similar protest. […]

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Bolivia: Morales Enacts New Constitution in El Alto

February 6, 2009 Benjamin Dangl 0

Fog covered El Alto, Bolivia on Saturday morning as social movements from around the country marched into the city to mark the official passage of Bolivia’s new constitution. "This is the second independence, the true liberation of Bolivia," Bolivian President Evo Morales said as he signed the new constitution. […]

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El Salvador: In San Pedro Nonualco, “El agua es nuestra!”

February 5, 2009 Upside Down World 0

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The World Social Forum Returns to Brazil

February 5, 2009 Marc Becker 0

Thousands of activities during the week of the forum were organized around 10 thematic objectives that were defined after a broad survey of organizations involved in the forum process. These themes included peace, anti-capitalism, sustainability, knowledge, diversity, sovereignty, fair trade, participatory democracy, and the environment. […]

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