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Uruguayans Call for a National Vote on Impunity Law

May 4, 2009 Joshua Frens-String 0

Sixth months before Uruguay heads to the election polls, the signatures of over 340,000 Uruguayans suggest that the country will not only be electing a new President in late October. Pending the certification of the Uruguayan election court, Uruguayan citizens will also be determining the future of a law that many human rights activists have vigorously worked to undo for over two decades. […]

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Paraguay: Protests and Rubber Bullets Greet Return of Dictatorship Criminal

May 2, 2009 Benjamin Dangl 0

Workers and activists gathered in the central plaza of Asunción, Paraguay on May 1st to commemorate International Workers Day. Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo marked the day by raising the minimum wage by 5%, half of what many of the unions present were demanding. But another piece of news set the tone for this annual gathering: the return to Paraguay of an ex-minister from the dictatorship who orchestrated the murder and torture of thousands of political dissidents. […]

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