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Questions Brew in Colombia, As Coffee Farmers Face Record Shortfalls

July 14, 2009 Elyssa Pachico 0

Carlos Trujillo

Carlos Trujillo is an organic coffee farmer in Colombia‘s lush, green Andean region known as Cauca. This past harvesting season, his 23,000 trees produced a record low. While local buyers are paying record prices for the unusually scarce supply of coffee, Trujillo knows that farmers and laborers will benefit little from the bonanza. And the shortfall is causing him to question whether Colombia‘s manual laborers – who hand-pick the crop berry by berry – are in need of a technological upgrade.   […]

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Honduras, Washington and Latin America: Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Good Neighbor

Clinton and Zelaya

If we assume that the Obama administration is following all previous recent administrations’ policy of genocide, brute force, terror, authoritarian rule and other forms of inhumane repression, we ignore the evidence that we are in a new, more complex and indeed more dangerous moment for the Bolivarian project of Latin American unity. To understand our moment we need to look back three-fourths of a century, to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his "Good Neighbor" policy. […]

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