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Photo Essay – Tragedy in Honduras: Army Shoots and Kills Protesters

July 6, 2009 James Rodriguez 0

On the day when ousted President Manuel Zelaya was slated to return, thousands of supporters gathered at the Pedagogica University in order to march towards Toncontin Airport. Meanwhile, at the airport, some gathered early to await Mel’s arrival despite the suffocating presence of Honduran security forces. It is estimated that at least 100,000 people marched towards Toncontin Airport to welcome “Mel”. […]

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Video Reports: Honduras Under Siege, Clashes Turn Deadly

July 6, 2009 The Real News 0

The military coup government of Roberto Micheletti is coming under increasing economic pressure to concede power, whether from holds on US humanitarian aid and World Bank loan money or the sealing of the borders by all three neighbors. The Honduran military has thwarted an attempt by Manuel Zelaya, the ousted president, to fly back to the country, as clashes between his supporters and security forces turned deadly.


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Honduras: It’s Not About Zelaya

July 6, 2009 David L. Wilson 0

Source: MR Zine Manuel "Mel" Zelaya is a rancher and business owner who wears large cowboy hats and, in November 2005, was elected president of Honduras, an impoverished Central American country with a population of […]

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UN Cover-up in Haiti

July 5, 2009 Kevin Pina 0

On June 18, family, friends and supporters of Haitian priest Father Gerard Jean-Juste gathered at the national cathedral to pay their final respects and lay him to rest. Few expected the solemn occasion would be transformed into confusion and terror as U.N. forces opened fire towards Haiti’s national cathedral following the arrest of one of the mourners. A victim of a single gunshot wound to the head would be discovered moments later. […]

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