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UNASUR: An Emerging Geopolitical Force

May 20, 2010 Alex Main 0

Source: Center for Economic and Policy Research Earlier this month, as the US loudly complained about Venezuela’s decision to purchase arms from Russia, South America’s ministers of defense came together in Guyaquil, Ecuador and put […]

Ecuador: Correa Looks to Reopen Unpopular Mining Project in Junin

May 20, 2010 Carlos Zorrilla 0

An official government site reveals that the Correa government plans on investing $180,000 on “social and environmental studies” during 2010 to determine the feasibility of the Junin copper deposit. The study would be the first step for the newly-created national mining company to try to reactivate a mining project which has resulted in two transnational mining companies being defeated by Intag’s communities and organizations. Now the stage is being set for possible confrontations between communities and local governments pitted against the national government and its national mining company.



Haiti According to Haiti: International Aid as Colonialism

May 19, 2010 Raúl Zibechi 0

Brazilian anthropologist Omar Ribeiro Thomaz has spent long periods of time in Port-au-Prince as a teacher over the last ten years. Despite being white and foreign, he speaks Haitian Creole and interacts with Haitians as an equal. His vision of the country after the earthquake and of international aid challenges ideas and images propagated by the media.


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