What the Empire Didn’t Hear: US Spying and Resistance in Latin America

July 18, 2013 Benjamin Dangl 0

US imperialism spreads across Latin America through military bases and trade deals, corporate exploitation and debt. It also relies on a vast communications surveillance network, the recent uncovering of which laid bare Washington’s reach into the region’s streets and halls of power. Yet more than McDonald’s and bullets, an empire depends on fear, and fear of the empire is lacking these days in Latin America.


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Made in Haiti, Dumped in Haiti

July 17, 2013 Isabeau Doucet 0

In a market driven by the profit-making of multinationals, the garment sector isn’t about creating jobs for Haitians so much as displacing jobs from one poor country to another, poorer one, making Haiti’s poverty its “comparative advantage. “The state hasn’t done anything to force the minimum-wage law to be respected,” says Pierre. “Workers do revolt, but timidly, and factories put a lot of pressure on workers to not join the union.”


Guatemala: La Puya’s Celebration of Life, Peace, and Defense of the Earth

July 16, 2013 Alexandra Pedersen 0

On Sunday, in a celebration of life, peace and defense of the earth, community members from La Puya joined together beside the central market of San José del Golfo in support of the peaceful struggle for dignity, water and future generations. This gathering was organized shortly after a press release denouncing the murder of Ajau Suret and the most recent intimidation of Oqueli Veliz.


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