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Women up in Arms: Zapatistas and Rojava Kurds Embrace a New Gender Politics

March 18, 2015 Charlotte Maria Sáenz 0

Resistance and strength manifest like weeds through cracks in Chiapas, Mexico and transnational Kurdistan where the respective Zapatista and Kurdish resistance movements are creating new gender relations as a primary part of their struggle and process for building a better world. In both places, women’s participation in the armed forces has been an entry-point for a new social construction of gender relations based on equity.


Bolivia: A Country That Dared to Exist

March 17, 2015 Benjamin Dangl 0

Bolivia’s road toward decolonization is a rocky and contested one. But, as Bolivia’s Vice Minister of Decolonization Félix Cárdenas argues below, in a bleak world full of capitalist tyrants, bloody wars and racist exploitation, the country’s Process of Change under President Evo Morales continues to shine as an alternative to the dominant global order.


“They Use Bullets Because They Don’t Like the Truth:” New Violence Against Journalists and Community Radio in Guatemala

March 16, 2015 Jeff Abbot 0

Community radio is the heart of rural communities across Guatemala and Latin America. These radios stations are spaces for the transmission of not just news, but spaces for sharing the voice of the people in their own languages, and sharing their culture. Yet community radio stations have increasingly come under assault, especially in communities that are in resistance to mega-projects in their territory.


China Stakes Its Claim in Latin America

March 16, 2015 Raúl Zibechi 0

“The United States is no longer our privileged partner. Now the privileged partner is China,” Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño stated at the close of the third summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Costa Rica on January 29.


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