Brazil: “Occupy” Movement Rolls to Rio

November 3, 2011 Fabíola Ortiz 0

Inspired by the movement for real democracy and people’s power that has spread to hundreds of cities around the world, young Brazilians in Rio de Janeiro have created their own version of “Occupy Wall Street”, dubbed “Occupy Rio”.


Rebellion in the Brazilian Amazon

April 21, 2011 Raúl Zibechi 0
During the month of March 2011 the biggest social protest by workers in many years erupted in Brazil. More than 80,000 workers all over the country paralyzed the work of “progress” in the form of hydroelectric plants, refineries, and thermoelectric generating facilities. The spark of the protest was lit in Jirau, in the Amazon jungle, provoked by arbitrary action, violence, and authoritarianism.

Understanding Empire in Latin America

December 29, 2010 Benjamin Dangl 0

The past ten years in Latin America have witnessed a major shift to the left in both the halls of government power and society. This transformation resulted in a flurry of newspaper articles and books seeking to explain George W. Bush’s imperial designs, the leftist trend in the region and the dynamics of US-Latin American relations. […]

Brasil: Toward the Continuation of Lulismo

October 14, 2010 Raúl Zibechi 0
Dilma Rousseff came very close to winning in the first round of voting in Brazil, she ended up on the threshold of the government currently led by Lula de Silva. Lula, the most popular president Brazil has ever had, is stepping down after eight years that changed the face of the country and transformed its place in the world. How can it be that a nearly unknown woman, who barely had 8.4% of projected votes two years ago, is about to become the next president of Brazil?

Brazil as a Key Player

March 5, 2010 Raúl Zibechi 0

Brazil is now a big league player. In the decade in which it begins its ascent, the country is so important that it is forcing its main competitor in the region, the United States, to redesign its foreign policy to take into consideration Brazil’s prominence, a tactic that might destabilize all of Latin America.


Brazil’s World Cup Development Debacle

January 14, 2010 Michael Fox 0

The 2010 World Cup will kick off in South Africa this June, but Maureen Msisi, of the Landless People’s Movement wants to know “who this development [is] really going to benefit? Not … the people that most need it,” she says. Activists across the Atlantic in Brazil are saying the same thing, throwing into question a development model that has accompanied massive international events such as the World Cup and the Olympics for nearly two decades.


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