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Suit Filed Against Salvadoran Ex-President Cristiani and 14 Former Soldiers for 1989 Jesuit Massacre

November 24, 2008 CISPES 0

As people in the United States held a vigil on November 22-23 to mark the 19th anniversary of one of the most horrific massacres of the Salvadoran Civil War, two human rights organizations have filed a criminal complaint with the Spanish High Court against former president of El Salvador Alfredo Cristiani and 14 former members of El Salvador’s armed forces for carrying out and covering up the atrocity. […]

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El Salvador: Company Promoters Shred Social Fabric of Communities

November 18, 2008 Jesse Freeston 0

In El Salvador, the residents of one community are feeling the impact of mining long before any ground has been broken. Locals are talking about contamination – but not the kind caused by environmental pollutants – it is "social contamination" that is tearing apart the village of Trinidad, and a Canadian mining company that is being blamed. […]

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El Salvador: US Government’s Role in Human Rights Abuses and Political Intervention

October 13, 2008 CISPES 0

A new report takes a close look  at the US role in human rights abuses in El Salvador, the potential for fraud and intervention in the 2009 Salvadoran elections, and provides evidence that the the existence of the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) — a police training institution in San Salvador that is funded and administered by the US — has coincided with "an increase in repression, including arrest and torture of citizens involved in peaceful protests."


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A Recent History of the Disability Rights Movement in El Salvador

July 18, 2008 Larissa Hotra 0

Many argue that El Salvador has come a long way towards trying to repair its disabled past by declaring itself mine-free in 1994, implementing the 2001 National Disability Rights law and ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2007. And yet, El Salvador has only made nominal progress in implementing disability legislation and awareness. […]

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UDW Sits Down with the FMLN’s Mauricio Funes from El Salvador (Part II)

June 3, 2008 Amanda Shank 0

In the second installment of our interview with El Salvadoran Presidential candidate Mauricio Funes, the candidate for the FMLN party speaks about his political influences, the media in El Salvador, and the potential for fraud in the upcoming election. Funes leads a recect poll conducted by the Universidad Centroamericana by 16 points over his principal opponent, former PNC chief Rodrigo Avila.

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El Salvador: Groups Demand Answers in Murder of Activist Youth

June 3, 2008 Meredith DeFrancesco 0

Hector Antonio Ventura Vasquez

This week over 60 international organizations will join a coalition of over 40 Salvadoran organizations, calling for an investigation of this months assassination of  social movement  activist Hector Antonio Ventura Vasquez, and the investigation of over 15 other assassinations being considered political in the past two years. […]

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