Guatemala: The Spoils of an Undeclared War

August 22, 2012 Dawn Paley 0

Guatemala is back in the news, and the news isn’t good. But while media coverage has focused on atrocities and the incursion of organized crime, a new oil rush is taking place in Petén, the same increasingly militarized northern area coveted by criminal groups.


Student eviction does not stop Guatemalan movement against privatization

July 5, 2012 Beth Geglia 0

As the conflict over educational reforms in Guatemala’s escuelas normales rages on, police violently evicted student protesters on July 2    from their occupation at Industry Park and various schools throughout Guatemala City, in an ongoing campaign to repress the movement. In the morning, reports described that four police squads detained up to eight students, while 12 more were  sent to the hospital. Allegations of sexual aggression toward young female protesters also circulated via independent media outlets.


We want Pencils, not Weapons: San Juan Sacatepéquez rejects new Military Brigade in Guatemala

July 2, 2012 James Rodriguez 0

During the annual June 30th observance of Guatemalan Armed Forces Day, thousands of people marched in San Juan Sacatepéquez from their rural communities to the central square in rejection to the newly assigned military brigade in the municipality. Solidarity groups from throughout the country supported their resistance against the militarization of their territory and the grave social conflicts created by the cement-mining license approved in 2007 for the powerful Guatemalan Cementos Progreso company.


Photo Essay: Third Month of Resistance Against a Radius Gold-owned Mine in Guatemala

Barely 28 kilometers northeast from Guatemala City, community members from the municipalities of San José del Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc, also within the Department of Guatemala, have blocked the entrance to the Tambor gold mine since March 2nd, 2012. The mining project, also known as Progreso 7 Derivada, belongs to Exploraciones Mineras de Guatemala, S.A. (EXMINGUA), local subsidiary of Canadian junior mining company Radius Gold Inc.


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