Phosphates Mining Rocks the Boats in Northern Peru

May 21, 2014 Luis Manuel Claps 0

The Bayóvar mining complex exported 3.7 million tons of phosphate concentrates in 2013, but its environmental impacts may jeopardize the local fishing industry. As mining expands, a vital estuary is left unprotected, while the local Defense Front says the Bayóvar contract needs to be reviewed.


Peru’s Conga Mine Conflict: Cajamarca Won’t Capitulate

May 1, 2014 Lynda Sullivan 0

The fight over the Conga mining project is one of Peru’s largest current social conflicts.   Today, the local population continues resisting the imposition of one of Latin America`s largest gold mining projects – Minas Conga. The situation remains tense, and the resistance continues, but with an intensified sense of urgency because as the battles are won and lost, many feel that the conflict is nearing its conclusion.


Peru: Andean Self-determination Struggles against Extractive Capitalism

September 19, 2013 Lynda Sullivan 0

At various stages, affected groups realized the extent of what had been planned for Celendin. Teachers, students, workers in the municipality, left-leaning political groups, and the Rondas Campesinas (7) united to form a platform of civil society organizations (known as the Plataforma Interinstitucional Celendina) from which they would organize a campaign against the project. Resistance also formed in Bambamarca/Hualgayoc – a province affected by 200 years of mining and whose only remaining source of uncontaminated water is threatened by Minas Conga.


“Yes to Life! No to Gold!” Indigenous Communities in Peru Struggle to Defend Land From Mining

November 26, 2012 Roxana Olivera 0

Behind the rhetoric of Peru’s economic boom and corporate social responsibility lies the struggle of indigenous communities to defend their land and their right to clean water. Máxima Acuña, one of the faces behind that struggle, walked from her rural community through the rain for 10 hours to hear the case that the owners of the Yanacocha mine in northern Peru have launched against her and her family.


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