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Wednesday, 10 February 2016
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Upside Down World is an online magazine covering activism and politics in Latin America. Founded in 2003,  it is made up of work from writers, activists, artists and regular citizens from around the globe who are interested in flipping the world upside down...or right side up.

Upside Down World provides concerned global citizens with independent reporting on Latin American social movements and governments that have refused to prostrate themselves to the interests of corporate globalization, and instead have focused their work on addressing the needs of the people. While corporate media often distorts or overlooks this progressive, regional trend, we seek to provide an alternative resource for information about the achievements and challenges of these people-powered movements.

From Bolivia's gas conflicts to worker-run factories in Argentina, from Guatemalan resistance to mining to the political process in VenezuelaUpside Down World has produced original reporting and perspectives that help readers understand what's happening on the ground in the region.

Our articles have been translated and republished in hundreds of websites, magazines and newspapers. Of the thousands of people that read our site each week, many are political analysts, journalists, academics and activists based around the globe.

We publish articles and news briefs each week on Latin America. Sign up here to receive Upside Down World's free, weekly email newsletter. For over ten years, we've provided articles for free, without advertising or corporate funding. We remain 100% reader-funded.

Thanks for making this possible!

Editorial Collective:

Benjamin Dangl (founder): Ben(at)

Armando Carmona

April Howard: april.m.howard(at)

Email us at grupo(at)

(Cyril Mychalejko, UDW Editorial Collective Member from 2005-2015)


"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" - Eduardo Galeano

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