Upside Down World
Sunday, 26 April 2015
1 Bolivia’s Contested Process of Change: Views From a Regional Election Benjamin Dangl
2 Bolivia: A Country That Dared to Exist Benjamin Dangl
3 Decolonizing Bolivia’s History of Indigenous Resistance: An Interview with Elisa Vega Sillo Benjamin Dangl
4 The Power of the Spectacle: Evo Morales’ Inauguration in Tiwanaku, Bolivia Benjamin Dangl
5 Developmentalism and Social Movements in Bolivia Raúl Zibechi
6 Photo Essay: Thousands March in El Alto, Bolivia Demanding Justice for 2003 Gas War Massacre Benjamin Dangl
7 Beyond Evo Morales’ Electoral Victory: A View from La Paz, Bolivia Benjamin Dangl
8 Elections in Bolivia: Interviews with Voters in the Streets and at the Polls Benjamin Dangl
9 Why Evo Morales Will Likely Win Upcoming Elections in Bolivia Benjamin Dangl
10 Indigenous Anarchist Critique of Bolivia's 'Indigenous State': Interview with Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui Bill Weinberg
11 The Promises and Limitations of Revolutionary Change in Bolivia: A Book Review of Evo’s Bolivia Marc Becker
12 Bolivia’s Conamaq Indigenous Movement: “We will not sell ourselves to any government or political party” Pablo Peralta M.
13 The Government and the Street in Bolivia: An Interview with Julieta Ojeda of Mujeres Creando Benjamin Dangl and April Howard
14 Bolivia: The Politics of Extractivism Devin Beaulieu and Nancy Postero
15 From the Mines to the Streets: A Bolivian Activist's Life – Book Review Marc Becker
16 The Great Soy Expansion: Brazilian Land Grabs in Eastern Bolivia Miguel Urioste F. de C.,
17 Bolivia: Amid Gas, Where Is the Revolution? Bret Gustafson
18 Using the Cold War: The Truman Administration’s Response to the Bolivian National Revolution Benjamin Dangl
19 From the Mines to the Streets: a Bolivian activist’s life - Excerpts from New Book Benjamin Kohl, Linda C. Farthing and Felix Muruchi
20 Environmental Dissonance: Global Warming and Bolivia’s Kallawaya Healers Dylan Harris
21 Using the Airwaves for Empowerment of Quechua Women in Bolivia Jenny Cartagena Torrico
22 Mining Conflicts and The Politics of Post-Nationalization Bolivia Dylan Harris
23 Domitila Chungara, Revolutionary Heroine of Bolivia: An Interview Sharyl Green and Peter Lackowski
24 Domitila Chungara, Revolutionary Heroine of Bolivia: An Interview Sharyl Green and Peter Lackowski
25 Democracy from Below in Bolivia: An Interview with Oscar Olivera Peter Lackowski and Sharyl Green
26 Bolivian Radical Feminist Maria Galindo on Evo Morales, Sex-Ed, and Rebellion in the Universe of Women Sharyl Green and Peter Lackowski
27 Bolivia's TIPNIS Conflict: Indigenous Peoples Denounce Legal Persecution Marielle Cauthin, Translated by April Howard
28 Bolivia: Sachs Versus the Facts Benjamin Kohl and Linda Farthing
29 Bolivia and the United States: A Relationship in Transition? Ethan Earle
30 TIPNIS March in Bolivia: A Letter to Evo Morales from Pablo Solon Pablo Solon
31 Bolivia: General Strike Protests Crackdown on Native March Franz Chávez
32 Let Me Speak! A Bolivian Woman Miner’s Revolutionary Life Benjamin Dangl
33 Bolivia: Morales Clashes with Native Protesters over Road through Tropical Park Franz Chávez
34 Bolivia: Amazon Road Plan Has Native People on the March Again Franz Chávez
35 From Red October to Evo Morales: The Politics of Rebellion and Reform in Bolivia The Commune
36 Governing by Obeying the People: Bolivia's Politics of the Street Benjamin Dangl
37 Bolivia: People with Disabilities Demanding Rights and Payment Cory Fischer-Hoffman
38 The Ambassador Has No Clothes: WikiLeaks Cable Lays Bare Washington’s Stance Toward Bolivia Benjamin Dangl
39 Bolivia Bets on State-Run Lithium Industry Emily Achtenberg
40 Controlling Coca Cultivation Bolivian Style Linda Farthing
41 Pachamama and Progress: Conflicting Visions for Latin America’s Future Benjamin Dangl
42 Potosí, Bolivia Protest: Resolved or Postponed? The Andean Information Network
43 The Price of Fire in Bolivia: Reflecting on the Journeys of a Book Benjamin Dangl
44 The Rebellion in Potosí: Uneven Development, Neoliberal Continuities, and a Revolt Against Poverty in Bolivia Jeffery R. Webber
45 Social Tensions Erupt in Bolivia Federico Fuentes
46 Dispersing Power: New Book on Bolivian Social Movements Benjamin Dangl
47 Reflections From Bolivia: Water Wars, Climate Wars and Change From Below David Solnit
48 Bolivia and its Lithium: Can the ‘Gold of the 21st Century’ Lift a Nation out of Poverty? Rebecca Hollender and Jim Shultz, The Democracy Center
49 Bolivia: Elections Deepen Local Democracy Emily Achtenberg
50 Bolivian Climate Conference: Morales and International Peoples' Proposals for Change Luis Gonzales, Photos by Reuben McCreanor, Translated by April Howard
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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