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Monday, 20 April 2015
101 Bolivia: Opposition Challenges Morales to Win Mandate in Recall Referendum Bolpress
102 Santa Cruz Divided: Report from the Streets on Referendum Day in Bolivia Alexander van Schaick and David Bluestone. Photographs by David Bluestone
103 Polarizing Bolivia: Santa Cruz Votes for Autonomy Benjamin Dangl
104 Video: Bolivia Faces Seperatist Challenge Real News
105 Understanding the May 4th Referendum in Santa Cruz, Bolivia Upside Down World
106 Santa Cruz's Referendum, Bolivia's Choice John Crabtree
107 Right Wing Revolt Threatens Bolivia Federico Fuentes
108 After the Water Wars in Bolivia: The Struggle for a "Social-Public" Alternative Susan Spronk
109 Landowners' Rebellion: Slavery and Saneamiento in Bolivia Alexander van Schaick
110 Illegal Autonomy Referendum Deepens Division in Bolivia the Andean Information Network
111 Photo Essay - Bolivia: Coca Yes, Cocaine No Roberto Guerra and Ruxandra Guidi
112 Bolivian Social Movements Mobilize for Constitutional Referendum Angela Day
113 Bolivia to Hold New Constitution Referendum on May 4 The Real News
114 Music Video: Bolivian Hip-Hop - Tupak Katari Ukamau y Ke
115 Bolivian Military Withdraws From Controversial US Army Training School SOA Watch
116 US Embassy in Bolivia Tells Fulbright Scholar and Peace Corps to Spy on Venezuelans and Cubans Democracy Now!
117 Upside Down World Editor Interviewed on Democracy Now! - US Funding Opposition Groups in Bolivia Democracy Now!
118 Undermining Bolivia: A Landscape of Washington Intervention Benjamin Dangl
119 Bolivia: Morales Reaches Two-Year Milestone Franz Chávez
120 Fear and Loathing in Bolivia: New Constitution, Polarization Benjamin Dangl
121 Bolivia: Guarayo Indians Struggle to Hold Onto Their Land Franz Chávez
122 Radio Report: Upheaval in Bolivia, Empire in Latin America KPFA Radio
123 A Window Into Revolution: Book Review of The Price of Fire Chesa Boudin
124 New Politics in Old Bolivia: Public Opinion and Evo Morales Benjamin Dangl
125 Bolivia: Three Dead in Capital Conflict Andean Information Network
126 Bolivia: Coming to Terms with Diversity - Interview with Alvaro Garcia Linera Laura Carlsen
127 Bolivian Horizons: an Interview with Historian Sinclair Thomson Jeffery R. Webber
128 More Than Just a Leaf: Bolivian Coca as a Natural Resource Benjamin Dangl
129 Bolivian Political Forces Negotiate Constitutional Deadlock Andean Information Network
130 Anarchism and Indigenous Resistance in Bolivia: Interview with Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui Andalusia Knoll
131 Bolivia: Take Action For Justice Against Sánchez de Lozada and Berzaín The Comite Impulsor and Julia McDowell
132 US Civil Case Brought Against Bolivian Ex-President Andean Information Network
133 Book Review: The Price of Fire in Bolivia Richard Estes
134 Bolivian Conflict: September Stalemate in Sucre Andean Information Network
135 Bolivia: When Democracy Spills into the Streets Jim Shultz, The Democracy Center
136 Bolivia: Polarisation Reaches Boiling Point Franz Chávez
137 Bolivia: Resolution from the National Emergency Gathering of the Social Organisations Social Organisations of Bolivia
138 Brawl in Bolivian Congress over Constitutional Tribunal The Andean Information Network
139 Behind The Fire: Ben Dangl on Social Struggles in Latin America Shay Totten
140 Price of Fire Book Review: A People's History of Social Struggles in Bolivia Susan Spronk
141 Bolivia's Constituent Assembly: Decolonization or Disintegration? Nick Buxton
142 Teatro Trono: Youth Street Theater in Bolivia Benjamin Dangl
143 Is Washington on the retreat across South America? Joshua Frank
144 Firestorm - A Review of The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia Angela Day, The Dominion
145 Bolivian May Day Brings Higher Hydrocarbons Revenues and Higher Expectations Andean Information Network
146 Bolivian Assembly Struggles to Draft Constitution Andean Information Network
147 Bolivia: One Dead, Police Held Hostage in Provincial Gas Dispute Franz Chávez, IPS
148 Book Review: The Price of Fire in Bolivia Conn Hallinan
149 Bolivia's Dance with Evo Morales Benjamin Dangl & April Howard, The Nation
150 President Bush Takes His Unpopularity to Latin America Jim Shultz, The Democracy Center
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