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Wednesday, 24 August 2016
1 Brazil’s Crisis and the New Right Raúl Zibechi
2 Landless Workers' Movement on the True Origins of Brazil's Political Crisis MST
3 Brazil: Building New Worlds in the Favelas Raúl Zibechi
4 Does Brazil's Proposed Anti-Terrorism Law Threaten Public Protest? Two Opinions Paulo Pimenta and Aloysio Nunes Ferreira. Translated by Holly Holmes
5 Belo Monte: Burning Legal Timber Stokes the Fires of Brazil's Illegal Lumber Market Ana Aranha; Translated by Holly Holmes
6 Operation Car Wash and Slave Labor in Brazil: Who Really Pays for Corruption in Civil Construction? Igor Ojeda for Repórter Brasil | Translated by Holly Holmes
7 An Unstable Balance in Brazil: Impeachment Proceedings Against President Dilma Rousseff Constitute Parliamentary Coup Attempt Mario Hernández
8 Brazil's Law of Terror Diego Ferrari translated by Arielle Concilio
9 Photo Essay: Over 10,000 Participate in Brazil's First Black Women's March Against Racism, Violence and for Well Being Somer Nowak
10 The Many Brazils in the World-System Immanuel Wallerstein
11 Brazil: Indigenous Resistance in Rio’s Metropolis of Mega Events Aldo Santiago
12 It's Time for Autonomy in Brazil Spensy Pimentel, translated by Addison Woolsey
13 Brazil-US Accords: Back to the Backyard? Raúl Zibechi
14 Brazilian Government Evicts Communities that Best Preserve the Rainforest Carolina Motoki, translated by Holly Holmes
15 Brazilian Government Justifies Logging by Calling Maró Indigenous Territory Communities "Fake Indians" Ana Aranha, Translated by Holly Holmes
16 “A Mirror of State Violence”: Ayotzinapa Sees Itself in Brazil’s Favelas and Indigenous Territories Armando Carmona
17 Izidora Land Occupation in Protest: 30,000 Threatened With Eviction in Brazil Bárbara Ferreira for Carta Capital; Translated by Holly Holmes
18 The Pacification of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Military Intervention in Schools Diego Ferrari
19 Indigenous People in Brazil’s Amazon – Crushed by the Belo Monte Dam? Mario Osava
20 Brazil: Journalist Evany José Metzker Murdered While Investigating Drugs and Child Exploitation in Minas Gerais Flávia Tavares for Época; Translated by Holly Holmes
21 Brazil: Demarcation of Indigenous Lands Stalls and Violence Worsens Santiago Navarro
22 "We Live In The Forest:" Indigenous Ka'apor Community Fights Loggers in Brazil Ruy Sposati; Translated by Holly Holmes
23 What Kind Of Family Does Brazil Want?: Supreme Court Ruling Allows Gay Families To Legally Adopt Their Children Fabíola Perez for IstoÉ; Translated by Holly Holmes
24 Brazil's MST Pays Tribute to Landless Workers Killed by Police in 1996 Armando Carmona
25 Brazil: Challenges of a Landless People Armando Carmona
26 Three Months of Attacks on the Working Class in Brazil Sabrina Fernandes
27 Deforestation in the Amazon Aggravates Brazil’s Energy Crisis Mario Osava
28 Brazil: The Dictatorship’s Perfect Crime Marcelo Pellegrini, Translated by Holly Holmes
29 Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement Blames Federal Institutions for Recent Killing of Land Squatters Armando Carmona
30 Rousseff’s Brazil: No Country for the Landless Workers' Movement Fabiola Ortiz
31 Brazil Truth Commission Details Extent of Rape During Military Dictatorship Danica Jorden
32 Torture Reports: Brazil and the United States Release Reports Documenting Systematic Human Rights Abuses Kara Rochelle Martinez
33 Cultivating Climate Justice: Brazilian Workers Leading the Charge Toward Zero Waste Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives and Other Worlds
34 Brazil’s Rousseff Re-elected Despite Anti-Workers’ Party Sentiment: What Now? Sabrina Fernandes
35 Brazilian Elections: What Happens Next? Sabrina Fernandes
36 Brazil: Napalm in the Ribeira Valley Anne Vigna, Luciano Onça, and Natalia Viana, Translated by Danica Jorden
37 "World Cup For Who?" Photo Report From Outside the Stadiums Andalusia Knoll
38 Sporting Shock Doctrine: Dave Zirin on the World Cup, Olympics and Brazilian Democracy Andalusia Knoll
39 National Congress of Brazil’s Landless Movement: Reinvention in Motion Raúl Zibechi
40 Democracy and World Cup 2014: Brazil’s State of Emergency Renata Bessi And Santiago Navarro F.
41 The Criminalization of Poverty in Brazil, a Global Power Raúl Zibechi
42 Descendants of Slaves Report Military Abuses in Brazil Fabiola Ortiz
43 The June Uprisings in Brazil: Below and Behind the Huge Mobilizations (Part 2) Raúl Zibechi, Translation by Ramor Ryan
44 The June Uprisings in Brazil: Below and Behind the Huge Mobilizations (Part 1) Raúl Zibechi, Translation by Ramor Ryan
45 Massive Indigenous Rights Movement Launches Across Brazil Amazon Watch
46 Breaking U.N. Protocol, Brazil Lambastes U.S. Spying Thalif Deen
47 Brazil’s Left Is Eager to Lead the “Swarm” Fabiana Frayssinet
48 Uprising in Brazil: An Extraordinary Moment for Change Nayana Fernandez
49 João Pedro Stédile of Brazil's Landless Movement: The Integration of Capital vs. the Integration of Peoples in the Americas João Pedro Stédile
50 Brazil: Incomplete Justice for Murders of Amazon Activists Fabiola Ortiz
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