Upside Down World
Monday, 30 November 2015
1 Education as a Commodity: Chile Seeks to Break with a Dictator’s Legacy Emily Achtenberg
2 Latin America’s Safe Abortion Hotlines: Women Take Reproductive Rights Into Their Own Hands April Howard
3 Chile’s LGBT Movement Wins Historic Victory with Approval of Civil Unions Monse Sepulveda
4 In Memoriam: Pedro Lemebel's Chronicles of the Pinochet Dictatorship Pedro Lemebel. Translation by April Howard
5 La Legua, Santiago de Chile: Building Community in Small Spaces Raul Zibechi
6 Chile Rejects Patagonian Dam Project, Environmentalists Hail Victory Diego Cupolo
7 Chile’s Student Movement Leads the Way: Progressive Prospects for Michelle Bachelet’s Second Term Benjamin Dangl
8 Indigenous March in Chile’s Capital on Columbus Day Charlotte Karrlsson-Willis and Sam Edwards
9 Pinochet’s Policies Still Rankle in Chile Marianela Jarroud
10 "El Mauro" Tailings-Dam Pits Community Against the Oligarchy in Chile Ali Sargent
11 Michelle Bachelet: Inequality in Chile Matthew Owens
12 Chile: A Carnival in Defense of Water Sweeps through the Streets of Santiago Marianela Jarroud
13 Tough Questions for Chile as Ongoing Protests Stall Patagonian Dam Project Diego Cupolo
14 Chile: From a Social Earthquake to a Political Tsunami Raúl Zibechi, Translation by Rebecca Ellis
15 Chile: Summit of the Peoples Demands Solidarity and Sovereignty Marianela Jarroud
16 Chile: Mapuches Still Fighting Pinochet-Era Highway Project Marianela Jarroud
17 Chile: Violence and Repression against the Mapuche Population Rocío Alorda
18 The Chilean Safe Abortion Hotline: Assisting Women With Illegal, But Safe, Misoprostol Abortion Emily Anne, Lesbians and Feminists for the Right to Information
19 Book Review: Feeding on Dreams – Confessions of an Unrepentant Exile Ramona Wadi
20 Interview with Camila Vallejo: “Another Chile Is Possible, with Greater Democracy and Social Rights” Marianela Jarroud
21 Betraying Memory in Chile: Documental Pinochet's Manipulation of History Ramona Wadi
22 Chile: Human Rights Activists Protest New US Base Weekly News Update on the Americas
23 The Right to Memory in Chile: An Interview with Erika Hennings, President of Londres 38 Ramona Wadi
24 Unveiling Canada's Role in Chile’s Environmental and Political Conflicts Cyril Mychalejko
25 Destroying the Ability to Think Historically in Chile Ramona Wadi
26 A New Chile is Possible: Students and a Society in Motion Raúl Zibechi
27 Chile's Government Wages War on Historical Memory and Truth Ramona Wadi
28 A Temporary Suspension of Exile in Chile: Interview with Former MIR Militant Hugo Marchant Ramona Wadi
29 Chile Rising: Behind the Student Protest Movement Fault Lines
30 Dictatorship Relics in Chile: Paying Homage to Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko Ramona Wadi
31 Chile: When Triumphant Neoliberalism Begins to Crack Franck Gaudichaud
32 Remnants of Pinochet: Conservative Chilean Politicians Push for Harsher Measures Against Students Shalini Adnani
33 ‘A Poetic Concept of Identity’: An Interview with Mapuche Poet David Aniñir Guilitraro Ramona Wadi
34 A View from Inside an 'Occupied' Chilean School Shalini Adnani
35 Photo Essay - A Clash of Classes: Chilean Students Fight for a Better Education System Shalini Adnani
36 Chile: National Strike Forces Government to Negotiating Table Dr Victor Figueroa Clark
37 Seeking Social Justice Through Education in Chile Ramona Wadi
38 Memory in Exile: An Interview with Jorge Coulon of Inti Illimani Ramona Wadi
39 Outrage at HidroAysén Dams Raises Environmental and Political Consciousness in Chile Caroline Lewis
40 Book Review: Memory and Justice in Democratic Chile Ramona Wadi
41 Living under the Oppression of Democracy – The Mapuche People of Chile Ramona Wadi
42 The Legacy of the Nueva Canción: An Interview with Patricio Manns Ramona Wadi, Photo by Alejandra Lastra
43 Immigrant Rights Activist, and Former Torture Victim from Chile Faces Deprotation Lainie Cassel
44 Saving Their Seats for the Bicentennial and Beyond: Ex-Political Prisoners of Chile’s National Stadium Zachary McKiernan
45 Chile’s Ghosts: The Tyranny of Forgetting Benjamin Dangl
46 Chile: Mapuche Prisoners on Hunger Strike to Demand Talks Daniela Estrada
47 Chile's Billionaire President Piñera Gets a Raise Benjamin Witte-Lebhar
48 Earthquake and Tsunami in Chile: The Militarization of Natural Disasters Raúl Zibechi
49 Chile’s President-Elect Starts Cashing In Benjamin Witte-Lebhar
50 For Chile’s Wealthy President-Elect, Victory Spells Huge Payoff Benjamin Witte-Lebhar
51 Who Lost Chile? Conservative Multi-Millionaire is President Elect Justin Vogler
52 Independent Candidate Challenges Chilean Political Establishment Jason Tockman
53 Chile: Ex-Soldier Arrested for Víctor Jara Murder Daniela Estrada
54 Chile: Women Trade Unionists Find their Own Voices Daniela Estrada
55 McCain's Private Visit With Chilean Dictator Pinochet Revealed For First Time John Dinges
56 September 11th From Chile to Washington: Bush Follows in Pinochet's Footsteps Cyril Mychalejko
57 Repression of Documentary Filmmakers in Chile Christian Peña
58 Educational Reform Conflicts Continue in Chile Matt Malinowski
59 Nationwide Teachers Strike Keeps Chile Students Protesting Thomás Rothe
60 Chilean Protesters Unhappy With Barrick Gold Pascua Lama Project Christian Peña
61 Chilean Diplomat's Book Critiques Washington's Rush to War Cyril Mychalejko
62 Chile: Emerging Party Seeks Self-Government for Mapuche People Gustavo Quilaqueo
63 Latin America: Justice Disserved for Indigenous Prisoners Daniela Estrada*
64 Chilean Coastal Bird Faces Extinction Benjamin Witte
65 Chile: Trashed Mapuche Communities Appeal to UN Benjamin Witte
66 Chile: Indigenous Group Besieged By Salmon Industry Benjamin Witte
67 Chile: Verdict Looms in Fujimori Extradition Case Benjamin Witte
68 Chile: Dam Company Revamps Polemical Hydro Project Benjamin Witte
69 Chile: Judge Rules Against Extraditing Fujimori Benjamin Witte
70 Endesa Narrows in on Chile's Puelo River Benjamin Witte
71 Politics and Sex in Post-Pinochet Chile Marcelo Mendoza
72 Chile: Confessed Transvestite Killer Avoids Jail Benjamin Witte
73 Chile: Victims' Relatives Take Their Case to Fujimori's Doorstep Benjamin Witte
74 Chile: Campaign To Block Aysén Dams Gains Momentum Benjamin Witte
75 Chile: Business as Usual Under Michelle Bachelet Justin Vogler
76 Transgender Murders Mount in Chile: MOVILH Sites 11 Such Killings Since 2002 Benjamin Witte
77 Chile: Protecting Patagonia from Hydroelectric Destruction in Aysén Benjamin Witte
78 Police Abuse of Gays Continues in Chile Benjamin Witte
79 Photo Essay: Pinochet and Memory Ben Witte
80 Augusto Pinochet: chronicle of a death foretold Justin Vogler
81 Chile: The Rise of the Penguin Revolution Justin Vogler
82 Educational Reform in Chile Marcel Claude, Translated by GeN Higgs, Rodolfo Walsh
83 Mapuches: The Politics of Exclusion in Chile Justin Vogler
84 Chile's Bachelet Enthusiastic About FTAA Cyril Mychalejko
85 Indigenous Want Autonomy in Chile Cyril Mychalejko
86 Justice in Chile? Cyril Mychalejko
87 Chile's Conservative Leftist? Cyril Mychalejko
88 "Never Again": An Interview with Isabel Allende Justin Vogler
89 Imperial Forestry in Chile and the Myth of the Trickledown Theory Gary Graham Hughes
90 CHILE: Coup anniversary sparks national debate (9/24/03) Benjamin Dangl
91 Chile Says No To Bush (11/21/04) Kiernan Rok
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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