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Wednesday, 25 November 2015
1 Rebuilding Community in Medellin, Colombia's Violent Slums: The Hillside Screams, Resists, and Builds Raúl Zibechi
2 Colombia: Displaced Wounaan Look for Government Support in Guaranteeing Safety Allison Rosenblatt
3 Cycles of Oppression, Cycles of Liberation: The Nasa People of Colombia Are Dispossessed Once Again Natalia Fajardo
4 On 1st Anniversary, Puente Nayero Humanitarian Space Inspires Nonviolent Resistance in Buenaventura, Colombia Lisa Taylor
5 San José de Apartadó: Lessons from Colombia’s Peace Community Chris Courtheyn
6 Colombia - Hope in the Midst of a Violent Crisis: Life in Buenaventura's Urban Humanitarian Space Nikki Drake
7 Gabriel García Márquez: The Last Visit Ignacio Ramonet
8 Mining and Post-Conflict in Colombia Raúl Zibechi
9 Santos' Presidential Win in Colombia is a Vote for Peace Mike LaSusa
10 Colombia’s U’was Say No to Gas Drilling in Their Territory David Hill
11 Colombian Poor Occupy Lands Slated for Military Base Dawn Paley
12 Photo Essay: The Beehive Collective's First Tour in Colombia of the New Graphic Campaign ‘Mesoamérica Resiste’ Polinizaciones
13 Colombia Approaches a Point of No Return in Loss of Biodiversity BLCC2014, Translation by Alexandra Quinn
14 Colombia: ‘That is How Dead Guerillas are Made’, Through False Positives Ander Izaguirre-El País, Translation by Christina Hewitt
15 Colombia: Peace Talks Fail to Stop Human Rights Abuses Ahead of UN Review Amnesty International
16 Air Force Bombings Endanger and Kill Civilians in Colombia Dawn Paley
17 Southwest Antioquia: Microcosm of Social Conflict in Colombia’s New Gold Rush James Rodríguez
18 'Touch One of Us and We Will All Respond': Building a Movement to Fight Femicide and Impunity in Medellin Gina Spigarelli
19 Indigenous Continental Summits: The International Politics of Resistance Manuela Picq
20 Women, War and Peace: Colombian Women Demand Truth and Justice Mariel Pérez and Dana Brown
21 Putting Profits over People: Extractivism and Human Rights in Colombia Mariel Pérez and Dana Brown
22 Water Festival of El Carmen de Viboral: Communities Resist Water Privatization and Multinational Mining in Colombia Gina Spigarelli
23 This Is Peace: "Walking The Word" in Colombia Chris Courtheyn
24 Colombia: Paramilitary Group Threatens Indigenous Protesters with ‘Social Cleansing’ Amnesty International
25 After 65 Years—Will Peace Finally Come to Colombia? An Interview with Ricardo Esquivia Dan La Botz (with Lillian Hall)
26 Brutal Repression of National Strike in Colombia: Santos Declares Militarization of Bogotá James Jordan
27 Colombian Town Says ‘No’ to Gold Mine Constanza Vieira
28 Santos Says Colombia Doesn’t Need U.N. Human Rights Office Constanza Vieira
29 Cargill Flouts Law to Secretly Build Land Bank in Colombia Richard Smallteacher
30 Potato Farmers in Colombia Rebel Against Trade Laws, Rising Production Costs Joe Shansky
31 Colombia: Marcha Patriótica Gains Momentum in the Struggle for Peace with Social Justice Peter Bolton and Alejandro Gonzalez
32 Organizations Like Bamboo: Wellness and Resilience in Colombian Human Rights Defense Andrew Willis Garcés
33 Teaching Peace: The University of Resistance in Colombia’s San Jose de Apartado Community James Bargent
34 Cauca: Lines Drawn at the Heart of Colombia’s Crisis Brian Fitzpatrick
35 Colombia: Communities of Huila Continue to Defend Mother Earth from Mega-development Projects Polinizaciones
36 Chiquita Republic: United Fruit in Colombia James Bargent
37 Colombia: Dismantling a Half-Century of Conflict Raúl Zibechi
38 Colombia: Minga of Resistance Launched against Quimbo Dam and Other Resource Extraction Projects Polinizaciones
39 Colombia: Indigenous Nasa Resist Militarization in Cauca Gina Spigarelli
40 Operation Injustice: Indigenous and Afro-Colombian Human Rights Defenders and Community Leaders Face Mass Arrests and Arbitrary Detention Heidi Andrea Rhodes
41 Colombia: Movement for the Defense and Liberation of Mother Earth Commences the Festival of the Sun Polinizaciones
42 The Path of the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the United States Ariela Ruiz Caro
43 Colombia Denounced for Continued Impunity for Human Rights Crimes Constanza Vieira
44 Colombia: Community Takes on Uribe and Allies Over Controversial Tunnel James Bargent
45 Progress or Promises? Free Trade and Labor Rights in Colombia James Bargent
46 Small-Scale Miners in Nariño Face Crackdown as Foreign Companies Set Sights on Colombia Leah Gardner
47 Colombia: Despite Diverting of the River, Movement Against Quimbo Dam Vows to Grow Stronger Polinizaciones
48 The Hidrosogamoso Dam: Communities pay the high price of hydro-electric power in Colombia James Bargent
49 Regional Strike Paralyzes Hydroelectric Project in Colombia Polinizaciones and ASOQUIMBO
50 Interview with Iván Cepeda: Social Movements Fight Against Impunity in Colombia Emma Gascó y Martín Cúneo (Diagonal nº163), Translation by Laura Cann
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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