Upside Down World
Tuesday, 21 October 2014
1 Colombia - Hope in the Midst of a Violent Crisis: Life in Buenaventura's Urban Humanitarian Space Nikki Drake
2 Gabriel García Márquez: The Last Visit Ignacio Ramonet
3 Mining and Post-Conflict in Colombia Raúl Zibechi
4 Santos' Presidential Win in Colombia is a Vote for Peace Mike LaSusa
5 Colombia’s U’was Say No to Gas Drilling in Their Territory David Hill
6 Colombian Poor Occupy Lands Slated for Military Base Dawn Paley
7 Photo Essay: The Beehive Collective's First Tour in Colombia of the New Graphic Campaign ‘Mesoamérica Resiste’ Polinizaciones
8 Colombia Approaches a Point of No Return in Loss of Biodiversity BLCC2014, Translation by Alexandra Quinn
9 Colombia: ‘That is How Dead Guerillas are Made’, Through False Positives Ander Izaguirre-El País, Translation by Christina Hewitt
10 Colombia: Peace Talks Fail to Stop Human Rights Abuses Ahead of UN Review Amnesty International
11 Air Force Bombings Endanger and Kill Civilians in Colombia Dawn Paley
12 Southwest Antioquia: Microcosm of Social Conflict in Colombia’s New Gold Rush James Rodríguez
13 'Touch One of Us and We Will All Respond': Building a Movement to Fight Femicide and Impunity in Medellin Gina Spigarelli
14 Indigenous Continental Summits: The International Politics of Resistance Manuela Picq
15 Women, War and Peace: Colombian Women Demand Truth and Justice Mariel Pérez and Dana Brown
16 Putting Profits over People: Extractivism and Human Rights in Colombia Mariel Pérez and Dana Brown
17 Water Festival of El Carmen de Viboral: Communities Resist Water Privatization and Multinational Mining in Colombia Gina Spigarelli
18 This Is Peace: "Walking The Word" in Colombia Chris Courtheyn
19 Colombia: Paramilitary Group Threatens Indigenous Protesters with ‘Social Cleansing’ Amnesty International
20 After 65 Years—Will Peace Finally Come to Colombia? An Interview with Ricardo Esquivia Dan La Botz (with Lillian Hall)
21 Brutal Repression of National Strike in Colombia: Santos Declares Militarization of Bogotá James Jordan
22 Colombian Town Says ‘No’ to Gold Mine Constanza Vieira
23 Santos Says Colombia Doesn’t Need U.N. Human Rights Office Constanza Vieira
24 Cargill Flouts Law to Secretly Build Land Bank in Colombia Richard Smallteacher
25 Potato Farmers in Colombia Rebel Against Trade Laws, Rising Production Costs Joe Shansky
26 Colombia: Marcha Patriótica Gains Momentum in the Struggle for Peace with Social Justice Peter Bolton and Alejandro Gonzalez
27 Organizations Like Bamboo: Wellness and Resilience in Colombian Human Rights Defense Andrew Willis Garcés
28 Teaching Peace: The University of Resistance in Colombia’s San Jose de Apartado Community James Bargent
29 Cauca: Lines Drawn at the Heart of Colombia’s Crisis Brian Fitzpatrick
30 Colombia: Communities of Huila Continue to Defend Mother Earth from Mega-development Projects Polinizaciones
31 Chiquita Republic: United Fruit in Colombia James Bargent
32 Colombia: Dismantling a Half-Century of Conflict Raúl Zibechi
33 Colombia: Minga of Resistance Launched against Quimbo Dam and Other Resource Extraction Projects Polinizaciones
34 Colombia: Indigenous Nasa Resist Militarization in Cauca Gina Spigarelli
35 Operation Injustice: Indigenous and Afro-Colombian Human Rights Defenders and Community Leaders Face Mass Arrests and Arbitrary Detention Heidi Andrea Rhodes
36 Colombia: Movement for the Defense and Liberation of Mother Earth Commences the Festival of the Sun Polinizaciones
37 The Path of the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the United States Ariela Ruiz Caro
38 Colombia Denounced for Continued Impunity for Human Rights Crimes Constanza Vieira
39 Colombia: Community Takes on Uribe and Allies Over Controversial Tunnel James Bargent
40 Progress or Promises? Free Trade and Labor Rights in Colombia James Bargent
41 Small-Scale Miners in Nariño Face Crackdown as Foreign Companies Set Sights on Colombia Leah Gardner
42 Colombia: Despite Diverting of the River, Movement Against Quimbo Dam Vows to Grow Stronger Polinizaciones
43 The Hidrosogamoso Dam: Communities pay the high price of hydro-electric power in Colombia James Bargent
44 Regional Strike Paralyzes Hydroelectric Project in Colombia Polinizaciones and ASOQUIMBO
45 Interview with Iván Cepeda: Social Movements Fight Against Impunity in Colombia Emma Gascó y Martín Cúneo (Diagonal nº163), Translation by Laura Cann
46 Armed ‘Rescues’ as the Abortion of Dialogue: The Colombian State’s Continuity of Failure James J. Brittain
47 Connecting the Dots: Colombian Army Officers and Civilian Killings John Lindsay-Poland
48 Colombian Students Mobilize Against Education Reforms William Lloyd George
49 Colombian Human Rights Defenders Targeted for Prosecution: The Case of Principe Gabriel Gonzalez James Bargent
50 Colombian Music Festival Keeps Afro-Colombian Culture Alive William Lloyd George
51 The Pending US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement: False Claims Versus Hard Realities James Jordan, National Co-Coordinator for the Alliance for Global Justice
52 Colombia: Interview with Eberto Diaz Montes, President of FENSUAGRO (United National Federation of Peasant Farmers and Farm Workers) James Jordan, Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ)
53 Colombia Holds National 'Peace Congress' To Find Solution To Conflict William Lloyd George
54 Mexico: March Against Drug War Rejects “National Security Law”, Calls for “Citizen Security” Laura Carlsen
55 The Andean Connection: Tracking the Drug War’s Coca Leaves and Failed Policies Benjamin Dangl
56 Colombia's Indigenous Communities Demand Demilitarization as Fighting Escalates William Lloyd George and Ingrid Morris
57 The History of the Quimbo in Colombia: Dammed or Damned? Jonathan Luna
58 Águilas Negras: Rising from the Ashes of Demobilization in Colombia C.L. Smith
59 Celebrating Popular Struggle in Cauca, Colombia Tejido de Comunicación (ACIN) and La Chiva Collective
60 January Reports Indicate Dismal Times Ahead for Colombia's 7,500 Political Prisoners James Jordan
61 Liliany Obando: Political Prisoner in Colombia W. T. Whitney Jr.
62 Multinational Banana Corporation Displaces Afro-Colombian Peace Communities Megan Felt
63 Interview: Afro-Colombian Farmers on Displacement and Resistance Jake Hess
64 San José of Apartadó, Peace Community: Liberty as a Survival Instinct Raúl Zibechi
65 U.S. Base Deal for Colombia: Back to the Status Quo John Lindsay-Poland and Susana Pimiento
66 Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope: Colombia’s Troubled Flower Industry Linda Farthing
67 Colombia: The Significance of the Killing of FARC Leader “Mono Jojoy” Garry Leech
68 Somos Pacifico! Rap Trio Choc Quib Town Puts Colombia’s Pacific on the (Music) Map Esme McAvoy
69 Colombian Army Attacks Striking BP Workers Claire Hall, Espacio Bristol-Colombia
70 The Circle Opens Out: New Evidence on Criminality in Colombian Regime Manuel Rozental
71 Movie Review: The Coca-Cola Case Lainie Cassel
72 U.S. Advises Security Apprenticeships in Colombia Belen Fernandez
73 Terrorist Attack Points to Ongoing Violence in Key City for US-Colombia FTA Kelly Nicholls, Gimena Sanchez, Charo Mina Rojas, and Joseph Jordan
74 U.S. Bases in Colombia Rattle the Region Benjamin Dangl
75 Conservatives Revive Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement Dawn Paley
76 Mary O'Grady Incites Violence in Colombian Peace Community Belén Fernández
77 US and Colombian Activists Target "World of Coca-Cola" Matthew Cardinale
78 'Authorized' Minga in Colombia? The Challenges of Popular Movements Micheál Ó Tuathail and Manuel Rozental*
79 The Continuity of Immunity for Tío Sam in Colombia James J. Brittain
80 The Streets Speak: Colombian Graffiti Artists Have their Say Raimondo Chiari
81 Throwing Bullets at Failed Policies: US Plans For New Bases in Colombia Benjamin Dangl
82 Rural Revolution in Colombia Goes Digital Elyssa Pachico
83 Neoliberalism Needs Death Squads in Colombia Hans Bennett
84 Uribe's "New" Colombia Lainie Cassel
85 Colombia: The Embera Struggle to Save a Sacred Mountain Kate Warburton
86 Damming Magdalena: Emgesa Threatens Colombian Communities Jonathan Luna
87 Behind the Headlines: Escobar's Hippo and the Calibío Battalion Carmen Andrea Rivera
88 Questions Brew in Colombia, As Coffee Farmers Face Record Shortfalls Elyssa Pachico
89 Quinoa Plants a Seed for Food Revolution in Colombia Elyssa Pachico
90 Appalachia and Colombia: The People Behind the Coal Hans Bennett
91 Colombia's Fascist Attack on Academic Freedom James J. Brittain
92 Colombians Build Support for a Constitutional Referendum for Water Jeff Conant
93 The US-Colombia FTA and National Insecurity: A Call for Ethical Foreign Policy Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes
94 San José de Apartado: Colombian Peace Community Stands Up for Humanity Raimondo Chiari
95 Colombia: Fighting Development Banks for the Human Right to Water Andrew Willis Garcés
96 Is the US Giving Colombian "Drug Lords" A Free Pass on Worse Crimes? Ali Gharib
97 Colombia: Struggling For Autonomy and Justice in the Face of State Repression Andrew Willis Garcés
98 Colombia: Why They Kill the Awa Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca (ACIN)
99 Ruta Pacifica: Colombian Women Against Violence Andrew Willis Garcés
100 Colombian Cane Cutters Score Victory, But Struggle of Afro-Colombians Continues Kari Lydersen
101 Colombia: Social Conflict Replaces Warfare Raúl Zibechi
102 Indigenous Justice in Colombia Dawn Paley
103 Dealing with Killers and Kidnappers: The High Cost of Free Trade Cyril Mychalejko
104 What Next for the Popular and Indigenous Minga in Colombia? Mario Murillo
105 The Indigenous and Popular Minga Takes Over Colombia's Capital Mario A. Murillo
106 Despite National and Global Distractions, the Popular Minga Marches on to Bogotá Mario Murillo
107 No End in Sight: Indigenous and Popular Minga Continues, Debate with Colombian President Stalls Mario A. Murillo
108 The Impunity of Chiquita Brands International: Friends in High Places CCAJAR
109 Colombia: Where Dialogue Seems Impossible Constanza Vieira*
110 Colombia: "We Are not Subversives, and We Demand Respect" Judith Henríquez Acuña and DANIEL PIÑACUÉ
111 Another Front in the Conflict: Colombian Government's Propaganda vs. Indigenous Media Perspectives Mario A. Murillo
112 History Repeats Itself For Indigenous Communities in Colombia Mario A. Murillo
113 Cauca: A Microcosm of Colombia, A Reflection of Our World Dawn Paley
114 Permanent Peoples' Tribunal in Colombia: Corporations with a License to Kill Dawn Paley
115 Colombia: Interview with Antonio Navarro Wolf Clifton Ross
116 Colombia: Ingrid Betancourt Released Justin Podur
117 Colombia: Uribe's "Populist Dictatorship" La Chiva
118 Harper's Free Trade Mantra: Hush, Rush, and Sign Dawn Paley
119 Colombia: Blood on Britain's Hands Jeremy Dear
120 Colombia: Indigenous Self Defense in Times of War Raúl Zibechi
121 U.S. Military Looks to Colombia to Replace Base in Ecuador Teo Ballvé
122 Colombia: No Reduction in Assassinations and Death Threats International Trade Union Confederation
123 Paramilitaries Threaten Canadian Embassy in Bogotá Micheal Ó Tuathail
124 Chavez Reiterates Call on Colombian Rebels to Release All Hostages James Suggett
125 Retired Colombian General with Ties to the CIA Arrested Over "Forced Disappearances" Cyril Mychalejko
126 Colombia: More Doubts on Interpol's Laptop Findings Daniel Denvir
127 Colombia: Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi and the US Congress Association of Indigenous Authorities of Northern Cauca Council
128 Colombian "Magnicidio" Remains a Mystery After 60 Years Paul Wolf
129 Military Crisis in South America: The Results of Plan Colombia Raúl Zibechi
130 Colombia's Gold Bonanza: Canadian Mining Leads to 'Economic Forced Displacement' Micheál Ó Tuathail
131 Book Review: Behind Colombian Coal: Mining, Multinationals and Human Rights Jeffery R. Webber
132 Colombia: Hypocrisies of a US-backed Crisis Michael Fox
133 Was the U.S. Involved in Killing the FARC-EP Leaders? James Brittain
134 Colombia, Venezuela & Ecuador: Crisis Ends With Hugs, Handshakes and Applause Humberto Márquez
135 Video - Colombia: From Insults to Handshakes The Real News
136 Colombia: Thousands Come Out for Anti-Paramilitary March Helda Martínez*
137 Photo Essay: Colombia - Massive Demonstrations Against Paramilitary and State Terror William Robinson
138 Colombia Border Trouble: Uribe Diverting Attention From Humanitarian Accord, Targetting Venezuela Micheal O'Tuathail
139 Washington's Role in Current Conflict Between Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador Cory Fischer-Hoffman
140 Uribe's Colombia Destabilizing Latin America James J. Brittain and R. James Sacouman
141 Colombian Military Incursion Into Ecuador Sparks Regional Crisis Daniel Denvir
142 The Cost of Power: Coal Mining and Human Rights in Colombia Orlando Acosta with Aviva Chomsky
143 Colombia Menaces the Region: Interview with Fred Fuentes in Caracas Fred Fuentes
144 Colombia Assassinates Raul Reyes of FARC Justin Podur
145 Controversy Dogs Coal Operations in Colombia Chris Arsenault
146 Civil Wars North and South: Perspectives on Colombia from the US Civil War Paul Wolf
147 Colombia: Gov't Throws Support Behind Anti-Guerrilla March Constanza Vieira
148 Bolívar's Sword: Venezuela's Recognition of the Colombian Insurgency Paul Wolf
149 Colombia: Polo Democrático win in Bogotá a step toward presidency Paul Haste
150 Colombia: Foreign Firms Cash in on Generous Mining Code Chris Arsenault
151 Polo Democrático's Challenge to Colombia Paul Haste
152 Colombian Elites Fear Chavez's Growing Influence Paul Haste
153 Colombia Campaign Seeks to Make Water a Constitutional Right Helda Martínez
154 Bush Administration Condoned Supporting Terrorism in Colombia Cyril Mychalejko
155 Colombia: Professor Moncayo and President Uribe in Public Debate Paul Haste
156 Colombia: How Many More Dead, Mr. President? Claudia López
157 Blood on the Palms: Afro-Colombians Fight New Plantations David Bacon
158 A Dirtier War: Colombia's Fake "Peace Process" and US Policy Jake Hess
159 Chiquita in Colombia: Terrorism Gone Bananas? April Howard
160 Colombians Gather for the 2nd Permanent Tribunal of the People Vanessa Burgos
161 Book Review: Evil Hour in Colombia Jeffery R. Webber
162 Battered But Unbowed, Colombia's Social Organizations Fight On John Hunt
163 Colombia's Indigenous Nasa Women Resist Teo Ballvé for NACLA
164 The FARC on Trial: Simón Trinidad as Representative Paul Wolf
165 Colombia: Indigenous rights violated by state forces Adital, Translated by Rachel Eckersley
166 Uribe's Undemocratic and Insecure Colombia Michèal Ó Tuathail
167 Colombia: The FARC Indictment Paul Wolf
168 "Killer Coke's" New Competition in Colombia Cyril Mychalejko
169 On the Trail to the "Lost City" in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (5/31/05) Michèal Ó Tuathail
170 Despite National and Global Distractions, the Popular Minga Marches on to Bogotá Upside Down World
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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