Upside Down World
Tuesday, 04 August 2015
1 Intag’s Recurrent Nightmare: Adding Up The Costs Of Ecuador’s Mineral Wars Carlos Zorrilla
2 The Fight for Justice for Ecuador’s Amazon Continues Lindsay Ofrias
3 Ecuador: The “Citizens’ Revolution” vs Social Movements By Raúl Zibechi, Translation by Danica Jorden
4 Ecuador: Defending the CONAIE beyond Its House Manuela Lavinas Picq
5 CONAIE Indigenous Organization Evicted from Headquarters by Ecuadorian Government Marc Becker
6 An Open Letter from Boaventura de Sousa Santos to Ecuadorian President Correa on Kicking the CONAIE Indigenous Movement Out of its Headquarters Boaventura de Sousa Santos
7 Ecuador: The Breach Dividing Intag Pablo Kamchatka, Translated by Danica Jorden
8 Ecuador: Free Pacto from Mining Gabriela León, Translated by Danica Jorden
9 Is Water Still a Human Right in Ecuador? Manuela Picq
10 Ecuador’s CONAIE Indigenous Movement: A Return to the Bases in a Fight for Water Rights Marc Becker
11 Ecuador Pushes for Greater South-South Cooperation and Stronger Public Disability Assistance Policies Nathan Singham
12 Ecuador - The Yasuní and the Current State of Affairs: Economics, Regulation, and Opposition Eduardo Gudynas, Translated by Danica Jorden
13 A Reading on Ecuador’s Return to the World Bank Alberto Acosta, Translated by Danica Jorden
14 The Struggle Over Sumak Kawsay in Ecuador Carlos Zorrilla
15 Ecuador: ¡Lo Logramos! Despite All Odds, Activists Present Signatures Needed to Save Yasuní Sofía Jarrín
16 Chevron Wins Latest Round in Ecuador Pollution Case Jim Lobe
17 Ecuador's President Correa Suffers Political Setback in Local Elections Marc Becker
18 Lawfare: Ecuador’s New Style of Governance? Manuela Lavinas Picq
19 Ecuador: Correa Pushes Mining, Targets International Human Rights Observers in Intag Glen David Kuecker
20 Ecuador: The Rights of Nature Threatened in Yasuní National Park Marc Becker
21 Civil Society Calls for Vote on Drilling in Ecuador’s Yasuní Park Ángela Meléndez
22 Ecuador - CONAIE Leader: "We will not defend wealthy media interests" Geovanna Melendres, Translation Marc Becker
23 How the Correa Government is Neoliberalizing Ecuador’s Mining Legislation Carlos Zorrilla
24 Ecuador’s Indigenous People Still Waiting to Be Consulted Ángela Meléndez
25 Ecuador: Protests Mount over Mining, Oil WW4 Report
26 Ecuador's Rafael Correa Re-elected by a Wide Margin Marc Becker
27 Correa and Ecuador’s Left: An Interview with Marc Becker Paul Gottinger
28 Ecuador: Building a Good Life - Sumak Kawsay Alberto Acosta, Translation by Christina Hewitt
29 The Word on Women - Transgender Rights in Ecuador: A Legal, Spatial, Political and Cultural Acquittal By Rochelle Jones
30 A Dream Come True for the Mining Industry: A Response to Correa's Proposal to "Deal With Radicals" Latin American Observatory of Mining Conflicts (OCMAL), Translated by Jennifer Moore
31 Ecuador's Correa Seeks South American Allies in Conflict with Anti-Mining Social Movements Agencia Peruana de Noticias, Translated by Christina Hewitt
32 Indigenous Protests Grow as Ecuador Auctions Amazon Oil Blocks Amazon Watch
33 Ecuador's Election: Correa, His Opponents, and Possible Outcomes Marc Becker
34 God, Oil, and the Theft of Waorani DNA: A Tale of Biopiracy in Ecuador Hanna Dahlstrom
35 Ecuador: Plurinational March for Life, Water, and Dignity Marc Becker
36 Ecuador: A Revolutionary March Versus a Counter-Revolutionary March Decio Machado
37 CONAIE and Social Movements Mobilize in Ecuador APC Editors, Translation by Jim Rudolf
38 Ecuador: Mining in Times of Referendums Carlos Zorrilla
39 Ecuador: Criminalization of the Social Protest in Times of the ‘Citizen Revolution’ Cecilia Chérrez, Acción Ecológica, Translation by Alexandra Quinn
40 Ecuador: The Construction of a New Model of Domination Raúl Zibechi
41 Large-Scale Mining to Test Rights of Nature in Ecuador Carlos Zorrilla
42 People's Tribunal against the Criminalization of Protest in Ecuador Sofía Jarrín
43 Ecuador’s Referendum Reveals a Fragmented Country Marc Becker
44 No Justice, No Peace: Canadian Mining in Ecuador and Impunity Carlos Zorrilla and Cyril Mychalejko
45 Ecuadorian Court Rules Against Chevron in Historic Case Sofía Jarrín
46 Ecuador: Serious Concern Over the Misuse of Terrorism Charges Many
47 Ecuador's Fickle Friend: Canada Jennifer Moore
48 BP Sued in Ecuador for Violating the Rights of Nature Sofía Jarrín
49 Video: Many South American Social Movements Oppose Leaders They Helped Elect Jesse Freeston, The Real News
50 Ecuador's Challenge: Rafael Correa and the Indigenous Movements Benjamin Dangl
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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