Upside Down World
Friday, 18 April 2014
1 Ecuador: ¡Lo Logramos! Despite All Odds, Activists Present Signatures Needed to Save Yasuní Sofía Jarrín
2 Chevron Wins Latest Round in Ecuador Pollution Case Jim Lobe
3 Ecuador's President Correa Suffers Political Setback in Local Elections Marc Becker
4 Lawfare: Ecuador’s New Style of Governance? Manuela Lavinas Picq
5 Ecuador: Correa Pushes Mining, Targets International Human Rights Observers in Intag Glen David Kuecker
6 Ecuador: The Rights of Nature Threatened in Yasuní National Park Marc Becker
7 Civil Society Calls for Vote on Drilling in Ecuador’s Yasuní Park Ángela Meléndez
8 Ecuador - CONAIE Leader: "We will not defend wealthy media interests" Geovanna Melendres, Translation Marc Becker
9 How the Correa Government is Neoliberalizing Ecuador’s Mining Legislation Carlos Zorrilla
10 Ecuador’s Indigenous People Still Waiting to Be Consulted Ángela Meléndez
11 Ecuador: Protests Mount over Mining, Oil WW4 Report
12 Ecuador's Rafael Correa Re-elected by a Wide Margin Marc Becker
13 Correa and Ecuador’s Left: An Interview with Marc Becker Paul Gottinger
14 Ecuador: Building a Good Life - Sumak Kawsay Alberto Acosta, Translation by Christina Hewitt
15 The Word on Women - Transgender Rights in Ecuador: A Legal, Spatial, Political and Cultural Acquittal By Rochelle Jones
16 A Dream Come True for the Mining Industry: A Response to Correa's Proposal to "Deal With Radicals" Latin American Observatory of Mining Conflicts (OCMAL), Translated by Jennifer Moore
17 Ecuador's Correa Seeks South American Allies in Conflict with Anti-Mining Social Movements Agencia Peruana de Noticias, Translated by Christina Hewitt
18 Indigenous Protests Grow as Ecuador Auctions Amazon Oil Blocks Amazon Watch
19 Ecuador's Election: Correa, His Opponents, and Possible Outcomes Marc Becker
20 God, Oil, and the Theft of Waorani DNA: A Tale of Biopiracy in Ecuador Hanna Dahlstrom
21 Ecuador: Plurinational March for Life, Water, and Dignity Marc Becker
22 Ecuador: A Revolutionary March Versus a Counter-Revolutionary March Decio Machado
23 CONAIE and Social Movements Mobilize in Ecuador APC Editors, Translation by Jim Rudolf
24 Ecuador: Mining in Times of Referendums Carlos Zorrilla
25 Ecuador: Criminalization of the Social Protest in Times of the ‘Citizen Revolution’ Cecilia Chérrez, Acción Ecológica, Translation by Alexandra Quinn
26 Ecuador: The Construction of a New Model of Domination Raúl Zibechi
27 Large-Scale Mining to Test Rights of Nature in Ecuador Carlos Zorrilla
28 People's Tribunal against the Criminalization of Protest in Ecuador Sofía Jarrín
29 Ecuador’s Referendum Reveals a Fragmented Country Marc Becker
30 No Justice, No Peace: Canadian Mining in Ecuador and Impunity Carlos Zorrilla and Cyril Mychalejko
31 Ecuadorian Court Rules Against Chevron in Historic Case Sofía Jarrín
32 Ecuador: Serious Concern Over the Misuse of Terrorism Charges Many
33 Ecuador's Fickle Friend: Canada Jennifer Moore
34 BP Sued in Ecuador for Violating the Rights of Nature Sofía Jarrín
35 Video: Many South American Social Movements Oppose Leaders They Helped Elect Jesse Freeston, The Real News
36 Ecuador's Challenge: Rafael Correa and the Indigenous Movements Benjamin Dangl
37 CONAIE on the Attempted Coup in Ecuador CONAIE
38 Obama Administration Should Oppose Any Attempted Coup in Ecuador CEPR
39 Ecuador: Small-Scale Miners Questioning Large-Scale Interests in Southern Amazon Jennifer Moore
40 Indigenous Liberation and Class Struggle in Ecuador: A Conversation with Luis Macas Jeffery R. Webber
41 A New Wave of Criminalization Against Social Movements in Ecuador Jennifer Moore
42 Ecuador’s Economy Under Rafael Correa: Twenty-First Century Socialism or the New-Extractivism? – An Inteview with Alberto Acosta Jeffery R. Webber
43 Reencounter of the Original Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala in Ecuador Marc Becker
44 Ecuador: Correa Looks to Reopen Unpopular Mining Project in Junin Carlos Zorrilla
45 Decision Delayed Over Ecuador's New Water Law Jennifer Moore
46 Taking Stock of Canada’s Mining Industry: Ecuadorian Landmark Lawsuit Challenges Canadian Mining Impunity Jennifer Moore
47 Ecuador: The Debate in the Streets Jennifer Moore
48 Ecuador: Indigenous Radio Station Spared Closure Jennifer Moore
49 Ecuador: Politics Closes Indigenous Shuar Radio Jennifer Moore
50 Bicentennial and Breaking Continuity: Ecuador, Latin America, and Obama Ronn Pineo
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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