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Tuesday, 13 October 2015
1 Ecuador: Widespread Protests from Left and Indigenous Sectors Demand Progressive Changes Carlos Zorrilla
2 Ecuador: Stop the Deportation of Manuela Picq Marc Becker
3 Ecuador’s New Indigenous Uprising Marc Becker
4 Intag’s Recurrent Nightmare: Adding Up The Costs Of Ecuador’s Mineral Wars Carlos Zorrilla
5 The Fight for Justice for Ecuador’s Amazon Continues Lindsay Ofrias
6 Ecuador: The “Citizens’ Revolution” vs Social Movements By Raúl Zibechi, Translation by Danica Jorden
7 Ecuador: Defending the CONAIE beyond Its House Manuela Lavinas Picq
8 CONAIE Indigenous Organization Evicted from Headquarters by Ecuadorian Government Marc Becker
9 An Open Letter from Boaventura de Sousa Santos to Ecuadorian President Correa on Kicking the CONAIE Indigenous Movement Out of its Headquarters Boaventura de Sousa Santos
10 Ecuador: The Breach Dividing Intag Pablo Kamchatka, Translated by Danica Jorden
11 Ecuador: Free Pacto from Mining Gabriela León, Translated by Danica Jorden
12 Is Water Still a Human Right in Ecuador? Manuela Picq
13 Ecuador’s CONAIE Indigenous Movement: A Return to the Bases in a Fight for Water Rights Marc Becker
14 Ecuador Pushes for Greater South-South Cooperation and Stronger Public Disability Assistance Policies Nathan Singham
15 Ecuador - The Yasuní and the Current State of Affairs: Economics, Regulation, and Opposition Eduardo Gudynas, Translated by Danica Jorden
16 A Reading on Ecuador’s Return to the World Bank Alberto Acosta, Translated by Danica Jorden
17 The Struggle Over Sumak Kawsay in Ecuador Carlos Zorrilla
18 Ecuador: ¡Lo Logramos! Despite All Odds, Activists Present Signatures Needed to Save Yasuní Sofía Jarrín
19 Chevron Wins Latest Round in Ecuador Pollution Case Jim Lobe
20 Ecuador's President Correa Suffers Political Setback in Local Elections Marc Becker
21 Lawfare: Ecuador’s New Style of Governance? Manuela Lavinas Picq
22 Ecuador: Correa Pushes Mining, Targets International Human Rights Observers in Intag Glen David Kuecker
23 Ecuador: The Rights of Nature Threatened in Yasuní National Park Marc Becker
24 Civil Society Calls for Vote on Drilling in Ecuador’s Yasuní Park Ángela Meléndez
25 Ecuador - CONAIE Leader: "We will not defend wealthy media interests" Geovanna Melendres, Translation Marc Becker
26 How the Correa Government is Neoliberalizing Ecuador’s Mining Legislation Carlos Zorrilla
27 Ecuador’s Indigenous People Still Waiting to Be Consulted Ángela Meléndez
28 Ecuador: Protests Mount over Mining, Oil WW4 Report
29 Ecuador's Rafael Correa Re-elected by a Wide Margin Marc Becker
30 Correa and Ecuador’s Left: An Interview with Marc Becker Paul Gottinger
31 Ecuador: Building a Good Life - Sumak Kawsay Alberto Acosta, Translation by Christina Hewitt
32 The Word on Women - Transgender Rights in Ecuador: A Legal, Spatial, Political and Cultural Acquittal By Rochelle Jones
33 A Dream Come True for the Mining Industry: A Response to Correa's Proposal to "Deal With Radicals" Latin American Observatory of Mining Conflicts (OCMAL), Translated by Jennifer Moore
34 Ecuador's Correa Seeks South American Allies in Conflict with Anti-Mining Social Movements Agencia Peruana de Noticias, Translated by Christina Hewitt
35 Indigenous Protests Grow as Ecuador Auctions Amazon Oil Blocks Amazon Watch
36 Ecuador's Election: Correa, His Opponents, and Possible Outcomes Marc Becker
37 God, Oil, and the Theft of Waorani DNA: A Tale of Biopiracy in Ecuador Hanna Dahlstrom
38 Ecuador: Plurinational March for Life, Water, and Dignity Marc Becker
39 Ecuador: A Revolutionary March Versus a Counter-Revolutionary March Decio Machado
40 CONAIE and Social Movements Mobilize in Ecuador APC Editors, Translation by Jim Rudolf
41 Ecuador: Mining in Times of Referendums Carlos Zorrilla
42 Ecuador: Criminalization of the Social Protest in Times of the ‘Citizen Revolution’ Cecilia Chérrez, Acción Ecológica, Translation by Alexandra Quinn
43 Ecuador: The Construction of a New Model of Domination Raúl Zibechi
44 Large-Scale Mining to Test Rights of Nature in Ecuador Carlos Zorrilla
45 People's Tribunal against the Criminalization of Protest in Ecuador Sofía Jarrín
46 Ecuador’s Referendum Reveals a Fragmented Country Marc Becker
47 No Justice, No Peace: Canadian Mining in Ecuador and Impunity Carlos Zorrilla and Cyril Mychalejko
48 Ecuadorian Court Rules Against Chevron in Historic Case Sofía Jarrín
49 Ecuador: Serious Concern Over the Misuse of Terrorism Charges Many
50 Ecuador's Fickle Friend: Canada Jennifer Moore
51 BP Sued in Ecuador for Violating the Rights of Nature Sofía Jarrín
52 Video: Many South American Social Movements Oppose Leaders They Helped Elect Jesse Freeston, The Real News
53 Ecuador's Challenge: Rafael Correa and the Indigenous Movements Benjamin Dangl
54 CONAIE on the Attempted Coup in Ecuador CONAIE
55 Obama Administration Should Oppose Any Attempted Coup in Ecuador CEPR
56 Ecuador: Small-Scale Miners Questioning Large-Scale Interests in Southern Amazon Jennifer Moore
57 Indigenous Liberation and Class Struggle in Ecuador: A Conversation with Luis Macas Jeffery R. Webber
58 A New Wave of Criminalization Against Social Movements in Ecuador Jennifer Moore
59 Ecuador’s Economy Under Rafael Correa: Twenty-First Century Socialism or the New-Extractivism? – An Inteview with Alberto Acosta Jeffery R. Webber
60 Reencounter of the Original Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala in Ecuador Marc Becker
61 Ecuador: Correa Looks to Reopen Unpopular Mining Project in Junin Carlos Zorrilla
62 Decision Delayed Over Ecuador's New Water Law Jennifer Moore
63 Taking Stock of Canada’s Mining Industry: Ecuadorian Landmark Lawsuit Challenges Canadian Mining Impunity Jennifer Moore
64 Ecuador: The Debate in the Streets Jennifer Moore
65 Ecuador: Indigenous Radio Station Spared Closure Jennifer Moore
66 Ecuador: Politics Closes Indigenous Shuar Radio Jennifer Moore
67 Bicentennial and Breaking Continuity: Ecuador, Latin America, and Obama Ronn Pineo
68 Canada-Ecuador: When Stock Exchanges Fuel Human Rights Violations Carlos Zorrilla
69 Ecuador Uses WTO Rules to Make Medicines More Accessible Cyril Mychalejko
70 Ecuador: Left Turn? Marc Becker
71 Ecuador: CONAIE and Correa Begin Dialogue Jennifer Moore
72 Ecuadorians Protest New Water Law Jennifer Moore
73 Ecuador's Future for Canadian Transnationals: An Exchange of Indigenous Perspectives Jennifer Moore
74 Swinging from the Right: Correa and Social Movements in Ecuador Jennifer Moore
75 Nineteen Reasons Why Nortec Ventures Should Stay Out of the Intag Region of Ecuador Carlos Zorrilla
76 Ecuador: Mining and the Right of Way Jennifer Moore
77 Ecuador: The Logic of Development Clashes with Movements Raúl Zibechi
78 Ecuador: Mining Protests Marginalized, But Growing Jennifer Moore
79 Ecuador Anti-Mining Blockades Met With Repression, National Mobilization Called for January 20 Daniel Denvir, Photographs by Ximena Warnaars
80 Ecuador Defaults on Foreign Debt Daniel Denvir
81 Mass Indigenous Protest In Defense of Water Caps Week of Mobilizations in Ecuador Daniel Denvir
82 In Ecuador, Mass Mobilizations Against Mining Confront President Correa Daniel Denvir, Jennifer Moore, and Teresa Velasquez
83 Copper Mesa Mining Expected to Lose Junin Project in Ecuador Carlos Zorrilla
84 Danger Ahead: Correa Gives Mining the Green Light in Ecuador Jennifer Moore
85 Whither Ecuador? An Interview with Indigenous Activist and Politician Monica Chuji Daniel Denvir
86 Refugees in Ecuador: Organizing for Human Rights Stuart Schussler
87 Refugees in Ecuador: Putting Post-Neoliberalism to the Test Stuart Schussler
88 Ecuador Leads the Way; Now it's Pennsylvania's Turn to Protect the Environment Cyril Mychalejko
89 Refugees in Ecuador: Plan Colombia and the Asylum Lottery Stuart Schussler
90 New Ecuadorian Constitution Approved by Strong Majority, President Correa Claims "Historic Victory" Daniel Denvir
91 Ecuador's Constitution Gives Rights to Nature Cyril Mychalejko
92 Indigenous Organizations to Support Ecuador's Constitution Marc Becker
93 Wayward Allies: President Rafael Correa and the Ecuadorian Left Daniel Denvir
94 Temporary Relief from Mining Conflicts in Ecuador Dawn Paley
95 Ecuador: CONAIE Indigenous Movement Condemns President Correa Daniel Denvir and Thea Riofrancos
96 Indymedia Journalists Targeted in Ecuador Daniel Denvir
97 Reflections on Ecuador's Mining Mandate Carlos Zorrilla
98 Ecuador Undergoes Mining Makeover Cyril Mychalejko
99 Protesters Target Canada's Iamgold in Ecuador Teresa Velasquez
100 Ecuador's Oil Change: An Exporter's Historic Proposal Kevin Koenig
101 Ecuador: Indigenous Confederation Inaugurates New President and Announces National Mobilization Thea Riofrancos
102 Ascendant Copper Loses Mining Concessions in Ecuador Cyril Mychalejko
103 Marlon Santi: Commitment and Challenge to Reconstruct a New CONAIE in Ecuador Marc Becker
104 Interview with Marlon Santi, New President of Ecuador's Indigenous Confederation Patricio Zhingri T.
105 Ecuador's New Constitutional Assembly: Up With the Executive, Down With Traditional Parties Marc Becker
106 Ecuador Declines US, Offers Manta Air Base to China April Howard
107 Swedish Construction as Sexism in Ecuador Hanna Dahlstrom
108 Ecuador: Oil and Militarized Corporate Terrorism Agneta Enström
109 Oil's Bloody Secrets in Ecuador and Bolivia Agneta Enström
110 "Civilizing" the Ecuadorian Amazon: Colonial Corporatism Agneta Enström
111 Destruction and Corruption: The Jungle Adventures of an Oil Company in Ecuador Agneta Enstrom
112 Ecuador: Swedish Construction Versus Indigenous Survival in the Amazon Agneta Enström
113 Ascendant Copper Risks Losing Mining Project in Ecuador Cyril Mychalejko
114 Ecuador: Reining in Canadian Extractive Companies Carlos Zorrilla
115 Ecuador: The Indigenous Movement and President Correa Federico Fuentes
116 Ecuador: Clash of old and new Federico Fuentes
117 Support Ecuador's Milestone No-to-Oil-Exploration Proposal Rune Geertsen
118 Latin American Democracy: Time to Experiment John Crabtree
119 Stop Ascendant Copper in Ecuador Carlos Zorrilla
120 Ecuador's Indigenous 'Spin Doctors' Rune Geertsen
121 Information War in the Jungle Rune Geertsen
122 Ecuador's Prolonged Instability Raúl Zibechi
123 Ascendant Copper Threatens Ecuador's Toisan Range
124 Ecuador: International Conference for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases Marc Becker
125 The Health Emergency in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region Hanna Dahlström
126 Correa Brings Hope to Ecuadorians Cyril Mychalejko
127 NGO's Respond to Ascendant Copper MiningWatch Canada & DECOIN
128 Ecuador: Escalation in the Junín Copper Conflict Lizzy Weydt
129 Ecuador´s Chavez? Rafael Correa and the Popular Movements Yeidy Rosa, WW4 REPORT
130 The Case Against Texaco: Interview with Emergildo Criollo, Cofan Representative Hanna Dahlstrom
131 Ecuador: Human Rights Organization Condemns Paramilitary Tactics by Ascendant Copper COMISIÓN ECUMÉNICA DE DERECHOS HUMANOS, CEDHU
132 Ecuadorians Vote for Systemic Change La Pepa Collective, The Bullet
133 Open Letter to The OAS and the People of Ecuador
134 Ecuador on the Edge: A Tale of Two Presidential Candidates Cyril Mychalejko, Toward Freedom
135 Action Alert! Human Rights Activist in Ecuador Needs Support
136 Canadian Mining Project in Ecuador Tainted by Human Rights Abuses Cyril Mychalejko
137 DECOIN Responds to Attacks by Ascendant Copper Corporation Carlos Zorrilla
138 Interview with Luis Macas: "We want a total transformation" Rune Geertsen
139 The Ecology of the Machachi : Ecuador's Last Agricultural Valley or a Valley of Scrap Metal? Patricia Simon, Translated by April Howard
140 We Will Fight Day by Day: No to Mining in Intag, Ecuador Wayne Erb and Ping Sim
141 Ecuadorians March for Justice in Quito Cyril Mychalejko, Photos by Tasato Nirai
142 The Ecuadorian railroad and what is left of it Patricia Simon, Translated by April Howard
143 Mining and McDonald's in Ecuador Cyril Mychalejko and Waybe Erb
144 Ascendant's Mining Days in Ecuador May Be Numbered Cyril Mychalejko
145 Ascendant Copper Corporation Meets Resistance in Ecuador Cyril Mychalejko
146 Ecuadorian Protests Against Oxy Continue
147 Ecuador: Protests Against Free Trade Reach Critical Juncture Cyril Mychalejko
148 Canadian Mining Co. Faces Setbacks in Ecuador Cyril Mychalejko
149 Ecuador Remains Unsettled Cyril Mychalejko
150 Ecuador Declares State of Emergency Cyril Mychalejko
151 Reflections on Resistance: "Over My Dead Body" Nicole Pacino
152 Ecuador: Police Harass Mine Opponents Cyril Mychalejko
153 Mining Conflict in Ecuador Heats Up Cyril Mychalejko
154 Oil and Cancer in Ecuador Cyril Mychalejko
155 A Leak in the Ecuadorian Oil Adventure Karoline Nolsø Aaen
156 Canadian Mining Company Preaches Development, Reaps Division In Ecuador (8/22/05) Stuart Schussler
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