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Sunday, 20 April 2014
El Salvador

51 The 2009 El Salvador Elections: Between Crisis and Change Various Authors
52 Youth Demand Transparency as El Salvador Prepares Municipal and Legislative Elections Alexandria Soleil and Maggie Von Vogt
53 El Salvador: Community Fights Private Waste Dump Construction Dan McKenzie
54 United for Change in El Salvador: Video on 2009 Elections Jason Wallach, Cispes
55 Canadian Company Threatens El Salvador with Free Trade Lawsuit Over Mining Project Cyril Mychalejko
56 Suit Filed Against Salvadoran Ex-President Cristiani and 14 Former Soldiers for 1989 Jesuit Massacre CISPES
57 El Salvador: Company Promoters Shred Social Fabric of Communities Jesse Freeston
58 El Salvador: FMLN Starts Out Ahead Raúl Gutiérrez
59 El Salvador: US Government's Role in Human Rights Abuses and Political Intervention CISPES
60 A Recent History of the Disability Rights Movement in El Salvador Larissa Hotra
61 What the Census Didn't Count: Water Rights and Privatization in El Salvador US-El Salvador Sister Cities
62 The Remittance Industry: El Salvador's Post-War Struggle Mneesha Gellman and Josh Dankoff
63 UDW Sits Down with the FMLN's Mauricio Funes from El Salvador (Part II) Amanda Shank
64 El Salvador: Groups Demand Answers in Murder of Activist Youth Meredith DeFrancesco
65 Open Letter to the U.S. Department of Justice concerning CISPES Latin American Solidarity Coaltion
66 El Salvador: The UDW Interview with FMLN Presidential Candidate Mauricio Funes (Part I) Amanda Shank
67 Another SOA? Police Academy in El Salvador Worries Critics Wes Enzinna
68 Grassroots Group Accused of Being Foreign "Agent" of Leftist Political Party in El Salvador CISPES
69 El Salvador: 50 Days Later, No Answers in Murder of Alegría Mayor Upside Down World
70 From US to El Salvador: 'Gangs' and the 'Global War on Terror' J. Heyward
71 El Salvador: Terrorism charges dropped against 'Suchitoto 13' Cispes
72 El Salvador: FMLN Mayor Assassinated in Usulután Cispes
73 Neither Bullets Nor Impunity Will Silence You, Monseñor Upside Down World
74 Upside Down Notebook badmin
75 Scanning El Salvador's 2009 Electoral Horizon: The FMLN Nominates Mauricio Funes Jason Wallach
76 El Salvador: March for Water Access Demands "Blue Democracy" (Update with Correction) Jason Wallach
77 Judge in El Salvador: Terrorism Charges Stand Against Suchitoto 13 Jason Wallach
78 El Salvador: Protestors & Movement Leaders Charged with Terrorism CISPES
79 El Salvador: Saca Water Privatization Announcement Shut Down; Police Arrest 13 Jason Wallach
80 The ILEA: U.S. Exporting "Criminal Justice" to Latin America from a Base in El Salvador The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)
81 El Salvador: Fight Against ILEA US Police Academy J.L. Heyward, CISPES
82 Romero's Struggle For Social Justice Continues in El Salvador Cameron Herrington, Seattle CISPES
83 A discussion with the FMLN's Lorena Peña Jason Wallach
84 ¡Que no se vuelva a repetir!: Popular Theater Aids Quesera Massacre Survivors in El Salvador Aryeh Shell,
85 A Discussion with the FMLN's Lorena Peña Entrevista por Jason Wallach
86 Accused Guatemalan Police Are Killed in Their Jail Cells Upside Down World
87 Social Movements, Huddle Up! El Salvadoran Youth Comes to U.S. for Dialogue Jacoby Ballard
88 El Salvador: Bridges Closed as Protesters Target Water Privatization Jason Wallach
89 Not For Sale: El Salvador's Movement Against Water Privatization Jason Wallach
90 Salvadoran Students Suffer Setback Jason Wallach,
91 Estela's Story: The Human Face of Emigration in El Salvador Aryeh Shell
92 El Salvador: State Repression and Shadows of the Past Jason Wallach
93 U.S. Congress Continues Funding Intervention in Latin America through the SOA and the ILEA-South Christine Raine, CISPES Program Organizer
94 Two Years of Ka-Saca in El Salvador
95 Fear of "Gay Planet" in El Salvador
96 Vendors in San Salvador
97 FMLN Gains in El Salvador Elections Despite Lackluster Turnout Jason Wallach
98 Murder of Union Leader Goes Unpunished Cyril Mychalejko
99 No Business As Usual in El Salvador as CAFTA Takes Effect Jason Wallach
100 Private Rivers: Will Transnational Water Companies Swallow El Salvador's Water Supply? Jason Wallach
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