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Monday, 28 July 2014
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1 Guatemala: Opposition to Mining, the New Threat to National Security Oswaldo J. Hernández, Translation by Danica Jorden
2 Mayan People’s Council Organizes National Strike in Guatemala Christin Sandberg
3 Guatemala: Violent Eviction of the La Puya Peaceful Mining Resistance James Rodríguez,
4 Social Conflicts Escalate around Hydroelectric Projects in Guatemala Christin Sandberg
5 Guatemala's New 'Right-wing' Attorney General Raises Questions and Fears Kelsey Alford-Jones
6 Guatemala: Suppressing Dissent at Home and Abroad Patricia Davis
7 Where Does the Left Stand in Guatemala? Ollantay Itzamná, Translation by Christina Hewitt
8 Fashion Faux Pas? Free Trade and Sweatshop Labor in Guatemala Cyril Mychalejko
9 Guatemala: The Peaceful Anti-Mining Resistance at "La Puya" Celebrates Two Years of Struggle Rob Mercatante, Guatemala Human Rights Commission
10 Confronting the Narrative: Gladys Tzul on Indigenous Governance and State Authority in Guatemala Oswaldo J. Hernández, Translated by Sandra Cuffe
11 U.S. Government Holding World Bank and IADB Accountable to Ensure Reparations for Chixoy Dam Victims in Guatemala Grahame Russell, Rights Action
12 Photo Essay: Guatemalan Wartime Victims Exhumed From Former Military Base Return to Pambach James Rodríguez
13 “There is No Amnesty for These Crimes”: Guatemalan Massacre Survivor Anselmo Roldán Kicks Off U.S. Speaking Tour Beth Geglia, Interview Transcribed by Roberto Leal
14 Conflict Over Proposed Dam Flares Up in Guatemala Kelsey Alford-Jones
15 The End of Impunity? Indigenous Guatemalans Bring Canadian Mining Company to Court Arij Riahi
16 Guatemala: The Deported Return James Rodríguez
17 A New Era for Guatemala's Indigenous Peoples? Stacey Gomez
18 Militarization of Law Enforcement in Guatemala Just the Facts Blog
19 Guatemala: La Puya’s Celebration of Life, Peace, and Defense of the Earth Alexandra Pedersen
20 The Struggle Continues for Justice for Genocide in Guatemala Grahame Russell
21 Despite Historic Conviction, Genocide Continues in Guatemala Leonor Hurtado
22 Guatemala: So they weren’t “Zetas” after all La Hora, Translation by Christina Hewitt
23 State of Siege: Mining Conflict Escalates in Guatemala Sandra Cuffe
24 New Wave of Attacks against Land Rights Activists in Guatemala Guatemala Human Rights Commission
25 “Sons and Daughters of the Earth”: Indigenous Communities and Land Grabs in Guatemala Alberto Alonso-Fradejas
26 Photo Essay: Genocide Trial begins in Guatemala James Rodríguez
27 Profiting From Genocide: The World Bank's Bloody History in Guatemala Cyril Mychalejko
28 Guatemala’s Deadly Lifeline: Over-Reliance on the United States John Washington
29 Remilitarization Gives Rise to New Tensions and Violence in Guatemala Kelsey Alford-Jones
30 Guatemala - Mayan Oxlajuj Baktun: End of an Era, More of the Same James Rodríguez,
31 Guatemala-Canada: Clashing World Views at a Crossroads Grahame Russell
32 Soccer and Sea Turtles: Community Conservation in Guatemala Sarah Lucas and Matt Schwartz
33 Big Landowners Block Rural Development Law in Guatemala Danilo Valladares
34 Guatemala’s ‘Little School of the Americas’ Dawn Paley
35 Guatemala: Peaceful Resistance in the Face of Violence Dawn Paley
36 Guatemala under Pressure to Investigate Shooting of Native Protesters Danilo Valladares
37 Guatemala: Women’s Gathering in Defense of Water, Life and Territory Patricia Ardón and Orfe Castillo
38 Army’s Former Sex Slaves Testify in Guatemala Danilo Valladares
39 Guatemalan Government and Mining Company Attack Community Members in San Rafael Las Flores Many
40 Nueva Esperanza, Guatemala Dawn Paley
41 Guatemala: The Spoils of an Undeclared War Dawn Paley
42 Guatemala Photo Essay: "In San Rafael Las Flores and my House, the Mine does not Pass" James Rodriguez
43 Photo Essay: The Peoples’ International Health Tribunal in San Miguel Ixtahuacán, Guatemala James Rodríguez
44 Guatemalan Femicide: The Legacy of Repression and Injustice Cyril Mychalejko
45 Student eviction does not stop Guatemalan movement against privatization Beth Geglia
46 We want Pencils, not Weapons: San Juan Sacatepéquez rejects new Military Brigade in Guatemala James Rodriguez
47 ‘We Are All Barillas’: A new moment in Guatemala’s anti-extraction movement Beth Geglia
48 Guatemala: Photo Essay of Exhumation Inside Coban’s Former Military Garrison James Rodríguez
49 Photo Essay: Third Month of Resistance Against a Radius Gold-owned Mine in Guatemala James Rodriguez,
50 Guatemala: Decriminalization? Don't Believe the Hype Dawn Paley
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