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Sunday, 26 October 2014

1 Film Review: ‘Revolutionary Medicine - A Story of the First Garifuna Hospital’ Jim Sugiyama
2 Puerto Castilla, Honduras: Corporate and Military Interests Above Garífuna Community Survival Greg McCain
3 Sex Workers Take to the Streets in Honduras to Protest Murders and Discrimination Sandra Cuffe
4 "Here the People Govern': Autonomy and Resistance in San Francisco Opalaca, Honduras Brigitte Gynther
5 Honduras: The Deep Roots of Resistance Alexander Main
6 Honduras: New Colonel for Operation Xatruch, More of the Same for Lower Aguan? Anna Jover Segura, translated by Danica Jorden
7 Honduras: Who Should Really Be On Trial For the Rio Blanco Dam? Brigitte Gynther
8 Honduras: Indigenous Tolupanes Return to Their Territory with IACHR Orders of Protection Greg McCain
9 Congress’ Last Stand: Privatizations among New Laws in Honduras Sandra Cuffe
10 Beyond Reform: It’s Time to Shut Down the World Bank Cyril Mychalejko
11 Anatomy of Election Fraud: The 2013 Honduran Election in Five Simple Steps Jason Wallach
12 International Election Monitors in Honduras: Do They Ensure Clean Elections or Whitewash Fraud? Chuck Kaufman
13 Honduras: Beyond the Eye of the Electoral Storm Sandra Cuffe
14 The Results of the Elections in Honduras were Changed, Says European Union Observer Giorgio Trucchi, Translation by Adrienne Pine
15 The Different Souls of the Libre Party and Repression against Honduran Students Orsetta Bellani, Translation by Clayton Conn
16 Honduran Election Results Contested Amid Reports of Fraud, Intimidation Sandra Cuffe
17 Honduras: Indigenous Movement Defends Land and Rights as Election Looms Jason Wallach
18 Honduras: A Partial Victory for the Campaign to Free “Chavelo” Morales Greg McCain
19 Canada Signs Free Trade Deal with Honduras amid Pre-electoral Repression Sandra Cuffe
20 Nueva Esperanza, Honduras: Against the Same Old Neoliberal Agenda Greg McCain
21 Where Will the Children Play? Neoliberal Militarization in Pre-Election Honduras Adrienne Pine, Photos by Jesse Freeston
22 Berta Cáceres Is Still Alive: Indigenous Resistance Against Transnational Plunder in Honduras Jeff Conant
23 Re-militarizing the Police: Turning the Clock Back in Honduras Rosemary Joyce and Russell Sheptak
24 Defending Indigenous Lands and Waters in Honduras: The Case of Rio Blanco Beverly Bell and Tory Field
25 Honduras: The Struggle for Land in Agua Blanca Sur Brigitte Gynther
26 The Murder of Tomas Garcia by the Honduran Military Brigitte Gynther
27 Mining Company's Security Threatens International Human Rights Observers, Terrorizes Communities in Honduras Giorgio Trucchi | LINyM, Translation by Clayton Conn
28 US Embassy, DEA Obstructing Investigation into Drug War Killings in Honduras Sandra Cuffe and Karen Spring
29 Honduras Shaken by High-Profile Murders Thelma Mejía
30 Cyanide Dreams: Ecotourism and Mega-Mining Don’t Mix in Honduras Rachel Deutsch
31 The Criminalization of Campesino Resistance in Honduras: Chavelo’s Story Lauren Carasik
32 Honduras: Exhumations in the Aguán in Search of the Truth Defensores en Línea, Translation by Sandra Cuffe
33 Honduras: Terror in the Aguán Greg McCain
34 “We’re Witnessing a Reactivation of the Death Squads of the ‘80s” in Honduras: An Interview with Bertha Oliva of COFADEH Alex Main, CEPR
35 Honduras is Open for Business and Repression Grahame Russell, Photos by Camila Rich
36 Police Death Squads in Honduras - Then and Now Dan Beeton, CEPR
37 Book Review - Grabbing Power: The New Struggles for Land, Food and Democracy in Northern Honduras Chuck Kaufman
38 Modeling Capitalist Dystopia: Honduras OKs Plan for Private Cities Kari Lydersen
39 Honduras: War on the Peasants Eric Holt-Giménez and Tanya Kerssen
40 Cold War Policies Revived by Honduran Intelligence Law Thelma Mejía
41 Cyanide Lakes and Hurricanes: An Interview with Dr. Juan Almendares on the High Costs of Mining in Honduras Jen Wilton and Liam Barrington-Bush
42 Constitutional Death Spiral in Honduras Rosemary Joyce and Russell Sheptak
43 Deadly Conflict Over Honduran Palm Oil Plantations Puts CEO in the Spotlight Jennifer Kennedy, CorpWatch Blog
44 Honduran Congress Moving to Dismiss Supreme Court Justices over Police Reform Honduras Culture and Politics and Upside Down World
45 Is the World Bank Funding Death Squads in Honduras? Annie Bird, Rights Action
46 Honduras Truth Commission Releases Report about Coup-Related Violence and Repression The Honduras Accompaniment Project
47 Left International Solidarity in Post-Coup Honduras Tyler Shipley
48 Vallecito Resists, Satuye Lives! The Garífuna Resistance to Honduras’ Charter Cities Tim Russo, with Research by Genevieve Roudane and COMPPA
49 DEA-linked Deaths Show Faults in Central American Drug Plan Allen Hines
50 Canada and Chile Meddling in Honduras's Economic and Security Policies Karen Spring and Sandra Cuffe
51 Honduras: A Violence, Repression and Impunity Capital of the World Grahame Russell
52 Gathering in Bajo Aguán: Oligarchy and Human Rights Violations in Honduras Emma Volanté, Translation by Jim Rudolf
53 The War Against Peasant Farmers Heats Up in Honduras Aryeh Shell
54 Campesino Land Struggles in the Aguán Valley, Honduras Heather Gies
55 Honduras: Return to Rigores Chuck Kaufman
56 Honduras: An Urgent Call Osvaldo León and Sally Burch, Translation by Alex Cachinero-Gorman and Marybeth Stocking
57 Honduras: Purging Schools of Police Crime Thelma Mejía
58 Declaration from Artists and Intellectuals on the Bajo Aguán and Human Rights in Honduras Many, Translation by Adrienne Pine
59 Honduras: Campesinos Murdered as Honduran-Canadian Trade Agreement Moves Forward Annie Bird (with Karen Spring)
60 Video: Honduran Police Burn Community to the Ground Jesse Freeston
61 Three Neoliberal Tales in Honduras: The Inter-oceanic Train, Metro-buses and Charter Cities Luis E. Aguilar
62 Indigenous and Afro-Honduran Women: Autonomy and an End to Violence Against Us Margaret Thompson, ESCRIBANA
63 Resistance to Political and Business Assaults on Indigenous Land and Resources in Honduras Margaret Thompson
64 Indigenous and Afro-Honduran Women’s Constitutional Assembly Margaret Thompson
65 From Cartagena to Tegucigalpa: Imperialism and the Future of the Honduran Resistance Todd Gordon and Jeffery R. Webber
66 The Different Logics within the Honduran Resistance: An Interview with Bertha Cáceres Todd Gordon and Jeffery R. Webber
67 Please, Stop Trying to 'Fix' Honduras: Letter to the Los Angeles Times Jesse Freeston
68 Zelaya's Return: Neither Reconciliation nor Democracy in Honduras Adrienne Pine
69 Video Reports: Repression and Resistance in Post-Coup Honduras Jesse Freeston
70 Community Radio Stations: The Voice of Honduran Resistance Emma Volonté, Translation by Alex Cachinero-Gorman
71 An Inconvenient Truth in Honduras Rodolfo Pastor Campos
72 Towards the Reconstruction of the Country: The Constituent Assembly of Indigenous and Black People of Honduras Emma Volonté, Translation by Alex Cachinero-Gorman
73 CODEMUH: Women's Resistance in Honduras Maria Luisa Regalado
74 Military Coups are Good for Canadian Business: The Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement Todd Gordon
75 With Increased US Aid, Honduras Militarises Anti-Drug Fight Thelma Mejía
76 Honduran Constitution: Still Explosive, But No Longer Set in Stone Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle
77 Honduras: Campesinos Expelled Like 'Vermin' Giorgio Trucchi, Translated by Peter Lackowski
78 A State of Siege in Northern Honduras: Land, Palm Oil and Media Peter Lackowski
79 The Snakes Sleep: Attacks against the Media and Impunity in Honduras Sandra Cuffe
80 Take Action! End the Brutal Repression of the Honduran Social Movement Honduras Solidarity Network
81 Honduran Peasant Leader Assassinated Red Morazánica de Información, Translated by Sofia Jarrin
82 Despite Aguan “Land Agreement”, Continued Repression in Honduran African Palm Oil Plantations Tamar Sharabi
83 Honduras Commemorates Tense Anniversary of Unresolved Military Coup Adrienne Pine
84 Honduras Commemorates Tense Anniversary of Unresolved Military Coup Adrienne Pine
85 The Coup Is Not Over: Marking a Year of Resistance in Honduras Joseph Shansky
86 Honduras One Year Later Belén Fernández
87 Clinton Urges OAS to Forget Coup, Readmit Honduras Rosemary A. Joyce and Russell N. Sheptak
88 Foosball with the Devil: Haiti, Honduras, and Democracy in the Neoliberal Era Adrienne Pine
89 Honduras: Poll Proposed by Resistance Challenges Regime Peter Lackowski
90 Honduras Palm Oil Plantations: Sustainable Development Facade Tamar Sharabi
91 Interview: Tortured, Exiled Honduran Journalist Recalls His Experiences Tamar Sharabi
92 History Repeats: Committee of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared of Honduras James Rodriguez
93 Canadian Mining and Popular Resistance in Honduras Todd Gordon and Jeffery R. Webber
94 Honduras’ Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo: Another Disaster for Central American Democracy Waiting in the Wing Adrienne Pine
95 Honduras: Why Do Garifuna Community Radios Burn? Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña
96 Honduras: Zelaya's Safety Ensured by Ban on Pen Deliveries to Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa Belen Fernandez
97 Honduras: Entrenched Corruption Stymies Hope Thelma Mejía
98 Killing Activists in Honduras Joseph Shansky
99 Amid Repression, Mobilizing Against the Coup Continues in Honduras Dawn Paley
100 Honduran Coup Regime Erects Superficial Reality Around Elections Belén Fernández
101 On Presidents and Precedents: Implications of the Honduran Coup Joseph Shansky
102 Democracy in Honduras: Chronicle of a Death Foretold Benjamin Dangl
103 Behind Bars in Honduras: An Interview with a Women's Rights Leader Before the 'Free' Election Tamar Sharabi
104 Election Report From Honduras: The People Say "We Didn't Vote!" Jackie McVicar
105 Live From Honduras: Electoral Observations Belén Fernández
106 Video Documentary: Honduran Voices Matt Schwartz
107 Honduran Resistance Calls for Deepening of Democracy Matt Schwartz
108 The Real Winner in Honduras: The United States? Joseph Shansky
109 The Young Honduran Revolution Johannes Wilm
110 Writing on the Wall in Honduras: Graffiti from the Coup Resistance Kara Newhouse and Laura Taylor
111 Live from Honduras: An Interview with Berta Caceres Beverly Bell/Bertha Caceres
112 Honduras: Lawyers Question Basis of Zelaya Ouster Jennifer Moore
113 The Road to Zelaya's Return: Money, Guns and Social Movements in Honduras Benjamin Dangl
114 Honduran Lobster Divers: Risking it All in the Hunt for 'Red Gold' Kate Warburton
115 Honduras: Colombian ex-Paramilitaries Recruited by Pro-Coup Forces Jason Wallach
116 Honduran Crisis Necessitates New Sanctions Jennifer Moore
117 "The Only Crime" in Honduras Sandra Cuffe
118 Honduras: The Frontline in the Battle for Democracy Dick Emanuelsson, Translation: Jessica Shao and Monica Wooters
119 Honduras and Washington: Semantics and Contradictions Michael Fox
120 The Honduran Coup: Fiction and Fact Adrienne Pine
121 Surreal Honduras: Putting the Narrative Together in the Local Press Clifton Ross
122 The U.S. is Compromising Democracy in Honduras Shamus Cooke
123 Honduras, Washington and Latin America: Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Good Neighbor Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein
124 High Stakes for Honduras Benjamin Dangl, The Guardian Unlimited
125 Photo Essay - Tragedy in Honduras: Army Shoots and Kills Protesters James Rodriguez
126 Video Reports: Honduras Under Siege, Clashes Turn Deadly The Real News
127 Honduras: Regime Faces International Isolation Thelma Mejía*
128 Showdown in Honduras: The Rise, Repression and Uncertain Future of the Coup Benjamin Dangl
129 Honduras: Old Coup Strategy, Different Stage Michael Fox
130 Honduras: President Overthrown in Military Coup Thelma Mejía
131 Military Coup Underway in Honduras Center for International Policy
132 Honduras: All That Glitters Isn't Gold - A Story of Exploitation and Resistance Rights Action
133 Working Hard, Drinking Hard: On Violence and Survival in Honduras Adrienne Pine
134 Honduras: Garifuna Resistance to Mega-Tourism in Tela Bay James Rodriguez
135 Action Alert: Honduran Garifuna Community Threatened Amnesty International
136 U.S. Has Central America's Northern Triangle in Its Sights Thelma Mejía
137 The Last Rebels of the Caribbean: Garifuna Fighting for Their Lives in Honduras Ramor Ryan
138 Radio Realidad: The Popular Voice in Honduras Kari Lydersen
139 Free Press Under Attack in Honduras Kari Lydersen
140 Hondurans Weary After Two Years of Zelaya Kari Lydersen
141 Gold, Skin and Bones: Goldcorp's Adventure in Honduras Dawn Paley
142 Dam Development: Murder, Repression and Environmental Destruction in Honduras Mirian Miranda, Translated by Rosalind Gill
143 Cuban, U.S and Honduran Doctors Work Together on Medical Brigades to Honduras Dan Bacher
144 Nature Conservation or Territorial Control and Profits? Sandra Cuffe
145 Indigenous Political Prisoners Struggle for Freedom and Justice in Honduras Sandra Cuffe
146 Honduran Mine Workers Sick and Fired but Fighting Back Sandra Cuffe
147 "Up Against Power Itself" (10/5/05) Sandra Cuffe
148 The Tourist Industry and Repression in Honduras (8/31/05) Rights Action
149 "Up Against Power Itself" Sandra Cuffe
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