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Monday, 03 August 2015

1 Young Hondurans Lead Unprecedented Anti-Corruption Movement Thelma Mejía
2 From Reagan to Obama: Forced Disappearances in Honduras Heather Gies
3 Garifuna Community Radio Stations Under Threat in Honduras Sandra Cuffe
4 Honduras: Indigenous Communities Resist Dams in the Face of Threats and Violence Brigitte Gynther
5 Territories Free of Mining on the Rise in Honduras Sandra Cuffe
6 Blood for Gold: The Human Cost of Canada’s ‘Free Trade’ With Honduras Sandra Cuffe
7 Film Review: ‘Revolutionary Medicine - A Story of the First Garifuna Hospital’ Jim Sugiyama
8 Puerto Castilla, Honduras: Corporate and Military Interests Above Garífuna Community Survival Greg McCain
9 Sex Workers Take to the Streets in Honduras to Protest Murders and Discrimination Sandra Cuffe
10 "Here the People Govern': Autonomy and Resistance in San Francisco Opalaca, Honduras Brigitte Gynther
11 Honduras: The Deep Roots of Resistance Alexander Main
12 Honduras: New Colonel for Operation Xatruch, More of the Same for Lower Aguan? Anna Jover Segura, translated by Danica Jorden
13 Honduras: Who Should Really Be On Trial For the Rio Blanco Dam? Brigitte Gynther
14 Honduras: Indigenous Tolupanes Return to Their Territory with IACHR Orders of Protection Greg McCain
15 Congress’ Last Stand: Privatizations among New Laws in Honduras Sandra Cuffe
16 Beyond Reform: It’s Time to Shut Down the World Bank Cyril Mychalejko
17 Anatomy of Election Fraud: The 2013 Honduran Election in Five Simple Steps Jason Wallach
18 International Election Monitors in Honduras: Do They Ensure Clean Elections or Whitewash Fraud? Chuck Kaufman
19 Honduras: Beyond the Eye of the Electoral Storm Sandra Cuffe
20 The Results of the Elections in Honduras were Changed, Says European Union Observer Giorgio Trucchi, Translation by Adrienne Pine
21 The Different Souls of the Libre Party and Repression against Honduran Students Orsetta Bellani, Translation by Clayton Conn
22 Honduran Election Results Contested Amid Reports of Fraud, Intimidation Sandra Cuffe
23 Honduras: Indigenous Movement Defends Land and Rights as Election Looms Jason Wallach
24 Honduras: A Partial Victory for the Campaign to Free “Chavelo” Morales Greg McCain
25 Canada Signs Free Trade Deal with Honduras amid Pre-electoral Repression Sandra Cuffe
26 Nueva Esperanza, Honduras: Against the Same Old Neoliberal Agenda Greg McCain
27 Where Will the Children Play? Neoliberal Militarization in Pre-Election Honduras Adrienne Pine, Photos by Jesse Freeston
28 Berta Cáceres Is Still Alive: Indigenous Resistance Against Transnational Plunder in Honduras Jeff Conant
29 Re-militarizing the Police: Turning the Clock Back in Honduras Rosemary Joyce and Russell Sheptak
30 Defending Indigenous Lands and Waters in Honduras: The Case of Rio Blanco Beverly Bell and Tory Field
31 Honduras: The Struggle for Land in Agua Blanca Sur Brigitte Gynther
32 The Murder of Tomas Garcia by the Honduran Military Brigitte Gynther
33 Mining Company's Security Threatens International Human Rights Observers, Terrorizes Communities in Honduras Giorgio Trucchi | LINyM, Translation by Clayton Conn
34 US Embassy, DEA Obstructing Investigation into Drug War Killings in Honduras Sandra Cuffe and Karen Spring
35 Honduras Shaken by High-Profile Murders Thelma Mejía
36 Cyanide Dreams: Ecotourism and Mega-Mining Don’t Mix in Honduras Rachel Deutsch
37 The Criminalization of Campesino Resistance in Honduras: Chavelo’s Story Lauren Carasik
38 Honduras: Exhumations in the Aguán in Search of the Truth Defensores en Línea, Translation by Sandra Cuffe
39 Honduras: Terror in the Aguán Greg McCain
40 “We’re Witnessing a Reactivation of the Death Squads of the ‘80s” in Honduras: An Interview with Bertha Oliva of COFADEH Alex Main, CEPR
41 Honduras is Open for Business and Repression Grahame Russell, Photos by Camila Rich
42 Police Death Squads in Honduras - Then and Now Dan Beeton, CEPR
43 Book Review - Grabbing Power: The New Struggles for Land, Food and Democracy in Northern Honduras Chuck Kaufman
44 Modeling Capitalist Dystopia: Honduras OKs Plan for Private Cities Kari Lydersen
45 Honduras: War on the Peasants Eric Holt-Giménez and Tanya Kerssen
46 Cold War Policies Revived by Honduran Intelligence Law Thelma Mejía
47 Cyanide Lakes and Hurricanes: An Interview with Dr. Juan Almendares on the High Costs of Mining in Honduras Jen Wilton and Liam Barrington-Bush
48 Constitutional Death Spiral in Honduras Rosemary Joyce and Russell Sheptak
49 Deadly Conflict Over Honduran Palm Oil Plantations Puts CEO in the Spotlight Jennifer Kennedy, CorpWatch Blog
50 Honduran Congress Moving to Dismiss Supreme Court Justices over Police Reform Honduras Culture and Politics and Upside Down World
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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