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Monday, 26 January 2015
1 Dissecting the Drug War: New Book Charts Ways Global Capitalism Profits From "War on People" Armando Carmona
2 Peruvian Communities Reject COP 20 and Build the Movement of the People for El Buen Vivir Lynda Sullivan
3 Climate Justice: Uniting Struggles Across Latin America Cory Fischer-Hoffman
4 Central America’s “Alliance for Prosperity” Plan: Shock Doctrine for the Child Refugee Crisis? Dan Beeton, CEPR
5 Drilling the Caribbean: Indigenous Communities Speak Out Against Oil and Gas Exploration in Honduras Sandra Cuffe
6 Book Review: Social Movements and Leftist Governments in Latin America: Confrontation or Co-option? Andrew Self
7 Canada Accused of Failing to Prevent Mining Abuses in Latin America Carey L. Biron
8 Latin America: Gendering Peasant Movements, Gendering Food Sovereignty Deepa Panchang, Beverly Bell & Dr. Pamela Caro
9 Border Crisis: Obama Administration Complicates Refugee Status for Central Americans Emily Schwartz Greco
10 Latin America Provides Alternative Paths to Successful Poverty Reduction Cyril Mychalejko
11 Latin America on a Dangerous Precipice Diana Cariboni
12 Until the Rulers Obey: Learning from Latin America’s Social Movements Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein
13 The Conservative Restoration in Latin America Emir Sader
14 Despite Current Debate, Police Militarization Goes Beyond U.S. Borders Carey L. Biron
15 Georgia Police Chief Severely Restricts Annual SOA Protest: Social Organizations and US Reps Respond Arturo J. Viscarra and SOA Watch
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17 ​Washington Should Follow Latin America’s Lead in Condemning Israel’s War on Palestine Benjamin Dangl
18 We Reap What We Sow: The Link between Child Migrants and US Policy Diego Cupolo
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20 From El Barrio to La Realidad, Women Lead Struggles to Transform the World Jessica Davies
21 Popular Agrarian Reform: An Alternative to the Capitalist Model João Pedro Stedile and Osvaldo León
22 People’s Tribunal Seeks to Counter Canadian Pro-Mining Spin Aaron Cain
23 Raúl Zibechi: Latin America Today, Seen From Below Raúl Zibechi
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25 Capitalism’s Bullets in Latin America: Invisible Empires, State Power and 21st Century Colonialism Benjamin Dangl
26 Book Review: Learning from Latin America’s Social Movements David L. Wilson
27 Book Review: Border Patrol Nation Dawn Paley
28 From Mexico to Brazil, climate change threatens coffee growers in Latin America By Diego Cupolo
29 Self-Determination as Anti-Extractivism: How Indigenous Resistance Challenges World Politics Manuela Picq
30 Digging up the Dirt on Canadian Mining in Latin America Sandra Cuffe
31 Latin America: Why We Need an Immediate Moratorium on Gold Mining Eduardo Gudynas
32 Upside Down World Recipient of 2014 Global Justice & Peace Award Upside Down World
33 Latin America’s LGBTI Movement Celebrates Triumphs, Sets New Goals Ivet González
34 The Politics of Pachamama: Natural Resource Extraction vs. Indigenous Rights and the Environment in Latin America Benjamin Dangl
35 Commentary - Lies and Deceit: One Neighbor’s Deportation Sheds Light on the Inhumanity of US Immigration Enforcement Daniela Maria Ugaz
36 Latin America - Economic Socialism in the 21st Century: Neoliberalism “Pure and Simple” Pablo Dávalos, Translation by Danica Jorden
37 Lessons from the Costa Rican Elections Laura Carlsen
38 Costa Rican National Elections: Immediate Results, Longstanding Challenges María Suárez Toro
39 Book Review: Undoing Border Imperialism Dawn Paley
40 Drone Use Soars in Latin America, Remains Widely Unregulated Diego Cupolo
41 Latin America Rejects the Extractive Model in the Streets Raúl Zibechi
42 Abortion Rights in Latin America: A Tale of Varying Woes Sam Pothecary
43 U.S. Urged to Curb Militarization in Latin America Jim Lobe
44 Central America: Misunderstanding, Militarized Joel Wainwright
45 Americas: Governments Must Stop Imposing Development Projects on Indigenous Peoples’ Territories Amnesty International
46 Latin America Lags on Reproductive Rights Purnima Mane
47 Wealthy Nations Thwart Hopes of World's Landless Peoples Gustavo Capdevila
48 Bowman Expedition 2.0 Targets Indigenous Communities in Central America Joe Bryan
49 What the Empire Didn’t Hear: US Spying and Resistance in Latin America Benjamin Dangl
50 Scahill’s ‘Dirty Wars’ Offers Lessons for Latin America Dawn Paley
51 Immigration Reform: The View From Below David L. Wilson
52 The Challenges of the Pacific Alliance: Regional Sovereignty in Latin America or a Pampered Periphery Raul Zibechi
53 An Interview with Raúl Zibechi: “The Limits of Consumerism are also Internal” Eduardo Soler
54 Book Review: Puerto Rican Independentista Oscar López Rivera’s 32 Years of Resistance to Torture Hans Bennett
55 “The Capacity not to Stop Dreaming”: An Interview with María Suárez Toro Heather Gies and Cyril Mychalejko
56 Group Warns of “Natural Resources Giveaway” in Latin America Joe Hitchon
57 “Beyond Walls and Cages”: Liberating the Immigration Debate David L. Wilson
58 Pentagon Continues Contracting US Companies in Latin America John Lindsay-Poland
59 Migration Now: Art that Moves Michelle Chen, Illustrations by Migration Now
60 Americas: Human Rights Defenders Increasingly Targeted and Attacked Amnesty International
61 Look from Above or Look from Below: An Interview with Raúl Zibechi Heriberto Paredes Coronel, Translated by Christina Hewitt
62 Latin America’s Left Turn Collides with Indigenous Movements Nyki Salinas-Duda
63 Central American Mothers Organize to Find Their Missing Migrant Children Marta Molina
64 Peru and Ecuador Set to Auction Off More of Amazon for Oil Darrin Mortenson
65 The Penalty is Exile: How Immigration and Criminalization Collide Cory Fischer-Hoffman
66 Panama: Isolated and Ignored Naso Fear Police Repression Richard Arghiris
67 Voices from the International People's Health Tribunal Beth Geglia
68 Goldcorp on Trial: First Ever People’s Health Tribunal Shows Commonalities Throughout Mesoamerica Beth Geglia and Cyril Mychalejko
69 South America: Soy's Great Homeland Darío Aranda, Translation by Alex Cachinero-Gorman
70 Before Occupy Wall Street, there was La Victoria Dawn Paley
71 Marketing Consent: A Journey into the Public Relations Underside of Canada's Mining Sector in Latin America Sandra Cuffe
72 Territories in Resistance: A Cartography of Latin American Social Movements - Excerpt From Book Raul Zibechi, Translated by Ramor Ryan
73 Hemispheric Resistance to Canadian Mining Sandra Cuffe
74 The Pentagon Seeks to Regain the Initiative in South America Raúl Zibechi, Translation by Jim Rudolf
75 Will Latin America Become the New Middle East? Raúl Zibechi, Translation by Jim Rudolf
76 Latin America: Dismantling the Monoculture Mentality Raúl Zibechi
77 Latin America: Facing the World Water Forum, We Look Forward and Maintain Hope Marcela Olivera
78 Anti-Systemic Movements on Planet Earth: The People's Struggle For the Good Life Emma Volonté, Translation by Jim Rudolf
79 Elliott Abrams' Dark History in Latin America and the Struggle for Justice Cyril Mychalejko
80 Decline 'Friend' Request: Social Media Meets 21st Century Statecraft in Latin America Cyril Mychalejko
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82 Mesoamerica Project: Obama’s Message to the Latin American Governments Emma Volante, Translation by Victoria Robinson
83 New U.S.-Colombia Base in Panama to Combat Undocumented People John Lindsay-Poland
84 The Second Cold War and South America: New Strategic Directions on the Part of the United States Raúl Zibechi
85 Central America: Thousands of Sugar Cane Workers Die as Wealthy Nations Stall on Solutions Sasha Chavkin and Ronnie Greene
86 Feeding the Monster: Militarization and Privatized Security in Central America Annie Bird, Rights Action
87 Free Markets and the Food Crisis in Central America Carlos G. Aguilar Sanchez
88 The Year in Revolts: A South American Perspective of the Arab Spring Cristina Cielo
89 Argentina to Wall Street: Latin American Social Movements and the Occupation of Everything Benjamin Dangl
90 Pain Song Along the US - Mexico Border: the forced “yes” of Migration John Washington
91 Streets of Latin America Offer US a Roadmap for Social Change Michael Fox
92 What does “Socialism” Mean Anyway? Voices from Central America Siobhan B. Lozada
93 How the US Props Up Criminals and Murderers All in the Name of Our Catastrophic Drug War Ryan Devereaux, AlterNet
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95 Security Conference Vows to Push Drug War into Central America Dawn Paley
96 Private Contractors Making a Killing off the Drug War Cyril Mychalejko
97 Recent University of Puerto Rico Protests Raises Critique of Colonization Alyssa Figueroa
98 Right-wing Unleashes Campaign Against Democracy in Latin America Chuck Kaufman
99 Panama: Indigenous Movement Deeply Concerned About the Barro Blanco Dam John "Ahni" Schertow and Richard Arghiris
100 Latin America and the US: Social Movements Are the Engines of Change Nikolas Kozloff
101 Independence is Another Name for Dignity Eduardo Galeano, Translation by Lisa Boscov-Ellen
102 Moving to the Latin Beat: Dancing with Dynamite in Latin America Mike Geddes
103 The New Latin American “Progresismo” and the Extractivism of the 21st Century Carmelo Ruiz Marrero
104 People's Power: Participatory Budgeting from Brazil to Chicago Jesse Freeston
105 Book Review: Dancing with Dynamite in Latin America Conn Hallinan
106 The Decade that Transformed a Continent Raúl Zibechi
107 Book Review - Outside the Logic of the State: Dancing with Dynamite in Latin America Clifton Ross
108 Distorting Iranian-Latin American Relations Belén Fernández
109 Coup University: SOUTHCOM and FIU Team Up on Counterinsurgency Adrienne Pine
110 How Far Away is Latin America from Nottingham? John Holloway
111 Learning From Latin American Social Movements: Introduction to Dancing with Dynamite Book Benjamin Dangl
112 Dancing with Dynamite Book Review: The Future of Latin America’s Leftist Movements Kari Lydersen
113 Americas Social Forum in Paraguay: Grassroots Organizations Are Still in Charge Raúl Zibechi
114 Arming Aid: Costa Rica, the US Military and the Ongoing “War” on Drugs Jamie Way
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116 Panama: General Strike Against Killings Federico Fuentes
117 Bolivia and Ecuador: The State against the Indigenous People Raúl Zibechi, Translated by Jenny Marie Forsythe
118 Fear, Suspicion as US Military En Route to Costa Rica Joseph Shansky
119 U.S. Social Forum a Mechanism for Change Marc Becker
120 The Media Empire Strikes Back: Reviewing Reviews of South of the Border Cyril Mychalejko
121 Based Out in Latin America Grace Livingstone
122 Oliver Stone's New Documentary Explains Progressive Governments in Latin America, Exposes Adversarial Media Bias Tony Phillips
123 Private Contractors and Covert Wars in Latin America Cyril Mychalejko
124 South America: Mercosur’s Cooperatives in an Age of Integration Michael Fox
125 Where Shopping is Oppression: The Coalition of Immokalee Workers take on Publix Dawn Nadiye
126 Abortion in Latin America - Still Illegal, Still Killing, Despite Growing Awareness Estrella Gutiérrez
127 Prison Violence and Security in Latin America Belen Fernandez, Photo by Eduardo Fuentes
128 Haiti: The Impacts of Militarized Aid Jamie Way
129 Canada's Long Road to Mining Reform Cyril Mychalejko
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131 Canadian Mining in Latin America: Paramilitaries, Assassinations, and Impunity Sylvia Richardson
132 From Chile to Guatemala: A Gringo in Latin America Benjamin Dangl
133 Manufacturing a Terror Threat in Latin America Cyril Mychalejko
134 Obama's Dirty War On Immigrants Shamus Cooke
135 Muckraking in Latin America: Upside Down World Receives Three Project Censored Awards This Year Upside Down World
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137 Reclaiming a Continent: Latin American Experiments in Democracy Benjamin Dangl
138 Latin America: Social Movements in Times of Economic Crises James Petras
139 The Obama Style and Latin America Raul Zibechi
140 Obama Stays the Course in Latin America Cyril Mychalejko
141 Dissecting Utopia: New Book Assesses Latin American Left Benjamin Dangl
142 Central America: Shades of Coups Past - And Yet to Come? Raúl Gutiérrez
143 Compañero Obama? Obama Mends Fences with Latin America Benjamin Dangl
144 Mixed Feelings About Obama's First Meeting with Hemispheric Leaders Mario A. Murillo
145 Latin America Changes: Hunger Strikes in Bolivia, Summits in the Caribbean Benjamin Dangl
146 Empire and Latin America in the Obama Era Manuel Pérez-Rocha
147 Beyond Elections in the Americas: An Interview with Michael Fox Benjamin Dangl and Michael Fox
148 Latin America: Help the Poor or Learn From Them? Raúl Zibechi
149 Autonomy or New Forms of Domination? The Complex Relationship Between Governments and Movements Raúl Zibechi
150 From Independent Music to Upside Down World: Carl Irving of Fundamental Frequency Keeps UDW Online Upside Down World
151 The World Bank and Climate Change: Sustainability or Exploitation? Mary Tharin
152 Latin America Breaks Free: Washington No Longer Calls the Shots Benjamin Dangl
153 Hillary Clinton and James Steinberg "Talk Tough" on Latin America April Howard
154 Dirty Business, Dirty Wars: U.S.-Latin American Relations in the 21st Century Cyril Mychalejko
155 After Bahia: Toward a New Latin America of the 21st Century Kepa Artaraz
156 Firing The Boss: An Interview with Chicago Factory Occupation Organizer Benjamin Dangl
157 Invasion of Gaza Met With Protests Throughout Latin America Basil Mahayni
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159 Video Interview: Edward Herman on Latin America & the US Hans Bennett
160 Finding Common Ground in Crisis: Social Movements in South America and the US Benjamin Dangl
161 Workers Occupy Chicago Factory: Echoes of Argentina's 2001 Worker Uprising Benjamin Dangl
162 The Presidential Transition and Latin America Policy: Optimism for Change Dims as Reality Sets In Mario A. Murillo
163 Latin America and the U.S.: A New Policy Direction Ronn Pineo
164 Obama and Latin America: What He Really Promises Diana Barahona
165 Racism, Immigration and Profit Shamus Cooke
166 Will Obama recognize Latin America is no longer "America's backyard?" Forrest Hylton, The Real News
167 Connecting Struggles: Documentation from the Social Forum of the Americas Maggie Von Vogt
168 Eduardo Galeano on Obama's Victory Eduardo Galeano, Amy Goodman
169 Latinobarómetro US Election Poll: Latin Americans Have Other Concerns Upside Down World
170 Argentina: The Creation of an Urban Guerrilla Stuart Archer Cohen
171 Over 360 Latin America Experts Call on Obama to Improve U.S.-Latin American Relations Many Authors
172 Obama on Latin America Larry Birns
173 The Reggaetón Factor in the U.S. Elections Marisol LeBrón
174 Pentecostalism and South America's Social Movements Raúl Zibechi
175 The Monroe Doctrine Revisited: China's Increased Role in Latin America Eliot Brockner
176 Community, Indigenous and Worker Alternatives to Transnational Mining Jennifer Moore
177 Latin America Censored: Upside Down World Editors Receive 2007-2008 Project Censored Awards Upside Down World, Project Censored
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179 'A New Alliance of the Americas'? Reflections of 1961 for Obama in 2008 Joshua Frens-String
180 Central America: Winners and Losers in the Global Mining Industry Grahame Russell
181 Metal Mining in Central America: Pain and Resistance James Rodriguez
182 UNASUR and the Challenge of Being South American Ariela Ruiz Caro
183 Outsourcing the Iraq War: Mercenary Recruiters Turn to Latin America Eric Stoner
184 Obama and the School of the Americas Nikolas Kozloff
185 Latin America and the Next U.S. Left Corey D.B. Walker
186 The Revolution of 1968: When Those from Below Said Enough! Raúl Zibechi
187 The Deterrence Strategy of Homeland Security: Imprisonment as Immigration Control Tom Barry
188 Video: U.S. System of Deportation Inhumane Real News Network
189 South American Nations Form New Regional Grouping James Suggett
190 Latin America: Report Slams Canadian Mining Industry Cyril Mychalejko
191 Behind Latin America's Food Crisis Laura Carlsen
192 How Green is the Latin American Left? A Look at Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia Daniel Denvir and Thea Riofrancos
193 UN Scolds Washington for War on Migrants Cyril Mychalejko
194 John McCain: Mr. Big Stick in Latin America Nikolas Kozloff
195 NACLA Launches Media Accuracy on Latin America Project North American Congress on Latin America
196 Lakota Sioux Indians Declare Sovereign Nation Status Indy Media
197 Transformation Via Constitutional Reforms Humberto Márquez
198 Burger King and Modern Day Abolitionists Face Off Sean Sellers
199 Next US President Must Pursue "Fresh Approach" in Latin America Jim Lobe
200 Immigration, Latin America and the Next U.S. President Dan Denvir
201 Strategies of the Left in Latin America Claudio Katz
202 Bank of the South: Toward Financial Autonomy Raúl Zibechi
203 A New Assertiveness for Latin American Governments Mark Weisbrot
204 Biofuels: A Danger for Latin America Marie Trigona
205 Against and Beyond the State: An Interview with John Holloway John Holloway & Marina Sitrin
206 A Tale of Two Exiles: US Immigration Hypocrisy in Stark Relief Kari Lydersen
207 Chomsky, Touraine, Petras: Opinions on the South Raúl Zibechi
208 Remembering in the Land that Memory Forgot Teo Ballvé, NACLA News
209 TNS Closes Down: I read The NewStandard News today, oh boy… Benjamin Dangl
210 Hungry for Justice Tanya Snyder, Voices on the Border
211 U.N.: Mercenary Industry Poses Problems for Latin America Cyril Mychalejko
212 After McDonald's Victory, Labor Activists Target Burger King Kari Lydersen, NewStandard
213 Visions Of Struggle From Exile: The Puerto Rican Diaspora & the Struggle For Independence  Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera
214 Canadian Round-Table Process Ensures Continuation of Impunity For Global Mining Companies Grahame Russell, Rights Action
215 Immokalee Workers and McDonald's Reach Agreement Coalition of Immokalee Workers
216 Latin America Solidarity Conference IV - Alternatives to Empire
217 An Open Letter to Ronald McDonald Jordan Buckley
218 Washington Is Losing Its Grip on Latin America Mark Weisbrot, McClatchy-Tribune Information Services
219 Roger Noriega's Vision of the Americas Tom Barry, International Relations Center
220 These People are "Illegal" Chris Carlson
221 Washington Seeks Stronger Ties with Latin American Militaries Cyril Mychalejko
222 Ghosts of Dictatorships Past: The School of the Americas and Memory in Latin America Wes Enzinna, Toward Freedom
223 Intense Dispute in the Heart of the Southern Cone Raúl Zibechi, IRC Americas
224 Bringing It All Back Home: The Politics of the New Imperialism Greg Grandin
225 Latin America Now: An Interview with Raúl Zibechi Benjamin Dangl, Translated by GeN Higgs
226 Vargas Llosa: A writer's shame Juan Gelman, Pagina 12, Translated by Gen Higgs
227 Latin America: The End of An Era Mark Weisbrot, Center for Economic and Policy Research
228 Mercosur: Uncertain Union Justin Vogler, OpenDemocracy
229 The Race for Latin America's Security Council Seat Cyril Mychalejko
230 The Empire's Workshop: An Interview with Greg Grandin Jeremy Bigwood
231 1491: The Truth About the Americas Before Columbus Benjamin Dangl
232 Indigenous Movements: Between Neoliberalism and Leftist Governments Raúl Zibechi
233 Southern Cone Presidents Will Meet
234 Canadian Power Co. Lambasted by Belizeans Cyril Mychalejko
235 International Day of Campesino Struggle
236 Protests Turn the Tide on Immigration Debate Laura Carlsen, Photos by Jeremy Bigwood
237 Latin American Press Enters Immigration Debate
238 SOA Enrollment Drops
239 From Guatemala to Colombia: The Regional Integration of Gold and Bullets Sandra Cuffe
240 Countries Call for Global Moratorium Against GE Trees Global Justice Ecology Project
241 Water Law and Indigenous Rights in the Andes Rutgerd Boelens and Hugo de Vos
242 Clashes Over Global Water Policy in Mexico City Jeff Conant, Photos by Orin Langelle
243 Latin America's Leftist Shift: Hopes and Challenges Benjamin Dangl
244 Plans to Build Amazon Pipeline Cyril Mychalejko
245 Cuba and Venezuela: A Bolivarian Partnership Cory Fischer-Hoffman & Greg Rosenthal
246 Indigenous demand greater role at WSF Cyril Mychalejko
247 Howard Dean And Latin America Cyril Mychalejko
248 "Killer Coke" Kicked Off Campuses Cyril Mychalejko
249 Why the World Social Forum Needs to Be Less Like Neoliberalism Josh Lerner
250 Panama official quits over free trade Cyril Mychalejko
251 China and Latin America Cyril Mychalejko
252 U.S. military undermines L.A. democracy Cyril Mychalejko
253 Activists Protest History of Infamy at the School of the Americas Stuart Schussler
254 Ring of Fire (9/22/05) Kathryn Ledebur and Sandra Edwards
255 Bush Brings the False Intelligence Game to South America (9/6/05) Jim Shultz
256 Reporting from Latin America, An interview with Benjamin Dangl (8/8/05) Brian Yanity,
257 Biotech Crops in Latin America (6/27/05) Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
258 The Free Software Challenge in Latin America (5/10/05) David Sugar
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