Upside Down World
Thursday, 30 October 2014

151 'Sustainable Rural Cities', a Nightmare Come True in Chiapas Koman Ilel, Translation by Jessica Davies
152 Globalizing the Struggle: Women’s Voices from the Mesoamerican People's Forum in Mexico Andalusia Knoll
153 Sacred Indigenous Site in Mexico Threatened by Canadian Mining Company Darcy Tetreault
154 Indigenous Zapatista Supporters “Held Hostage” in Chiapas for Opposing Ecotourism Project Kristin Bricker
155 Narcoviolence in Mexico: Eight Theses and Many Questions Paco Ignacio Taibo II, La Jornada
156 Solidarity and Rebellion in Chiapas: Reviewing Zapatista Spring Dawn Paley
157 We Have Everything And Lack Everything: In Mexico, Community Police Resist Mining Companies Pedro Flores
158 The Reyes Salazar Family and the Hidden Toll Behind Mexico's Execution-meter Kristin Bricker
159 Mexico’s Federal Police Open Fire on Protesters, Throwing Merida Initiative Accountability Into Question Kristin Bricker
160 Mexico - Don Samuel Ruiz García: From the People, Below and to the Left Emma Volonté
161 Human Rights in the Rear View Mirror: Colombian Commandos Training Mexican Military and Police Cyril Mychalejko
162 Mexican Military Raids Social Organization’s Office Kristin Bricker
163 All the Right Enemies: Farewell to the Utterly Unique John Ross Frank Bardacke
164 Where the People Order and the Law Obeys: The Policía Comunitaria in Guerrero, Mexico David Martinez
165 Acteal, Mexico: Building Autonomy in the Shadow of Repression Andalusia Knoll
166 Battle in Cancun: The Fight for Climate Justice in the Streets, Encampments and Halls of Power Andalusia Knoll
167 Normalizing Catastrophe: Cancun as Laboratory of the Future Eddie Yuen
168 Central America is Present: The Mesoamerican Climate Justice Campaign Makes its Way to Cancun Maggie Von Vogt, Unidad Ecológica Salvadoreña
169 Interview: Dr. William I. Robinson on Power, Domination and Conflicts in Mexico Dawn Paley
170 The Historic End to the Institutional Revolutionary Party’s Rule in Oaxaca Nancy Davies
171 Activists Prepare for Climate Change Summit in Cancun Dawn Paley
172 Oaxaca as a ‘Laboratory of Repression’: Interview with Human Rights Defender Alba Cruz Peter Watt and Alba Cruz
173 John Holloway, Crack Capitalism and Latin America Ramor Ryan
174 The Disappearance of Rosendo Radilla Pacheco: An Open Letter to Mexican President Calderón Dr. Peter Watt
175 Human Rights, Labor, and Religious Groups Call on Obama Administration and Congress to Uphold Human Rights, Halt Drug War Aid to Mexican Security Forces Many
176 Justo Castigo in Oaxaca: Political Murders, Drug Murders, or Retributive Justice? Nancy Davies
177 Chile Rescue Stirs Up Bitter Memories of Mexican Mining Disaster Kristin Bricker
178 Displaced Zapatistas Return Home Jessica Davies
179 Corruption And Deforestation Caused Oaxaca’s Mudslide Disaster Kristin Bricker
180 Autonomous Authorities Order Total Evacuation of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca Kristin Bricker
181 Narcotrafficking in Mexico: Neoliberalism and a Militarized State Daniela Morales and Peter Watt
182 Mexico: Requiem for Triquis Nancy Davies
183 Zapatista Supporters Attacked in Retaliation for Building an Autonomous School Jessica Davies
184 Mexico: Unending Violence for the Indigenous People of San Juan Copala International Cry
185 Project of Mass Destruction: Goldcorp's Peñasquito Mine in Mexico James Rodriguez,
186 Growing Fuel Instead of Food: Agro-fuels in Chiapas Jessica Davies
187 What the Zapatistas Can Teach us About the Climate Crisis Jeff Conant
188 Dread and Redemption: A History of Monstrous Mexico City Benjamin Dangl
189 Mexico: San Juan Copala Again Under Fire Nancy Davies
190 López Obrador’s Alternative Plans for Mexico Daniel McCool
191 Protest Against Canadian Mine in Mexico Meredith DeFrancesco
192 Canadian Mining Crimes in Mexico Juan Carlos Ruiz Guadalajara
193 The Soon-to-be Life and Death Story of the Mexican Electricians' Union’s Fight for Survival Daniel McCool
194 PRI Defeated in July 4 Election in Oaxaca Nancy Davies
195 Two Dead in Confrontation in Oaxaca, Near Site of Canadian Mine Nancy Davies
196 Extending the Reach of Safe Abortion in Mexico Daniela Pastrana
197 Mexico Elections 2010: Upping the Ante in Oaxaca Nancy Davies
198 Second Humanitarian Caravan Braves Danger in Oaxaca Nancy Davies
199 Mexico: Civil Society Divided Ahead of Climate Summit Emilio Godoy
200 Mexico: Another Triqui leader Slain in Oaxaca Nancy Davies
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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