Upside Down World
Monday, 27 April 2015

51 Repressive Memories: Terror, Insurgency, and the Drug War in Mexico Dawn Paley
52 Latin America: Report from the II Continental Summit on Indigenous Communication Orsetta Bellani, Translation by Clayton Conn
53 Mexico: San Sebastián Bachajón, Six Months after the Assassination of Juan Vázquez Guzmán Jessica Davies
54 Mexico: Bracero Guestworkers, Unpaid Adam Goodman and Verónica Zapata Rivera
55 The Beast Strikes Again: Central American Migrants Feel Brunt of Failed Immigration Policies Andalusia Knoll
56 Photo Essay: Following Police Eviction, Mexico's Teachers Keep Fighting for Quality Education Andalusia Knoll
57 Photo Essay: Indigenous in Mexico Reweaving Struggles Clayton Conn and Santiago Navarro F.
58 The Art of Building a New World: Freedom According to the Zapatistas Raúl Zibechi
59 Mexico: The Yaqui Tribe Defend their Right to Water Jessica Davies
60 A War Without War Correspondents in Mexico Santiago Navarro F.
61 Mexico: The Eye is on the Mines Jaime Quintana, Translation by Clayton Conn
62 Freedom According to the Zapatistas: The Launch of the Escuelita Andalusia Knoll
63 Autonomous Zapatista Education: The Little Schools of Below Raúl Zibechi, Translated by Chiapas Support Committee
64 Mexico: Indigenous Oaxacan Political Prisoners Caught in the Drug War Prison Boom Kristin Bricker and Santiago Navarro
65 Mexico: Activists Demand Liberation of Indigenous Political Prisoner, Alberto Patishtán Clayton Conn
66 Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and Their Godfathers - Book Review Dawn Paley
67 Photo Essay: Mexico Celebrates World Day Against Monsanto Andalusia Knoll
68 Mexico Celebrates “Carnival of Corn” and Rejects Monsanto Alfredo Acedo
69 Mexico: Efforts to Provide HIV-AIDS and Other Health Services to Migrants Face Major Obstacles Alexandra McAnarney
70 Mexico: Risking Everything to Migrate North Dawn Paley
71 Mexico: Live to Work for $1.19 an Hour Miguel Ángel Pallares Gómez, Translation by Matilda Villarraga
72 Mother’s Day in Mexico: A Day of Grief and Indignation Clayton Conn
73 Blood Along the Border: Environmental Activism and Violence in Juarez, Mexico Dawn Paley
74 One Year after the Murder of Journalist Regina Martínez: Violence and Impunity Reign Andalusia Knoll
75 Mexico: Airport Threatens Farmworkers Again in Atenco Clayton Conn
76 Tourism in Chiapas: A Conversation with Hermann Bellinghausen Karolina Caicedo Flórez | Itinerant Radio/Alba South
77 Rarámuri Delegation from Mexico arrives in Washington Dawn Paley
78 Corn on the Border: NAFTA and Food in Mexico Dawn Paley
79 International Women’s Day in Mexico: Time for Mourning not Celebration Clayton Conn
80 Mexico: Guerrero’s Indigenous Community Police and Self-defense Groups Clayton Conn
81 Inspired by the Jungle: The Zapatistas and the Rise of an Indigenous City Umar Farooq
82 EZLN Introduces New Subcomandante Gloria Muñoz Ramírez, Translation by Clayton Conn
83 The EZLN Announces Upcoming Meetings in its Territory Desinformémonos, Translated by Nélida Montes de Oca
84 Mexico: Voices from 'Below and to the Left' Say it's the Time of Hope and Action for Movements Desinformémonos, Translation by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group
85 Colonialism and the Green Economy in Chiapas: Villagers Defy Pressure to Forfeit Farms for Carbon-Offset Daniel C Marotta and Jennifer Coute-Marotta
86 “We Are Here”: Zapatistas Send Silent Message With the Return of the PRI Gloria Muñoz Ramírez
87 The Zapatista Army of National Liberation Announces Next Steps Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, Translation by Kristin Bricker
88 Mexico: The Moral and Organizational Strength of the EZLN Jaime Martínez Veloz
89 Zapatista March: The Deafening Silence of Resurgence Tim Russo, Photos by Tim Russo
90 Should Chiapas Farmers Suffer for California’s Carbon? Jeff Conant
91 Mexico: People’s Tribunal Defends Native Villages from Dams Daniela Pastrana
92 Indigenous Communities in Mexico Fight Corporate Wind Farms Jennifer M. Smith
93 “Walking the True Word Around the World”: State Violence, Global Solidarity, and a New Campaign to Support the Zapatistas Jessica Davies
94 Treaty Tolls Death Knell for Mexican Countryside Emilio Godoy
95 Mexican Authorities Urged to End Torture Epidemic Amnesty International
96 Mexico: Arzate against the State Carlos Murillo Gonzalez, Translation by Victoria Robinson
97 Over 300 Days in Prison: Francisco Sántiz Lόpez, Zapatista Political Prisoner, is Innocent! Jessica Davies
98 U.S. Guns Bring Mexican Casualties Zoha Arshad
99 Book Review - Drug War Mexico: Politics, Neoliberalism and Violence in the New Narcoeconomy Dawn Paley
100 Outer Darkness in Coatzacoalcos: The Plight of Migrants in Mexico John Washington
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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