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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

51 Joint Declaration from National Indigenous Congress and EZLN on Ayotzinapa and for Liberation of Yaqui leaders National Indigenous Congress and the EZLN
52 We Want Them Alive: The Search for Mexico’s 43 Missing Students Andalusia Knoll
53 Mexican Youth Remember 1968 Massacre and Mourn Their Own Dead Alfredo Acedo
54 Mexico: Zapatistas March for Ayotzinapa Orsetta Bellani
55 National Day of Maize in Mexico: Protecting the Sacred Plant Adelita San Vincente Tello, translated and edited by Beverly Bell
56 Sonora Spill adds to the Social and Environmental Consequences of Free-Market Mining in Mexico Darcy Tetreault
57 Mexico: San Salvador Atenco Fights for Land, Resists Proposed Airport Jessica Davies
58 Queering the Metro in Mexico City Josh Mentanko, Photos by Clayton Conn
59 Voices From the Field: Puebla’s Campesinos Resisting the Theft of Their Land Jeff Abbott
60 Laws that Kill Protesters in Mexico Daniela Pastrana
61 Fracking Fights Loom Large in Mexico Kent Paterson
62 Mexico Rape Victim Faces Prison Time for Self-Defense Daniela Pastrana
63 Zapatistas Decide to Do Away with Subcomandante Marcos Orsetta Bellani, Translated by Danica Jorden
64 Photo Essay: Zapatistas Show Dignified Rage and Demand Justice and an End to Violence Targeting their Communities Tim Russo
65 Impunity and Dispossession in Mexico: San Sebastián Bachajón on the Anniversary of the Assassination of Juan Vázquez Guzmán Jessica Davies
66 Peoples’ Encounter in Resistance Against the Extractive Mining Model in Mexico James Rodríguez,
67 Va Por Kuy: Deadly "Non-Lethal" Weapons and Disappearance Under Peña-Nieto's Reign Andalucia Knoll
68 Canada Arms Mexico Dawn Paley
69 Living Legacy of Machismo: Rape Victim Charged for Self-Defense in Mexico Andalusia Knoll
70 The Zapatistas at 20: Building Autonomous Community Melissa Forbis interviewed by Johanna Brenner
71 Mexico’s Oil Belongs to Its Citizens, Not the Global 1% Yoshua Okón
72 Rage, Sadness, and Determination: Journalists in Mexico will not be Silenced Clayton Conn
73 New Forms of Revolution (Part 2): The Oaxaca Commune Gustavo Esteva
74 Zapatista Support Bases Under Attack: Call for a Week of National and International Solidarity Jessica Davies
75 Self-defense Groups and Community Police Forces in Mexico: Differences as Seen from the Villages Jaime Quintana Guerrero, Translation by Christina Hewitt
76 After The Plantones: Looking Back On An Autumn Of Struggle In Mexico City David Martinez
77 In the Fog: The Struggle for Power, Territory, and Justice in the Mexican State of Michoacán Clayton Conn
78 Mexico: First Statement from the Self-Defense Group of Aquila, Michoacán The Self-Defense Council of Aquila, Michoacán, Translated by Scott Campbell
79 The Permanent People’s Tribunal and the Counterinsurgency War in Chiapas Orsetta Bellani, Translation by Nancy Piñeiro
80 "It's not just 2 pesos; It's the country:" Mexico City's #PosMeSalto Movement Protests Rising Transit Costs Andalusia Knoll
81 Photo Essay: EZLN 20th Anniversary in Chiapas Jeff Abbott
82 New Forms of Revolution (Part 1): The Lacandona Commune Gustavo Esteva
83 The EZLN - A look at its History (Part 3): The Option for the Poor Raul Romero,Translation by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group
84 The EZLN - A Look at its History (Part 2): The Millenarian Resistance Raul Romero, Translation by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group
85 The EZLN - A Look at its History (Part 1): The Guerrilla Nucleus Raul Romero, Translation by Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group
86 Central America: Mothers of Disappeared Migrants Return to Mexico in Search of Loved Ones Clayton Conn
87 Mexico Opens Energy Industry to Foreign Investment Diego Cupolo
88 Mexicans Against Zionism Dawn Paley
89 Remembering Brad Will in Mexico Santiago Navarro F., Translation by Clayton Conn
90 Repressive Memories: Terror, Insurgency, and the Drug War in Mexico Dawn Paley
91 Latin America: Report from the II Continental Summit on Indigenous Communication Orsetta Bellani, Translation by Clayton Conn
92 Mexico: San Sebastián Bachajón, Six Months after the Assassination of Juan Vázquez Guzmán Jessica Davies
93 Mexico: Bracero Guestworkers, Unpaid Adam Goodman and Verónica Zapata Rivera
94 The Beast Strikes Again: Central American Migrants Feel Brunt of Failed Immigration Policies Andalusia Knoll
95 Photo Essay: Following Police Eviction, Mexico's Teachers Keep Fighting for Quality Education Andalusia Knoll
96 Photo Essay: Indigenous in Mexico Reweaving Struggles Clayton Conn and Santiago Navarro F.
97 The Art of Building a New World: Freedom According to the Zapatistas Raúl Zibechi
98 Mexico: The Yaqui Tribe Defend their Right to Water Jessica Davies
99 A War Without War Correspondents in Mexico Santiago Navarro F.
100 Mexico: The Eye is on the Mines Jaime Quintana, Translation by Clayton Conn
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