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Tuesday, 28 July 2015
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This is a work in progress. Please email us with suggestions.

Toward Freedom: a progressive perspective on world events, including great coverage of Latin American issues

North American Congress on Latin America: Information on major trends in Latin America and its relations with the United States

Americas Program: a new world of action, analysis and policy options

The Americas Blog: Analysis beyond the echo chamber, from the Center for Economic and Policy Research

IPS Latin America: extensive Latin American news coverage

La Vaca: writing from excellent journalists in Argentina covering the country's social issues, politics and more

Venezuela Analysis: Venezuela news, views and analysis

Latin America Press: Information and analysis about events across Latin America and the Caribbean

Rebelión: news in Spanish on social movements, politics in Latin America and beyond

Haiti Analysis: News and analysis on Haiti and its people's unending struggle for democracy

Democracy Center's Blog from Bolivia: current news, views and reflections from Jim Shultz

Democracy Now! programs in Spanish, email Andrés to sign up for newsletter

Prensa Latina: Latin America News Agency based in Cuba

Washington Office on Latin America: Promoting human rights, democracy and social and economic justice in Latin America

Nicaragua Network: Working for social justice in Nicaragua

Rights Action: Educational organization which forms alliances to remedy global exploitation, funds community-controlled development, environmental, human rights and emergency projects in the global south, particularly in Guatemala, Chiapas (Mexico), Honduras and Haiti and beyond

Andean Information Network: seeks peaceful long-term solutions to the social conflicts, injustices, and inequalities created and exacerbated by the U.S. War on Drugs in Bolivia

Global Exchange Reality Tours in the Americas: organized tours focusing on political, grassroots movements in the Americas and elsewhere


World War 4 Report: Deconstructing the war on terrorism

Jeremy Bigwood: an informative site on this investigative journalist's work

Weekly News Updates on the Americas: regular news summaries covering events throughout Latin American and the Caribbean

Latin America Database: a news and educational service on Latin America

VHeadline: Venezuela electronic news

Narco News Bulletin: reporting on the drug war and democracy in Latin America

Venezuela FOIA: investigative journalist Eva Golinger's website on the 2002 coup against Venezuela's Hugo Chavez

The Beehive Collective: To cross-pollinate the grassroots, by creating collaborative, anti-copyright images that can be used as educational and organizing tools

Cultural Survival: promoting the rights, visions and voices of indigenous peoples

School of the Americas Watch: SOA Watch is an independent organization that seeks to close the US Army School of the Americas, under whatever name it is called, through vigils and fasts, demonstrations and nonviolent protest, as well as media and legislative work

Cuba News from Walter Lippman

The National Network on Cuba: A Cuba solidarity website

Latin America Solidarity Coalition

List of Latin American Newspapers

Google News Argentina

Yahoo News on Latin America

BBC Americas websites from Latin American Countries:

chile sur
puerto rico

For our previous list of recommended links, which has a more international scope, go here




Volunteer Bolivia: Creating a bridge to understanding Bolivia and her people


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