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Wednesday, 22 October 2014
News Briefs

1351 Honduras: Obama Administration Restating Its Position? Marina Litvinsky
1352 Video Report: Gold, Impunity and Violence in Cabañas, El Salvador Jesse Freeston, The Real News Network
1353 Action Alert: Attack Against Offices of Vía Campesina in Honduras Vía Campesina
1354 Invasive Illegal Intelligence Gathering Threatens Colombian Union and Human Rights Leaders U.S. Labor Education in the Americas Project (USLEAP)
1355 South America: Mapping the Riches of the Tropical Andes Humberto Márquez
1356 Obama: Critics of US Honduras Policy Hypocritical Democracy Now!
1357 International Observation Mission for the Human Rights Situation in Honduras Preliminary Report International Observation Mission, Translation by Laura Jung, Lena Mortensen, and Adrienne Pine
1358 U.S. appears to soften support for Honduras's Zelaya Susan Cornwell, Reuters
1359 Video Report - Honduras: Where does Washington stand? Forrest Hylton, The Real News Network
1360 Honduras: Regime Says 'Yes' to Talks but Squelches Protests Thelma Mejía
1361 Colombia: Women Lead Opposition to Gold Mine Helda Martínez
1362 Amnesty Urges Peru's Government to Suspend Laws and Oil Concessions Survival International
1363 US Activists Challenge Obama on Cuba JoJo Farrell
1364 Honduras: Two More Dead, Zelaya Takes Case to International Criminal Court Democracy Now!
1365 Nicaragua: Therapeutic Abortion Ban a "Disgrace" Says Rights Group Emilio Godoy
1366 El Salvador: Community Radio Journalists Receive Death Threats Association for Social and Economic Development & Radio Victoria
1367 Canada's Role in Honduras Rights Action
1368 O Canada: What Are You Doing in Honduras? Yves Engler
1369 Event: Community Media in Times of Popular Struggle- from Venezuela to Oaxaca to Honduras Upside Down World
1370 Obama Administration Shifts U.S. focus in Colombia from Counternarcotics to Counterinsurgency Gary Leech
1371 Abuses in Peru's Escalating Fight Against Rebels Lisa Skeen
1372 Guatemala: Mines Bring No Benefits to Local People Danilo Valladares
1373 Take Action Against the Coup in Honduras Latin American Working Group
1374 Honduran Human Rights, Press Freedoms Eroded Since June 28 May I Speak Freely?
1375 Honduras: Mass resistance to military coup grows Felipe Stuart Couronyer
1376 Twenty-first Century Coups d'Etat Laura Carlsen
1377 Nicaragua: An Unfinished Revolution The Real News Network
1378 Action Alert: Converge on US Southern Command Headquarters in Solidarity with the People of Honduras School of the Americas Watch
1379 Urgent! Support Pro-Democracy Movement in Honduras Rights Action
1380 Debate Intensifies Over Venezuela's Proposed Same Sex Civil Union Law James Suggett
1381 The U.S. and the Coup: A Real Change of Course or Just a Farce? Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle, Translation by Adrienne Pine
1382 The Seven Points of the Arias Plan: A Translation with Commentary
1383 Guatemalan Civil Society Denounces Coup in Honduras Convergence of Human Rights and Social Organizations in Guatemala, Translation by Beth Lavely
1384 US Lobbyists with Clinton Ties Hired to Defend Honduran Coup Regime Democracy Now!
1385 The Hired Gun of Roberto Micheletti: History of the Torturer Joya Améndola Gennaro Carotenuto, Giornalismo Partecipativo. Translation by Adrienne Pine
1386 Ecuador: CONFENIAE Condemns Decree 1780 and the Militarization of their Territories The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon
1387 Panama Does Not Intend to Suspend Dam Construction on Ngöbe Lands Cultural Survival
1388 Honduras: Coup Opponents Announce New Stage of Protests Thelma Mejía
1389 Bolivia 9/11: Bodies and Power on a Feudal Frontier Bret Gustafson
1390 U.S. Press Falsely Claims Honduran Plurality for Coup Robert Naiman
1391 US Military Exercises continue in Paraguay, dangerously disguised Orlando Castillo Caballero, Translated by Rupert Spedding
1392 Honduras: Micheletti's Ties to Washington D.C. Ginger Thompson
1393 Telesur and Venezuelan TV Journalists Arrested in Honduras Tamara Pearson
1394 Honduras: 2 Left Activists Murdered Weekly News Update on the Americas
1395 Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Discusses Coup, Costa Rica Talks, U.S. Role and More Democracy Now!
1396 Video Report: Honduran Coup Resistance Growing Sandra Cuffe, The Real News
1397 Chile: Alternative Media Have Their Network Daniela Estrada
1398 Honduras: The Church and the Military Coup D'état Dr. Juan Almendares, translation by Camille Collins Lovell
1399 Honduras: The People are Bigger Than an Army Dr. Juan Almendares, translation by Camille Collins Lovell
1400 Costa Rica should lead Honduras talks - Clinton AP
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