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Tuesday, 22 July 2014
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1351 Honduras: Decree Suspends Basic Rights Human Rights Watch
1352 Zelaya Vows to Return to Honduras Despite Threats of Arrest by Coup Leaders Democracy Now!
1353 All EU ambassadors recalled from Honduras Hurriyet
1354 US Reduces Military Cooperation With Honduras, But Keeps Ambassador in Place M & C
1355 US-Honduras: Dictatorships and Double Standards Revisited Daniel Luban and Jim Lobe*
1356 US puts off decision to cut aid to Honduras until Monday AFP
1357 Resources and Reporting on Events in Honduras Various Authors
1358 Take Action: Stand in Solidarity with the People of Honduras The Latin America Solidarity Coalition
1359 Democracy Derailed in Honduras: The "Haiti Option" Greg Grandin
1360 Honduran Coup Turns Violent, Sanctions Imposed Laura Carlsen
1361 Argentine President to Accompany Zelaya to Honduras, World Bank Cuts Funding to Rogue Gov't Patrick Markey
1362 Honduras: Protests Continue as Obama, Regional Leaders Respond Democracy Now!
1363 2 dead, 60 injured in Honduras anti-coup protests China View
1364 Honduran President Vows to Return to Country Accompanied by Head of OAS Al Jazeera
1365 Honduras: What's Behind the Coup? Nikolas Kozloff
1366 Honduras: President Zelaya in Costa Rica, Minister and Ambassadors Reported Kidnapped Laura Carlsen
1367 Ongoing Dispatches on Coup in Honduras Eva Golinger
1368 Coup in Honduras: Declarations from Via Campesina, Honduran Grassroots Organization Laura Carlsen
1369 Video: Report and Analysis on the Military coup in Honduras The Real News
1370 The Coup in Honduras: Obama's Real Message to Latin America? Nikolas Kozloff
1371 OAS Condemns Coup d'Etat in Honduras, Demands Immediate and Unconditional Return of President Organization of American States
1372 Haiti's Elections: "Beat the Dog Too Hard..." Mark Schuller
1373 Demand a Call from Barack Obama for the Reinstatement of Honduran President Zelaya School of the Americas Watch
1374 ALERT - Military Coup in Honduras Rights Action
1375 El Salvador: Promises, Perils and Reality Danny Burridge
1376 Colombia: Spying in the Name of 'Democratic Security' Constanza Vieira*
1377 A Thaw in U.S.-Bolivia Relations? Jason Tockman
1378 Victory in the Amazon Laura Carlsen
1379 South America: Anti-Nuclear Activists to Form Common Front Daniela Estrada
1380 Venezuelan Government: Separatist Opposition Uses Paramilitaries for Destabilization James Suggett
1381 Interview with Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa Rafael Correa, Translated by Justin Delacour
1382 Indigenous Protest and State Violence in the Peruvian Amazon - How the Media Misrepresents John Gibler
1383 Peru: "The Order Was to Kill Us" Milagros Salazar
1384 World Bank Drops Loan to Brazilian Cattle Giant Greenpeace
1385 Video: 60 Die in Peru Rainforest Protest The Real News
1386 Peru: Amazon uprising spreads WW 4 Report
1387 Blood at the Blockade: Peru's Indigenous Uprising Gerardo Rénique
1388 Emergency Action: Stop Police Violence Against Amazon Defenders / Peru Cultural Survival
1389 Argentina: Charlie abandoned his chocolate factory Marie Trigona
1390 El Salvador Inaugurates its First Leftist Government CISPES
1391 The Struggle Against Impunity in Guatemala Continues: 31st Anniversary of the Panzós Massacre Guatemala Association of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared, Translation by Rosalind Gill
1392 OAS Opens Doors to Cuba Without Conditions Thelma Mejía
1393 Father Gérard Jean-Juste: The People's Priest (1946-2009) Kim Ives
1394 Álvaro Uribe, Otra Vez? Colombia's Re-election Debate Adam Isacson
1395 Mexico: Indigenous Rape Victims Fight Military Impunity Diego Cevallos
1396 New Military Base in Colombia Would Spread Pentagon Reach Throughout Latin America John Lindsay-Poland
1397 Cochabamba: From War to Water Management Raúl Zibechi
1398 Uruguay: El Monarca Neighbors Build Their Own Town Raúl Pierri
1399 Costa Rica: Indigenous People Sidelined in Plans for Dam Daniel Zueras
1400 Cerro de Pasco, Peru: Mining, Red Lakes, and Piles of Waste Thomas Quirynen, Translation by Johan Van de Wauw
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