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Sunday, 20 April 2014
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1351 Bolivia: Plan 3000 - Resistance and Social Change at the Heart of Racism Raúl Zibechi
1352 Summit of the Americas: Behind the Smiles and Handshakes Teo Ballvé
1353 The Fun House Mirror: Distortions and Omissions in the News on Bolivia Dan Beeton
1354 Looking 'Illegal' : ICE Deportations Based on Appearances Amy Bultman
1355 May Day Massacre-100 Years Ago: Simón Radowitzky, Anarchist and Legend Marie Trigona
1356 Correa Triumphs in Ecuador Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA)
1357 Colombia: Paramilitary Chief Says He Helped Finance Uribe's Campaign Constanza Vieira
1358 Peruvian Indigenous Peoples Mobilize Across the Amazon International Cry
1359 Bolivia: Unraveling the Conspiracy Franz Chávez
1360 Terminating Food Sovereignty in Ecuador? President Correa Opens Door to Terminator Seeds ETC Group
1361 Without Corn There is No Country: Open Letter to President Obama Without Corn There is No Country National Campaign
1362 Haiti Donors Conference: A New Paradigm or New Packaging? Monika Kalra Varma
1363 Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas Banned, Voter Apprehension Widespread Jeb Sprague*
1364 ALBA Summit Ratifies Regional Currency, Prepares for Trinidad Mike Fox
1365 Brazil: New Offensive for Faster Land Reform Fabiana Frayssinet
1366 Guatemala: Popular resistance to Xalala Dam finds international law on its side Carrie Comer
1367 Social Movements Reject the EU-Central America Free Trade Agreement La Via Campesina
1368 Morales Ends Hunger Strike Al Jazeera
1369 Venezuela's Chávez Pledges Support for Hunger Striking Morales in Bolivia James Suggett
1370 Radio: Upside Down World Editor Interviewed About Controversial Mapping Project in Oaxaca Upside Down World
1371 Peru: Rights Groups Applaud Fujimori Conviction Marina Litvinsky
1372 Economy in El Salvador: Passing the Poisoned Chalice Raúl Gutiérrez
1373 Action Alert-Guatemala: Demand Investigation into Kidnapping of Gladys Monterroso Human Rights First
1374 Colombia: More Attacks and Defamation Against ACIN's Communication Network Mario Murrillo
1375 Crime in Venezuela: Opposition Weapon or Serious Problem? Tamara Pearson
1376 Venezuela Expropriates Cargill Rice Plant that Evaded Price Controls James Suggett
1377 UN human rights report blasts Bolivian opposition WW 4 Report
1378 CISPES 2009 Elections Analysis: The Road to Victory and Beyond CISPES
1379 No Contrition From Canadian Press Over Haiti Joe Emersberger
1380 Paraguay: Tractor Blockades from the Right Carmelo Ruiz Marrero
1381 Amnesty International: Immigrants in U.S. "Jailed Without Justice" Amnesty International
1382 Mexican Corn Contaminated by Genetically Modified Materials, Government Invites More Cyril Mychalejko
1383 Peru: Few Benefits from Boom for Poorest Mining Districts Milagros Salazar
1384 El Salvador: Crisis, Poverty Huge Challenges for Leftist President Raúl Gutiérrez
1385 El Salvador: Election Results Point to FMLN Victory (Radio Sin Miedo) Jason Wallach
1386 Peru: Spying on Social Movements Ángel Páez
1387 Ongoing Reports from CISPES 2009 Salvadoran Elections Blog CISPES
1388 US pledges to respect neutrality in Salvadoran elections — despite GOP bluster WW4 Report
1389 El Salvador: Left Is Clear Favourite, But Die Not Yet Cast Raúl Gutiérrez
1390 The Ecuador Solidarity Network stands with Acción Ecológica! The Ecuador Solidarity Network
1391 Democracy Promotion in El Salvador: Elections 2009 Danny Burridge
1392 Colombia's Magic Laptops and the War Against Social Movements Justin Podur
1393 "Campaign of Fear Is Atrocious" Ahead of Salvadoran Vote Raúl Gutiérrez
1394 Argentina: Judicial Law Ends Insider Trials, Decriminalizes Homosexuality in Military April Howard
1395 Groundbreaking Arrest Made in Guatemalan Disappearance Case National Security Archive
1396 Will the Winds of Change Reach El Salvador? Mark Engler
1397 Indigenous Panamanians Defend Nature Against Speculators' Violent Onslaughts Talli Nauman
1398 Resource Wars in Ecuador Daniel Denvir
1399 Lawsuit: Canadian Mining Firm Financed Violence in Ecuador Jennifer Moore
1400 Venezuela: "The People Won the Vote, Now The People Must Become the Government" Vanessa Davies & James Suggett
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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