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Sunday, 01 February 2015
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1351 Washington Plays Both Sides on Honduran Coup Laura Carlsen
1352 Ecuador: Police Attack Indigenous Protesters Amazon Watch
1353 Argentine Folk Legend Mercedes Sosa Hospitalized - Watch Her Sing 'Gracias A La Vida' Various
1354 Honduras: Regime Gives Signs of Easing Up after Stiffening Stance Juan Ramón Durán
1355 Ecuador's Indigenous Movement Mobilizes for the Water Intercontinental Cry
1356 NGOs and Faith Groups Call on Honduran Government: Respect Civil Liberties and Human Rights Various Authors
1357 Schock Thesis on the Honduran Crisis Ignores Verdict of the Honduran Supreme Court Armando Sarmiento, translation by Adrienne Pine
1358 Library of Congress Report on Honduran Coup Filled with Flaws Dr. Rosemary Joyce
1359 Video: Zelaya's return to Honduras met with force The Real News
1360 New Summit Boosts Cooperation Between South America and Africa Humberto Márquez
1361 Clinton, Speak Clearly Now to Avoid a Massacre in Honduras Laura Carlsen
1362 'Insurrection' in Honduras as Police disperse pro-Zelaya protest Al Jazeera
1363 Video Report: Zelaya Returns in Defiance of Coup Gov't Democracy Now!
1364 Video: Zelaya returns to Honduras Al Jazeera
1365 President Zelaya Returns to Honduras, Supporters Defy Curfew AP and BBC
1366 Video Report: Coup Inciting Revolution in Honduras? Upside Down World
1367 Paraguay Rejects U.S. Military Deal Democracy Now!
1368 Paraguay: Marches call for Lugo to act Adolfo Gimene
1369 The Mapuche Nation Ups the Ante Jason Tockman
1370 Honduras: National opposition to coup becomes a social force Jennifer Moore
1371 Honduras: Vote to Go Ahead Despite Int'l Refusal to Recognize Juan Ramón Durán
1372 Rerun in Honduras: Coup pretext recycled from Brazil '64 Mark Cook
1373 Video: Honduras - Mr. Zelaya Goes to Washington The Real News
1374 Honduras: US State Dept Condemns "Coup d'Etat", Curtails Aid Daniel Luban
1375 Playing the 'Anti-Semitism' Card Against Venezuela Eric Wingerter and Justin Delacour
1376 IMF May Withhold $164 Million Allocated to Honduras The Center for Economic and Policy Research
1377 Who's Who in the Bolivian Presidential Elections: Anyone New Opposing Morales? Erin Hatheway, The Andean Information Network
1378 UNASUR Pushes Forward with Continental Integration as Leaders Express Unease over Colombia-US milit Odeen Ishmael
1379 IMF bails out Honduras Coup Regime with $150 million Dawn Paley
1380 Chevron Accused of Nixon-style Dirty Tricks Operation In Ecuador Amazon Watch
1381 Honduras' Historic Two Months Jennifer Moore
1382 Venezuelan "Peace Bases" to Counter U.S. Military Buildup in Colombia with Binational Reconciliation James Suggett
1383 Colombia: At Least 12 Indigenous Awa Massacred in Narino John Schertow
1384 Honduran Military Coup Reverses Women's Gains in Human Rights Margaret Thompson
1385 "Buddies" Ease Transgenders' Hospital Visits in Argentina Marcela Valente
1386 Spain Steps Down: Universal Jurisdiction and the Guatemalan Genocide Cases Lisa Skeen
1387 Bolivia: Morales Leads Still Undefined Bolivian Presidential Race Erin Hatheway, The Andean Information Network
1388 U.S. Continues to Provide Honduran Regime With Millennium Challenge Corporation Aid Money Center for Economic and Policy Research
1389 Coup Catalyzes Honduran Women's Movement Laura Carlsen
1390 Why has Human Rights Watch Fallen Silent on Honduras? Various Authors
1391 South America: U.S. Military Bases in Colombia and the Dispute over Resources Raúl Zibechi
1392 Bolivia: Too Many Obligations, Too Few Rights for Aymara Women Franz Chávez
1393 US Escalates War Build-Up Against Latin American Revolution Federico Fuentes
1394 Coup Catalyzes Honduran Women's Movement Laura Carlsen
1395 Fund-Raising Appeal: Support Pro-Democracy Movement in Honduras Rights Action
1396 Brazil Conspired with U.S. to Overthrow Allende The National Security Archive
1397 Honduras: Repression Continues to Escalate Jennifer Moore
1398 Chile: Mapuche Activist's Death Heats Up Conflict Daniela Estrada
1399 Colombia: Spying on Human Rights Defenders Constanza Vieira
1400 Bolivia Prescribes Solidarity: Health Care Reform under Evo Morales Jason Tockman
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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