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Sunday, 05 July 2015
News Briefs

1351 Haiti: Flawed Election in the Making Canada Haiti Action Network
1352 Landmark Human Rights Case in Argentina Puts Torture on Trial Marie Trigona
1353 Bolivia Debates Media Law Reform Joel Richards
1354 Argentina: First Same-Sex Marriage in Latin America Marcela Valente
1355 Action Alert-El Salvador: Demand Justice for the Murdered Activists and an End to Impunity! CISPES
1356 An Independent Candidate Jolts Chile's Democracy Elyssa Pachico
1357 Bolivia: Native People Take First Steps Towards Self-Government Franz Chávez
1358 Action Alert: Demand an Investigation Into the Murder of Anti-mining Activist Ramiro Rivera Gómez CISPES
1359 Brazilian Guarani Tortured and Murdered Survival International
1360 Colombia: Chicha, Fashionable Survivor Helda Martínez
1361 Rody Alvarado Peña and Guatemala's Lingering War Lisa Skeen
1362 Indicted Paramilitary Leader Holds Meeting in Haiti Kevin Pina
1363 Nicaragua Names an Ombudswoman for Sexual Diversity José Adán Silva
1364 Amnesty: Full and Prompt Investigation Needed Into Death of Honduran LGBT Human Rights Campaigner Amnesty International
1365 Guatemala: Army Records Spur Hopes for Justice Danilo Valladares
1366 Speech by Rodolfo Pastor de Maria y Campos at Georgetown University Rodolfo Pastor de Maria y Campos
1367 For Some Hondurans, Elections Change Little Mike Alberti and Lauren Sutherland
1368 Honduran Youth Under Attack Dawn Paley
1369 Where Does US Military 'Aid' to Colombia Go? John Lindsay-Poland
1370 Honduras: Fraud Exposed in Elections Jesse Freeston, The Real News
1371 Panic Erupts in Wake of Arizona's New Anti-Immigrant Law Valeria Fernández
1372 Video Report From Honduras: An election validated by blood and repression Jesse Freeston
1373 Abortion Phone Line in Argentina: More Information, Fewer Risks Lucia Álvarez, Translated by David Morris
1374 Latin America: Summit Does Not Recognise Elections in Honduras Mario de Queiroz
1375 Uruguay Elects Former Guerrilla as Next President Darío Montero
1376 Honduran Elections Marred by Police Violence, Censorship, International Non-Recognition CEPR
1377 Bolivia: Women Clamour for Right to Land Franz Chavez
1378 Supporter of Coup Wins Election in Honduras Democracy Now!
1379 U.S. Groups That Supported Coups in Haiti and Venezuela Will Observe Elections in Honduras The Center for Economic and Policy Research
1380 Honduran Dictatorship Is A Threat to Democracy In the Hemisphere Mark Weisbrot
1381 Chavez Rejects U.S. Mediation in Venezuela-Colombia Spat, U.S. Withdrawal is "Only Solution" Kiraz Janicke
1382 Elections in Bolivia: The Credibility of Campaign Promises Franz Chávez
1383 Impact of Crisis in Latin America Less Severe than in the Past Darío Montero
1384 Explosions of Unrest Mark Puerto Rico's Economic Crisis Juan A. Ocasio Rivera
1385 Chile: Toward Reconstruction of the Mapuche Nation Raúl Zibechi
1386 Experts on Latin America Call on Obama to Denounce Human Rights Abuses by Honduran Dictatorship Latin American Experts and Academics
1387 U.S. State Department Sells Out Honduran Democracy for Senate Confirmations Laura Carlsen
1388 El Salvador Devastated by Hurricane Ida - Support People to People Disaster Relief Via CISPES Committee In Solidarity With the People of El Salvador
1389 Reflections on a Decade of Civic Revolutions in Latin America Antonio Gonzalez & Miguel Tinker Salas
1390 New Report Looks at Honduran Economy Before and Since the Coup Center For Economic and Policy Research
1391 Unilateral "Unity Government" Announced in Honduras; Deal "Dead" Thelma Mejía
1392 U.S. Military Documents Show Colombia Base Agreement Poses Threat to Region Garry Leech
1393 President Obama's Credibility on the Line in Honduras Mark Weisbrot
1394 Peru: US Oil Company Threatened with Eviction from Amazon Survival International
1395 Clandestine Graves Re-emerge in El Salvador Edgardo Ayala
1396 Suspects Arrested in Murder of Venezuelan Indigenous, but Chief's Detention Fuels Conflict James Suggett
1397 Agreement to End Honduran Coup Marks Victory and Challenge Laura Carlsen
1398 The Hidden Side of Mexico's Drug War John Gibler
1399 Ecuador: The Battle for Natural Resources Deepens Raúl Zibechi
1400 Video: 100 Days of Resistance in Honduras Avi Lewis
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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