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Wednesday, 29 June 2016
News Briefs

1351 Central America: Food Security Further Undermined by Climate Disasters Edgardo Ayala
1352 Colombia: Ten Injured as Riot Police Break Strike at Calgary-Owned Oil Company Dawn Paley
1353 Goldcorp Drilled by Shareholders for Mining Projects in Central America Valerie Croft
1354 As "Temporary" Camps Linger, Tensions Rise with Haitian Landowners Ansel Herz
1355 Another Trade Union Leader Assassinated in Colombia International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)
1356 The Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement: Forgery, Murder, and Deception Peter Julian
1357 Mexican Police Attack Cananea Mine, Beating and Arresting Striking Miners Dan La Botz
1358 SIPRI: Venezuela Led Latin America in Reducing Military Spending in 2009 Aporrea and
1359 Video From Bolivia - The other debt crisis: Climate debt Avi Lewis, Al Jazeera
1360 Latin America Mostly at Odds With US on Israeli Raid Alexander Main
1361 Tragic BP Gulf Spill Casts Light on Chevron Disaster in Ecuador Amazon Defense Coalition
1362 Human Rights Groups Say Brazil's Policy of Saturation Policing Criminalises Poverty Leonel Plügel
1363 Letter to Obama: Push Peru's President on Trade, Forestry and Indigenous Rights Many
1364 Peru: Native Peoples' Right to Consultation on Land Use Enshrined in Law Milagros Salazar
1365 A State of Emergency in Paraguay: The Risks of Militarization Raúl Zibechi
1366 Peru: Lori Berenson to Be Released on Parole After 15 Years Ángel Páez
1367 Peruvian Congress Calls in Debt from U.S. Oil Executive Ángel Páez
1368 Neoliberalism Alive and Well in Latin America Akito Yoshikane
1369 Bolivia: Morales Caught Between Gas Revenues and Indigenous Demands Franz Chávez
1370 Making Latin America's Cities Women-Friendly Marcela Valente
1371 UNASUR: An Emerging Geopolitical Force Alex Main
1372 Scientists Find Elevated Levels of Potentially Toxic Metals in Some Guatemalans Living Near Goldcorp-owned Mine Physicians for Human Rights
1373 Bolivian Government Negotiates Internal Conflicts Erin Hatheway, The Andean Information Network
1374 Haiti's State Phone Company Finally Privatized Hervé Jean Michel
1375 Amazon Indigenous Communities Plan 1,000-km March in Bolivia Franz Chávez
1376 Indians Warn of War Against Amazon Mega-dam in Brazil Survival
1377 Mexican Authorities Must Help Community Under Siege by Armed Group Amnesty International
1378 Brazil: Eviction from Rio's Slums Echoes Dark Past Fabiana Frayssinet*
1379 Mexicans Protest Toxic Waste Plant Emilio Godoy
1380 Bolivia: Morales Faces First Workers Protests Franz Chávez
1381 Bolivia Nationalizes Energy Firms Al Jazeera
1382 Pressure Mounts on Honduras as Journalist Death Toll Rises Thelma Mejía
1383 Paraguay: Controversy Over Troop Deployment Natalia Ruiz Díaz
1384 Action Alert: Four Educators Assassinated in Cordoba, Colombia Central Workers’ Union of Colombia, Translated by Emily Hansen, Colombia Support Network
1385 UNASUR to Elect Secretary General at Argentina Summit Odeen Ishmael
1386 Paraguay: Controversy Over Troop Deployment Natalia Ruiz Díaz
1387 Merida Initiative Under Scrutiny Following Clinton’s Visit to Mexico Kristin Bricker
1388 Bolivia's Resource Dilemma The Real News
1389 Nicaragua Protests Escalate Al Jazeera
1390 Protests Mark Auction of Brazil's Belo Monte Dam Michael Fox
1391 Climate Change Conference in Bolivia: In Defense of Pachamama Franz Chávez
1392 Bolivia: Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of Cochabamba Water War Democracy Now!
1393 Migrants Risk Everything in Arizona Desert Crossing Jeb Sprague
1394 WOLA Statement on Honduras Washington Office on Latin America
1395 Fighting Corruption or Persecuting Political Opponents in Venezuela? James Suggett
1396 Indians and Activists March Against Amazon Mega-dam Survival
1397 Indigenous Justice Threatened in Colombia Constanza Vieira
1398 WOLA vs. Honduran Democracy Adrienne Pine
1399 New Evidence: Kissinger Rescinded Warning Against Condor Assassinations Jim Lobe
1400 U.S. Ambassador to Blame for Zelaya Deportation Drama Belén Fernández
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