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Tuesday, 24 November 2015
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1351 Venezuelan Yukpa Appeal for Use of Indigenous Legal Customs in Murder Case Tamara Pearson
1352 Peru to Investigate Uncontacted Tribes’ ‘Possible’ Existence Survival
1353 Mexico: Hip Hop in Juarez Responds to Violence Emilio Godoy
1354 A Human Rights Perspective on Clinton's Visit to Central America Amanda Kistler and Joshua Cohen
1355 Latin America's Indigenous Reject Market Mechanisms as Solution to Climate Change Daniel Zueras
1356 Freed FARC Hostage Thanks Efforts of Venezuelan President to Win His Liberation Kiraz Janicke
1357 Climate Change: From Copenhagen to Cochabamba Franz Chávez
1358 IDB Megaprojects: Displacement, Destruction, and Deception Laura Carlsen and Michael Collins
1359 Text Book State Terrorism in Honduras: Death Squad Kills Teacher in Front of Students Rights Action
1360 The Militarization of the Peruvian Countryside Kristina Aiello
1361 Brazil - The Homeless in Bahia: The Utopia of "Good Living" Raúl Zibechi
1362 U.S. Tries to Divide Honduran Resistance CubaDebate, Translation by Adrienne Pine
1363 Bolivia Creates a New Opportunity for Climate Talks Pablo Solón Romero
1364 Bolivia’s New Political Space: An Interview With Ambassador Pablo Solón Jason Tockman
1365 Report to UN Reveals Shocking Situation of Guarani Tribe in Brazil Survival
1366 Student Protests in Dominican Republic Shut Down Universities David Holmes Morris
1367 Ecuador: Native Leaders Call for Anti-Government Protests Gonzalo Ortiz
1368 Is Bolivia Heading for Andean-Amazonian Capitalism? Eric Tousaint
1369 Venezuela: Bari Indians Speak at Landmark Supreme Court Hearing Survival International
1370 International Delegation Issues Preliminary Findings on Pre-electoral Conditions in Colombia International Pre-electoral Observation Mission
1371 Left Forum Event: Lessons from Latin American Social Movements for a US in Crisis Toward Freedom
1372 Canada Moves to Oversee Mining Firms Emilio Godoy
1373 Philip Morris vs. Uruguay Juan Antonio Montecino and Rebecca Dreyfus
1374 Argentina: Food Must be Produced Locally Juan Nicastro
1375 Bolivian Women Rise Up Lisa Macdonald
1376 Bolivia: Cash for Checkups to Slash Maternal Deaths Franz Chávez
1377 Peru: Relocating Entire Villages for Mines, Dams Milagros Salazar
1378 Haiti: Private Contractors 'Like Vultures Coming to Grab the Loot' Anthony Fenton
1379 Venezuela Creates Peasant Militias, Enacts Federal Government Council Kiraz Janicke
1380 Chile: Will Presidential CEO Modify Regional Political Scenario? Daniela Estrada*
1381 Venezuela’s Revolution Faces Crucial Battles Federico Fuentes
1382 Peru: No Justice for Indians in Amazon Massacre Ángel Páez
1383 El Salvador: Killings Bear Hallmarks of Death Squads Edgardo Ayala
1384 Haiti: Under the Pretense of Disaster Relief, U.S. Running a Military Occupation Arun Gupta
1385 Mexican Reporters, Activists Demand State Protection Emilio Godoy
1386 Nicaragua Refuses to Discuss Therapeutic Abortion José Adán Silva
1387 Colombia: Magazine Closure Deals Major Blow to Investigative Reporting Javier Darío Restrepo
1388 Students as Spies: The Deep Politics of U.S.-Colombian Relations Forrest Hylton
1389 El Salvador: Appalling Situation in the Export Processing Zones International Trade Union Confederation
1390 Costa Rica: Chinchilla to Join Club of Women Presidents Daniel Zueras
1391 Colombia: Stop Abuses by Paramilitaries’ Successor Groups Human Rights Watch
1392 US Intelligence Report Classifies Venezuela as “Anti-US Leader” Eva Golinger
1393 Four Injured in Air Force Bombing in Northern Colombia Dawn Paley
1394 Drug Surveillance Drones Frequent Flyers in Latin America Marcelo Ballve
1395 El Salvador: Activists Link Mining Company to Recent Murders Edgardo Ayala
1396 Bolivia: Unprecedented Gender Parity in Cabinet Franz Chávez
1397 Honduras: Lobo Sworn In; Zelaya Heads into Exile Thelma Mejía
1398 New Honduras President Must Order Investigation Into Rights Abuses Amnesty International
1399 Costa-Rica: Last-Ditch Leftwing Alliance to 'Save' the Country Daniel Zueras
1400 Rio de Janeiro: Control of the Poor Seen as Crucial for the Olympics Raúl Zibechi
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