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Sunday, 29 March 2015
News Briefs

201 Tell Secretary Kerry: No US Funds to the Guatemalan Army! GHRC and NISGUA
202 Fracking, Seismic Activity Grow Hand in Hand in Mexico Emilio Godoy
203 Are Brazil’s Dams to Blame for Record Floods in Bolivia? Emily Achtenberg
204 In Bolivia, Being a Journalist and Organizer go Together Marta Molina
205 Venezuelan Human Rights Experts Call for End to “Media Distortion” of Protests and State Response Many, Translation by
206 COP Out? Peru Pulling the Plug on Environmental Oversight in View of COP 20 Sydney Morical
207 One-Third of Colombia’s Newly-Elected Senators Have Paramilitary Ties Constanza Vieira
208 Should the Media Report on Who is Killing Whom In Venezuela, When Death Tolls are Reported? Mark Weisbrot
209 Canadian Aid, Honduran Oil Sandra Cuffe
210 A Precarious Victory in El Salvador Madeleine Conway
211 Radicalized Right Grasps for Reins of Power in El Salvador Edgardo Ayala
212 The Truth about Venezuela: A Revolt of the Well-off, Not a 'Terror Campaign' Upside Down World
213 Resurgent Chilean Social Movements Advance Cross-Border Solidarity Emily Achtenberg
214 Lula Sends Letter of Support to Maduro Stephan Lefebvre
215 Violence Against Women in Mexico and Central America and the Impact of U.S. Policy Just Associates (JASS)
216 The Quimbo Hydroelectric Project Moves Ahead without Complying with its Environmental License Polinizaciones
217 Midwives, Givers of Life in Rural Communities, in Danger of Disappearing Adazahira Chavez, Narce Santibañez and Olivia Vázquez
218 Does the OAS Support Democracy in Venezuela? Dan Beeton, CEPR
219 US Oil and Gas Firm Hunt Urged to Suspend Amazon Exploration David Hill
220 For Abortion Rights in Bolivia, A Modest Gain Emily Achtenberg
221 Trinidad and Tobago: Battling the Resource Curse Mark Olalde and Picture Fritz Burgher
222 Latin America: The Impact of the Extractive Industries Darío Aranda, Translation by Christina Hewitt
223 #LaSalida? Venezuela at a Crossroads George Ciccariello-Maher
224 Venezuela’s Maduro Proposes “Peace Conference” to Resolve Opposition Protests Ewan Robertson
225 Mexico: The Capture of El Chapo Guzman–What Happens Next? Laura Carlsen
226 Protest Coverage in Haiti and Venezuela Reveals U.S. Media Hypocrisy Kevin Edmonds
227 Death Toll Rises in Venezuela; Opposition Demonstrators Say They're Fighting a War of "Attrition" Ryan Mallett-Outtrim
228 Guatemala: Pressure to Construct Xalalá Hydroelectric Dam; Local Opposition Remains Strong ACOGUATE, Translation by NISGUA
229 Towards Another Coup in Venezuela? Belen Fernandez
230 US Support for Regime Change in Venezuela is a Mistake Mark Weisbrot
231 Environmentalist and Communicator from the Siria Valley, Honduras Denounces Threats Dina Meza
232 “Just another gang?” Rio’s Favelas and the Pacification Police Benjamin Parkin
233 Opposition Violence Continues in Some Venezuelan Cities, Attacks on Journalists Tamara Pearson
234 Venezuela: Right-wing Provokes Violence in Time-worn Practice Steve Ellner
235 Communities in Veracruz, Mexico Resist Plans to Build 112 Dams Radio Mundo Real
236 FMLN Likely to Retain Salvadoran Presidency David Grosser
237 The Hypocrisy of Human Rights Watch Keane Bhatt
238 Rival Factions in Bolivia's CONAMAQ: Internal Conflict or Government Manipulation? Emily Achtenberg
239 A New Wiretapping Scandal Casts Doubt on the Colombian Military's Support for Peace Talks Adam Isacson
240 Canadian and Chinese- Owned Mining Concessions Illegal in Ecuador, Argues Report Environmental Defender Law Center (EDLC) and MiningWatch Canada
241 El Salvador: FMLN wins first round of presidential elections CISPES
242 Leftist Costa Rica outsider leads election, run-off expected Alexandra Alper
243 Destitute Chilean Farmer Defeats Monsanto in Landmark Legal Victory Lucía Sepúlveda Ruiz, Translation by Ignacia Guzmán Zuloaga
244 Power, Violence and Mining in Guatemala: Non-Violent Resistance to Canada’s Northern Shadow Alexandra Pedersen, Photos by James Rodríguez
245 Brookings Institution Calls on Obama to Support a Hypothetical Coup Against Venezuela's Maduro Dan Beeton, CEPR
246 Coal Spill Puts Spotlight on Colombia’s Labor and Environmental Struggles Michelle Chen
247 Facing the New Conquistador: Indigenous Rights and Repression in Rafael Correa’s Ecuador Robin Llewellyn
248 El Salvador: Increase in Homicides Linked to “Extermination Groups” and ARENA Campaign CISPES
249 Large-Scale Mining in Uruguay: Time to Vote? Luis Manuel Claps, Extractives in Latin America
250 Latest Human Rights Watch Report: 30 Lies about Venezuela Tamara Pearson
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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