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Thursday, 30 October 2014
News Briefs

251 “The Rise of the Middle Class” in Latin America? The World Bank is Still Tone Deaf After all These Years Dr. Ronn Pineo
252 From Intag: An Open Letter to Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Carlos Zorrilla
253 Militarization, Austerity and Privatization: What’s Happening in Paraguay? Sara Kozameh
254 Argentina Blindly Exploiting Groundwater, Scientists Warn Marcela Valente
255 Mexico: The federal authorities must immediately release Alberto Patishtán Amnesty International
256 At the UN, a Latin American Rebellion Laura Carlsen
257 An Urgent Call for International Solidarity from Colombia: Support the Peace Process! James Jordan, National Co-Coordinator for the Alliance for Global Justice
258 Canadian Mining Abroad: The Boom and the Backlash Liam Barrington-Bush and Jen Wilton
259 Disgraced Chilean General Mena Commits Suicide Owen Silverman Andrews
260 Petraeus' Statement on Plan Colombia at Odds With Reality Eileen O'Grady, CEPR
261 Blame it on Caracas Gregory Wilpert
262 Mexican Senate Must End Impunity for Armed Forces' Human Rights Violations Amnesty International
263 Cuba’s Other Internationalism: Angola 25 Years Later Kevin Edmonds
264 El Salvador’s Archbishop Closes Preeminent Human Rights Investigation Organization Hilary Goodfriend
265 Honduran Presidential Polling Shows Race Tightening Honduras Culture and Politics
266 Because this Land is Ours: The Rights of Mother Earth vs. Carbon Trading Beverly Bell and Tory Field
267 Evidence of Yanomami ‘Violence’ Relies on False Data, New Paper Reveals Survival International
268 Mexico: The Shadow of Acteal Rafael Landerreche, Translation by Nélida Montes de Oca
269 Ecuador: Some Observations Regarding the Yasuní-ITT Proposal Gerard Coffey
270 Guatemala - Massacre in San Jose Nacahuil: Whoever is Responsible, Minister López Bonilla Should be Removed Network for Peace and Development in Guatemala (RPDG ), Translation by Clayton Conn
271 Brazil: “The Oil Is Ours” – But Its Secrets Are the NSA’s Fabiana Frayssinet
272 Brazilian president postpones Washington visit over NSA spying Jonathan Watts
273 Awá: Top Human Rights Watchdog Demands Answers from Brazil Survival International
274 Alberto Patishtán: Message from the Mexican State Luis Hernández Navarro
275 Chile's September 11: Forty Years Later Carlos Torres
276 In Honduras, military takes over with US blessing Dana Frank
277 Colombia: ASOQUIMBO Continues Land Liberations and Resistance to the Quimbo Hydroelectric Project Polinizaciones
278 Urgent Communiqué on the Massacre in Nacahuil, Guatemala Various Guatemalan Indigenous and Grassroots Groups
279 Latin America rejects US aggression against Syria Press TV
280 Enforced Disappearances Still an Appalling Reality in the Americas Amnesty International
281 Guatemalan Indigenous Organizations File Complaint over Mining Law with Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Many
282 Free Trade: Colombia Protests and Rural Development Craig Frayne
283 Bolivia: Criminal Charges Against Indigenous Leaders, Revelations of Police Infiltration Reignite TIPNIS Conflict Emily Achtenberg, Rebel Currents
284 Venezuela: Desiring the Commune Reinaldo Iturriza, Translation by Tamara Pearson for
285 Mexico: Communiqué From the People of San Sebastián Bachajón, Read to the Indigenous National Congress San Sebastian Bachajón
286 US Military Considers IMF-Mandated Policies to Be Dangerous for Honduras, Declassified Document Shows Dan Beeton, CEPR
287 Transnational Mercenaries behind Energy Reforms in Mexico Jenaro Villamil, Translation by Martha Sneyd
288 Honduran Union Leader Faces Death Threats Eric Gottwald
289 El Salvador: Private Sector Seeks to Expand the Reach of P3 law with US Support CISPES
290 Bolivia: Snowden Case Reignites Controversy Over Brazilian Asylum For Morales Foe Emily Achtenberg, Rebel Currents
291 Denver-based Mining Company Retreats from Oaxaca Dawn Paley
292 What's "Rural" in Honduran Immigration? Honduras Culture and Politics
293 Honduras: Expanding Palm Oil Empires In The Name Of ‘Green Energy’ And “Sustainable Development’ Rights Action, Rainforest Rescue, Biofuelwatch, and Food First
294 Venezuela: Extraction-ism, Movements, and Revolution Raul Zibechi
295 Guatemala’s ‘Femicide’ Courts Hold Out New Hope for Justice Danilo Valladares
296 Get your legal marijuana high in Uruguay Vanessa Baird
297 Benjamin Kohl, Temple professor, expert on Bolivia John Morrison
298 Battle Over Seeds Heats Up in Argentina Marcela Valente
299 'This American Life' Whitewashes U.S. Crimes in Central America, Wins Peabody Award Keane Bhatt
300 Maduro’s First 100 Days in Office Marked by Street Government, Latin American Integration, Economic Debate Sascha Bercovitch
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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