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Friday, 27 February 2015
News Briefs

251 NAFTA’s 20 Years of Unfulfilled Promises Manuel Pérez-Rocha
252 Paraguay's Forgotten Coup Reed Lindsay, People and Power
253 Honduras Dam Project Shadowed by Violence Nina Lakhani
254 The New President of Honduras will not Stop Hate Crimes Andalusia Knoll
255 Chile: Bachelet’s Promised Reforms Could Face Uphill Struggle Marianela Jarroud
256 Action Alert! Protect Human Rights Defenders in Honduras SOA Watch
257 Bachelet Re-elected President of Chile Joseph Hinchliffe
258 Uruguay becomes first nation to legalise marijuana trade BBC News
259 Action Alert: Fear for Safety of Environmental Activists in Ecuador Amnesty International
260 Honduras: ‘They can’t clip our wings’ Amnesty International
261 The Realities of Ecotourism in Chiapas Dolores Velasquez Camacho, Translated by the Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group
262 Chavistas Celebrate Victory in the Venezuelan Municipal Elections Ewan Robertson
263 Honduras Election Monitoring Report Alliance for Global Justice & Task Force on the Americas
264 Honduras: Voto Social and Transparency Honduras Culture and Politics
265 Guatemala: Genocide on Trial Dawn Paley and Sandra Cuffe
266 Government of Ecuador Shuts Down Fundación Pachamama The Pachamama Alliance
267 Argentine Protesters vs Monsanto: “The Monster is Right on Top of Us” Fabiana Frayssinet
268 Canada Approves Genetically Modified Salmon Exports to Panama Pratap Chatterjee
269 SOA Watch: 2013 Honduran Presidential Elections Analysis Brigitte Gynther
270 Pluspetrol Heavily Fined for Irreparable Environmental Damages in the Peruvian Amazon Amanda Garratt
271 Honduran Congress will be Transformed Honduras Culture and Politics
272 National Lawyers Guild Observers Question Validity of Honduran Elections National Lawyers Guild
273 Bolivia: Two Years After Chaparina, Still No Answers Emily Achtenberg, Rebel Currents
274 Making Sure Votes Count in Honduras? Honduras Culture and Politics
275 Bachelet triumphs in Chile election but faces runoff Rosalba O'Brien and Anthony Esposito
276 Chilean student leader Camila Vallejo elected to Congress Reuters in Santiago
277 NSA Staffed U.S.-Only Intelligence “Fusion Center” in Mexico City Michael Evans and Jesse Franzblau
278 Mexico's Blood Banks Peter Watt
279 Mass Mobilization against Healthcare Reform Storms Through Colombia Peter Watt
280 Visibility from High-Profile Human Rights Inquiries Trickles Down in Chile Marianela Jarroud
281 Report: Hydroelectric Dam would Wipe Out Indigenous Tribes in Guyana Survival International
282 Newly Discovered Military Archives May Throw Light on Past Abuses in Argentina Sandra Coliver
283 US Lawmakers Lobby for Right-wing and US Intervention in Honduran, Salvadoran Elections CISPES
284 Guatemala: Ríos Montt Trial Delay is a Letdown to Genocide Victims Amnesty International
285 Colombia: Black Communities in Cauca Peacefully Occupy Government Offices Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network (ACSN)
286 Brazil-Venezuela: Yanomami Denounce Illegal Miners and Lack of Health Care Survival International
287 South of the Border, Mining Is King Carey L. Biron
288 Brazilian Judge Halts Belo Monte Dam Construction, Temporarily Diego Cupolo
289 U.S. Snooping Makes It a Neighbourhood Pariah Carey L. Biron
290 Cuba’s Reforms Favor Foreign Investment, Create Low-Wage Sponge Kevin Edmonds
291 In Haiti, Cholera Claims New Victims Daily Thalif Deen and Patrick Saint-Pre
292 History on Hold for Victims of Guatemalan Genocide Amnesty International
293 Honduras Elections: Violent Attacks Against Opposition Candidates Provoke Increasing Concern Alex Main, CEPR
294 Chile: Time for Starbucks to Stop Union Busting ITUC
295 Colombia-Ecuador: Serious Revelations About Spraying Glyphosate on the Border La W Radio, Translation by Clayton Conn
296 Opposition Use Presidential Security Decree to Label Venezuelan Government “Dictatorial” Tamara Pearson
297 US Speaking Tour - From the Mines to the Streets: A Bolivian Activist’s Life Various
298 Chixoy Dam Justice And Reparations Delayed: 31.5 Years And Counting Rights Action
299 The Venezuelan Revolution Has Brought Substantial Improvements to Working-Class Neighbourhoods Enric Llopis
300 El Salvador: Activists Struggle to Recover Human Rights Archives Edgardo Ayala
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