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Wednesday, 25 November 2015
News Briefs

251 Putin signs Argentina nuclear deals on Latin America tour BBC News
252 Brazil: Where Indian Lives are not Worth a Traffic Sign Survival International
253 The Caribbean: A Clean Energy Revolution on the Front Lines of Climate Change Richard Schiffman
254 Guatemalan Government Moves to Expel Witnesses to Police Violence at US-Canadian Mine Site Mining Watch Canada
255 The U.S. Re-militarization of Central America and Mexico Alexander Main
256 Salvadoran Peasant Farmers Clash With U.S. Over Seeds Edgardo Ayala
257 Brazil Organizations Challenge Legality of Belo Monte Dam in Court AIDA
258 Honduran Charter Cities New Model for Salvadoran Private Sector CISPES
259 U.S. Gives Brazil Declassified Documents Detailing Torture and Executions During its Dictatorship Era Peter Kornbluh
260 Protest in Venezuela: The Difference Between the Violent and Nonviolent Right Is Smaller Than You May Think Steve Ellner
261 Peru now has a ‘licence to kill’ environmental protesters David Hill
262 Elbit: Exporting Oppression from Palestine to Latin America Scott Campbell
263 Chile's Bachelet Promises to Return Land to Indigenous People Reuters
264 Argentina Seeks to Ward Off “Paradoxical” Default Diana Cariboni
265 For 2nd Anniversary of “Curuguaty Massacre,” New Report Sheds Light on the Criminalization of Peasants and Right to Land in Paraguay Various Authors
266 Latin America’s Rightwing Parties Are Falling Apart Grace Livingstone
267 Is the Chilean Student Movement Being Co-opted by Its Government? Eilís O’Neill
268 Brazil: The World Cup Bus to Nowhere Brian Mier, CEPR
269 Mexico’s Biodiversity Under Siege Emilio Godoy
270 Latin America: Full Spectrum Seizures of Power Ana Esther Ceceña
271 Brazil: Dangerous Brew of Police Abuses and Impunity Threatens to Mar World Cup Amnesty International
272 Letter to the World Bank: Reparations for Communities Affected by the Chixoy Dam in Guatemala Many
273 China Trades Up in Latin America Jill Richardson
274 108 Members of Congress Urge Action on Political Repression and Human Rights Abuses in Honduras Stephan Lefebvre, CEPR
275 Rural Communities Push El Salvador Towards Ban on Mining Edgardo Ayala
276 Farewell, Subcomandante Alejandro Reyes
277 Brazil’s World Cup 2014: Private Security “Made ​​in the USA” Santiago Navarro F. and Renata Bessi
278 Seasonal Agricultural Workers Left Out of Chilean Boom Marianela Jarroud
279 Subcomandante Marcos Is No More Desinformemonos
280 Ecuador's Tribes Declare 'National Mobilization' against Oil and Mining David Dene
281 Biío Hioxo Wind Energy Project Hurting Indigenous Peoples and their Territories Renata Bessi and Santiago Navarro F.
282 Bolivia’s Mother Earth Law Hard to Implement Franz Chávez
283 Canadian Mining in Latin America Doing Serious Environmental Harm David Hill
284 Chevron in Ecuador Representative of Multinationals' Continuing Abuse of Indigenous Peoples Erica Glaser
285 Terrorism in Venezuela and Its Accomplices Steve Ellner
286 Bagua Massacre – A Test for Justice in Peru Milagros Salazar
287 Perpetuating Impunity: Guatemala's Congress Votes to Deny Genocide Upside Down World
288 ARENA Strategist Takes Fall in Colombian Drug Scandal CISPES
289 Peru: Indigenous Organizations to Present Joint Climate Change Agenda The Unity Pact
290 A Call to Action: Stop the War against the Zapatista Communities Many
291 Conflict Over New Bolivian Law Highlights Mining Sector Contradictions Emily Achtenberg
292 Ecuador: Intag Under Siege Carlos Zorrilla, Translated by Danica Jorden
293 Why Is Blackwater Helping to Train Brazil’s World Cup Security? Dave Zirin and Jules Boykoff
294 Ecuador: A new political map Luis Ángel Saavedra
295 Panama: Mayday with strikes and elections Marco A. Gandásegui, h.
296 Resistance as Promised, Panamanian Indigenous Continue to Protest Rick Kearns
297 Colombia: Presidential Candidates Must Champion Human Rights Amnesty International
298 Brazil Assumes Leadership in Future of Internet Governance Marcia Pinheiro
299 Bolivian Women: We Must Also Be Included In The Mining Law Debate CASA Collective, translated by Stephanie Gervais
300 US Continues Ransoming Development Aid, Now Using CAFTA to Threaten Social Programs CISPES
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