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Thursday, 17 April 2014
News Briefs

451 Bolivia: Second Tipnis March Arrives in La Paz Dario Kenner, La Paz
452 Monsanto Strikes in Paraguay Idilio Méndez Grimaldi, Translation by Jim Rudolf
453 Bullets and Blood: The High Price of Anti-Mining Resistance in San José del Progreso, Mexico Jonathan Treat
454 U.S. Prison Industrial Complex Moves South of the Border Nasim Chatha, Alliance for Global Justice
455 Paraguay: Impeachment or political coup? Al Jazeera, Inside Story Americas
456 Video: Paraguay Coup - Will Obama Join Latin America and Condemn Ouster of President Lugo? Democracy Now!
457 E'a: Alternative News Source From Paraguay UDW
458 What will Washington do about Fernando Lugo's ouster in Paraguay? Mark Weisbrot
459 Bolivian police mutiny over pay widens Associated Press
460 Uruguay plans to legalize marijuana sale Al Jazeera
461 Julian Assange seeking asylum in Ecuadorean embassy in London Esther Addley and Beatrice Woolf
462 Brazil Takes Steps to Confiscate Property of Landowners Using Slave Labour Clarinha Glock
463 Our Man in Caracas: The U.S. Media and Henrique Capriles Keane Bhatt, Manufacturing Contempt
464 Assassination Attempt in Guatemala Linked to Mining Interests of Canada´s Radius Gold Inc. Grahame Russell, Rights Action
465 Pacific Rim Ruling Threatens El Salvador’s National Sovereignty Emily Achtenberg, Rebel Currents
466 Chile protesters rally against Pinochet film Al Jazeera
467 Central America: Still a Long Way to Go in Fight Against Sexual Violence Danilo Valladares
468 Mexico's Spiral of Violence Causes Spike in PTSD Emilio Godoy
469 Bringing the Battlefield to the Border Todd Miller
470 Guatemalan President Decides to Dismantle Peace Archives Kate Doyle
471 Mexico: Man Arrested in 2006 Brad Will Murder–Finally a Step Toward Justice? Laura Carlsen
472 Laboratory, Honduras Emma Feltes
473 Colombia and Guatemala Again Ranked 1st and 2nd in Murders of Trade Unionists USLEAP
474 Argentina's Desaparecidos – the Epilogue Marcela Valente
475 Media Analysis: 'This American Life' Digs for Truth about the Dos Erres Massacre in Guatemala, but Fails to Unearth the Role of the United States Grahame Russell
476 Trade Unionists Denounce Persecution in El Salvador Edgardo Ayala and Claudia Ávalos
477 Haiti: Partners in Deforestation and "Slumification" Correspondents*
478 Rocky Road to Gender Equality in Latin America Erika Guevara-Rosas
479 Human Rights Violations in Guatemala: Hearing Indigenous Voices Danielle DeLuca
480 Mexico: Freedom of Expression Still Under Attack as Six Journalists Killed Amnesty International
481 Mexican Farmers Block New Law to Privatize Plants Alfredo Acedo
482 Repsol Sues Argentina for $10 Billion Over YPF Nationalization Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero, CorpWatch Blog
483 Guatemalan Communities Have No Say in Exploitation of Resources Danilo Valladares
484 Mexico: Populist Candidate Lopez Obrador Appeals to Business Dan La Botz
485 United States Sends Combat Commanders to Colombia Susana PImiento and John Lindsay-Poland
486 CNN: The Latest Outlet for Roger Noriega’s Paranoid Speculations about Latin America Keane Bhatt, Manufacturing Contempt
487 Buenos Aires Offers Same-Sex Marriage to Foreign Couples Marcela Valente
488 Belo Monte: Brazil's Damned Democracy Manuela Picq
489 Consequences of the Military Occupation in Honduras Defensores en Linea
490 Chile’s Native Communities Find Ally in Supreme Court; Canadian Mining Project Halted Marianela Jarroud
491 Colombia's Resistance to Corporate Mining Excess has Lessons for the World Jonathan Glennie
492 An Argentine Perspective on Degrowth Marcela Valente
493 Nationalization, Bolivian Style: Morales Seizes Electric Grid, Boosts Oil Incentives Emily Achtenberg, Rebel Currents
494 Indigenous Peruvian Community Locked in Dispute with Oil Company Fawzia Sheikh
495 Embedded NYT Reporter Boosts US War in Honduras (and Why We Shouldn’t Listen) Dawn Paley
496 Update: The Guatemalan Death Squad Diary and the Right to Truth badmin
497 Chomsky: Latin-America, Social Movements, Neo-Liberalism, Free Trade Agreements Noam Chomsky
498 The Washington Post’s Flimsy Critique of Argentina Keane Bhatt
499 Iron Fist Cracks Down on Guatemala Danilo Valladares
500 El Salvador: Court Deliberates on Constitutionality of Military Appointments CISPES
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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