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Saturday, 04 July 2015
News Briefs

451 Argentina: Videla Dies in Prison – a Victory Against Impunity Marcela Valente
452 Guatemala: Slaughter Was Part of Reagan’s Hard Line Greg Grandin
453 AP Further Documents Evidence of Honduran Police Death Squads; U.S. State Department Hits Back Dan Beeton, CEPR
454 Belize: Mayan pyramid bulldozed by road construction firm Associated Press in Belize City
455 After a Two-decade Occupation, Brazil's Landless Workers Movement Wins Land Rights Wesley Lima
456 Noam Chomsky, Scholars Ask NY Times Public Editor to Investigate Bias on Honduras and Venezuela Keane Bhatt, Manufacturing Contempt
457 Brazil: The Biggest Extractivist in South America Eduardo Gudynas
458 Displaced by Gold Mining in Colombia Constanza Vieira
459 Obama and the Militarization of the “Drug War” in Mexico and Central America Alex Main, CEPR
460 The New York Times on Venezuela and Honduras: A Case of Journalistic Misconduct Keane Bhatt
461 ‘Lost’ Report Exposes Brazilian Indian Genocide Survival International
462 Peru Backslides on Indigenous Rights Emily Greenspan
463 Report Reveals How Canadian Diplomacy Supported Deadly Blackfire Mining Project in Mexico Many
464 Bolivia Expels USAID: Not Why, but Why Not Sooner? Jake Johnston and Stephan Lefebvre, CEPR
465 Ecuador: Green-Washing Run Amok in the Andes Carlos Zorrilla
466 Mexican Teachers Rebel Against Government's Educational Reform Dan La Botz
467 Rioss Montt Trial to Resume Amid Expectations and Uncertainties Amy Ross
468 SOA Watch Issues Report on Paraguay's Election and Human Rights Violations in the Curuguaty Massacre SOA Watch
469 Colombia: Campesinos of Asoquimbo Liberate Lands under Control of Emgesa-Endesa-Enel Polinizaciones
470 Venezuela Faces a Soft War David Segarra, Translation by Tamara Pearson
471 Federal Judge Orders Release of Names of School of the Americas/ WHINSEC Graduates SOA Watch
472 Despite Track Record, U.S. Hires DynCorp to Provide Troops to U.N. Haiti Mission Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
473 Defending Rio Blanco: Three Weeks of the Lenca Community Roadblock in Honduras Brigitte Gynther
474 Paraguay’s Colorado Party Back in Power Jorge Zárate
475 Genocide Trial of Former Dictator Ríos Montt Suspended After Intervention by Guatemalan President Democracy Now!
476 Community Leader Daniel Pedro Mateo Kidnapped and Murdered in Guatemala Cutlural Survival
477 700 Indigenous People Occupy Brazilian House of Representatives John Ahni Schertow
478 Brazil: Carandiru Massacre Trial Must End Long Legacy of Impunity Amnesty International
479 The Enduring Legacy of Bolivia’s Forgotten National Revolution Emily Achtenberg, Rebel Currents
480 One Newspaper, Two Elections: The New York Times on America 2004, Venezuela 2013 Corey Robin
481 The Case of Alberto Patishtán Gómez and the Culpability of the Mexican State: “We are Governed by Injustice” Jessica Davies
482 Uruguay: Second Country in Latin America to Adopt Gay Marriage Raúl Pierri
483 Peru: Reopening the Wounds of Bagua Andrew Miller
484 Guatemala: Mining License Approved in Wake of Violence, Investigation into Murder Pending CIEL and NISGUA
485 Gold Fever to Premiere at Yale, Guatemala City Northland Films
486 Under the International Spotlight, Mexican Government Asks for "Friendly Solution" After Perpetrating Sexual Torture Andalusia Knoll
487 Honduras: Organizations Condemn Military-Landowner Violence and Slander Against Campesinos La Voz de los de Abajo, Translation by Greg McCain and Brigitte Gynther
488 Will Obama’s Legacy Be a Death Squad Government in Honduras? Mark Weisbrot
489 Campesino Communities in Honduras being Devastated, One Family at a Time Lauren Carasik
490 Barrick Gold Could Lose the Pascua Lama Project El Ciudadano, Translation by Molly Fohn
491 The Murder of Demetrio López: Chronicle of Another Death Foretold in Colombia Anthony Dest
492 Bolivia: The Unfinished Business of Land Reform Emily Achtenberg, Rebel Currents
493 Haiti's Duvalier Needs Company in the Dock David Wilson
494 Alberto Patishtán and Solidarity with the Voice of el Amate, a Cry for Justice Alma Sánchez, Translation by Nelida Montes de Oca
495 Guatemala: Recurring Violence in Area of Tahoe Resource-Goldcorp Mine Demands Investigation and Company Withdrawal John Ahni Schertow
496 Chile’s “NO” Campaign: What the Movie Doesn't Tell Us Emily Achtenberg, Rebel Currents
497 World Bank Must End Support for Honduran Palm Oil Company Implicated in Murder Many
498 Honduras: Activists Protest Lack of Transparency in Extractive Industry Thelma Mejía
499 The Brookings Institute on Mexico: Lower Taxes and Make (Better) War to End Violence Dawn Paley
500 The EZLN Announce the Fiesta for their 10 Years of Self-government Desinformemonos
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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