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Saturday, 25 October 2014
News Briefs

451 Honduran President Calls Supreme Court an Enemy of the State Honduras Culture and Politics
452 Mexico’s Presidential Inauguration Marked by Vows and Violence Laura Carlsen
453 International Court Investigates Colombia for “False Positive” Killings Susana Pimiento
454 Colombian Military and a Local Businessman Agree to Build a Base on Stolen Land Colombia Land Rights Monitor
455 'Outing' Honduras: A Human Rights Catastrophe in the Making Suyapa Portillo Villeda
456 Honduras’ Party Primaries: Voters Went to the Polls, But Can Next Year’s Elections be “Free and Fair”? Dan Beeton, CEPR
457 Mapuche Indians Fight New Airport in Southern Chile Marianela Jarroud
458 Brazilian Mining Giant Given Green Light for Perilous Railway Plan Survival International
459 Action Alert! Guatemalan Anti-Mining Activists Threatened Amnesty International
460 Guyana Seeks to Shield Gold Miners from Mercury Ban Bert Wilkinson
461 Guatemala: Rural Farmers Lose Livestock Due to Water Contamination by Marlin Mine FREDEMI, Translated by Christina Hewitt
462 EL Salvador: Proposed Culture Law Would Provide Healthcare and Funding for Artists CISPES
463 Earth First? Bolivia’s Mother Earth Law Meets the Neo-Extractivist Economy Emily Achtenberg, Rebel Currents
464 Action Alert! Protect Pacific Resistance in San José del Golfo, Guatemala NISGUA
465 Canadian Mining on Trial Dawn Paley
466 Mass Participation in Debate on Venezuela’s Socialist Plan Ewan Robertson
467 Murders of Teenagers and Opposition Party Members Underscore Impunity in Honduras and the Failure of U.S. “Vetting” Dan Beeton, CEPR
468 The Task of Reading Guatemala’s Bones Amnesty International
469 Mexican Senate Passes Labor Reform Bill, Weakening Worker Rights Jake Johnston and Stephan Lefebvre, CEPR
470 Colombia: Diary of a Displacement Colombia Land Rights Monitor
471 Action Alert: Leader of Sogamoso River Defense in Colombia Disappeared Global Justice Ecology Project
472 Trouble at Brazil's Belo Monte Dam Stops Construction for Now Agence France-Presse
473 Campaign to Legalize Abortion in Venezuela Gains Publicity Ewan Robertson
474 Islamo-Bolivarianism: The Green-and-Red Menace in Latin America Belén Fernández
475 Earth’s Most Threatened Tribe Make Unprecedented Visit to Brazil’s Capital Survival International
476 El Salvador Urged to Respond to El Calabozo Massacre Survivors’ Demands Amnesty International
477 Obama VS. Romney for Latin America: Carrying or Swinging the "Big Stick" Francesca Fiorentini
478 Guatemala's Palm Industry Leaves Locals Contemplating an Uncertain Future Myles Estey, Poverty Matters Blog
479 Venezuela’s Mission Robinson Literacy Program Celebrates 9 Successful Years Ewan Robertson
480 Brazil: Indigenous Community Faces Eviction Amnesty International
481 Brazil: Symbol of Native Culture to Be Bulldozed for World Cup Fabiana Frayssinet
482 Murder of Anti-Mining Activists in Mexico a State Crime COSYDDHAC
483 Venezuela’s Chavez to Ministers: Now is the Time for Self-Criticism Rachael Boothroyd
484 One dead in Panama protests over new land law Al Jazeera
485 Bolivia: New Road Contract Ramps Up Stakes in TIPNIS Conflict Emily Achtenberg
486 It’s Time to Question Border Patrol Use of Deadly Force Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator, Alliance for Global Justice
487 Honduras: Model Cities Definitively Unconstitutional Honduras Culture and Politics
488 Camila Vallejo's Letelier-Moffitt Acceptance Speech Camila Vallejo
489 Communal Land Titling at a Standstill in Peru Milagros Salazar
490 Community Radio Station Doble Via Raided by Guatemalan Police Cultural Survival
491 Guatemala: Historical Archive of the National Police Needs Donations to Continue its Work to End Impunity Many
492 Local Alliance Renews Occupation of Belo Monte Dam in Brazil Amazon Watch and Xingu Alive Forever Movement
493 Chávez Re-Election Continues Trend of Left Governments Re-elected in South America Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR)
494 Why Chavez Won: An Inside View Lisa Sullivan
495 Guatemalan Civil Society Condemns Massacre in Totonicapán Many
496 Why the US demonizes Venezuela's democracy Mark Weisbrot
497 Zibechi: Brazil is covering Venezuela's back Raul Zibechi
498 Media Pluralism at Risk of Extinction in Chile Marianela Jarroud
499 Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti Belen Fernandez
500 Honduras: Model Cities Law Unconstitutional Honduras Culture and Politics
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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