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Friday, 27 March 2015
News Briefs

451 World Bank Must End Support for Honduran Palm Oil Company Implicated in Murder Many
452 Honduras: Activists Protest Lack of Transparency in Extractive Industry Thelma Mejía
453 The Brookings Institute on Mexico: Lower Taxes and Make (Better) War to End Violence Dawn Paley
454 The EZLN Announce the Fiesta for their 10 Years of Self-government Desinformemonos
455 Brazil Chooses a Racist Homophobe to Head its Human Rights Commission Nayana Fernandez
456 Step by Step: Honduras Walk for Dignity and Sovereignty Greg McCain
457 Victims Want Voice and Vote in Colombia’s Peace Talks Constanza Vieira
458 Insight Crime and the Mexicanization of Cartel War Discourse Dawn Paley
459 Chronicle of a Death Foretold: The Post-Chávez Venezuelan Conjuncture Jeffery R. Webber
460 Venezuela: Adiós Presidente Clifton Ross
461 Venezuelan Indigenous Yukpa Leader Sabino Romero Assassinated Ewan Robertson
462 Former Haitian Dictator Denies Abuses at Historic Hearing Jane Regan and Milo Milfort
463 The Urgency of Wirikuta in Mexico Iracema Gavilan and Adazahira Chavez, Translation by Molly Fohn
464 Colombia: Aerial Fumigation Comes to San José de Apartadó Gina Spigarelli
465 The Teaching Profession in Guatemala at the Crossroads: Students Fight against Neoliberal Policies Irma Guadarrama
466 Latin America: Criminalizing Social Protest Manuela Picq
467 Uruguay's Culture of Impunity Continues to Rear its Head Pierre-Louis LeGoff and Dr Francesca Lessa
468 Guatemala: Breakthrough Regarding Legal Liability of Canadian Mining Corporations for Abuses Overseas Klippensteins Barristers & Solicitors
469 Venezuela’s Opposition Launches New Offensive, Wikileaks Reveals Their Strategy Chris Carlson
470 CONAIE in the Face of Ecuador's Election Results CONAIE, Translation by Marc Becker
471 Ecuador: “First Reflections on a Defeat” for Correa's Leftist Opposition Pablo Ospina Peralta, Translation by Marc Becker
472 Colombia: Riot Police Attack Communities Protesting Oil Exploitation in Arauca Colombia Informa, Translation by Molly Fohn
473 Interview with Alberto Acosta: The "Citizen Revolution", the Extractive Model and the Left Critiques Franck Gaudichaud, Translation by Matilda Villarraga
474 Economic Growth with More Equality: Learning From Bolivia Emily Achtenberg, Rebel Currents
475 Honduras: Obama Administration Rejects Congressional Request for Investigation of the DEA's Role in the Ahuas Killings Alex Main, CEPR
476 The Drug Trade and the Increasing Militarization of the Caribbean Kevin Edmonds, The Other Side of Paradise
477 Ecuador: 160 Intellectuals Support Alberto Acosta’s Candidacy Many, Translation by Christina Hewitt
478 Solidarity Brings Freedom and Justice for Zapatista Francisco Sántiz López Jessica Davies, Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group
479 Forty Years Later, Justice for Víctor Jara: School of the Americas Grads Indicted in Murder of the Popular Allende-Era Singer/Activist Ramona Wadi
480 AP Investigation: U.S. Spends $20 Billion Over 10 Years on Increasingly Bloody Drug “War” in Latin America; Rejects Drug Policy Reform Alex Main, CEPR
481 Mexico: International Meeting Unites Movements against Destructive Mining Projects Jonathan Treat
482 Brazil: First Ever Strike against Walmart UNI Global Union
483 World’s Leading Asparagus Company Violates Worker Rights, Says Peruvian Union USLEAP
484 Former Coup Leader, 'School of the Americas' General, to Run for President in Honduras Arthur Phillips, CEPR
485 Miners Win Ruling over Indigenous Groups in Guyana Jeremy Hance
486 Honduras: Failed State Auctions Off Lands and Subsoils OFRANEH, Translation by S. Bartlett of Ag Missions
487 Guatemala: Ríos Montt Trial a Milestone for Justice; Former Dictator Charged With Genocide Human Rights Watch
488 El Salvador: Free the El Progreso 3 Youth Leaders – Organizing is not a Crime! Many
489 New Cuba: Beachhead for Economic Democracy Beyond Capitalism Keith Harrington
490 Guatemala’s War on Women Amnesty International
491 Hunger Strike Aims to Stop GMO Corn in Mexico Claire Gilbert and Saulo Araujo
492 Free Trade and Workers’ Rights in Colombia: “Peace” the European Way Dave Feldman
493 A New Scenario in Guatemala: Challenges for Social Movements and Cooperation Kajkoj Maximo Ba Tiul, Translated by Christina Hewitt
494 Argentine Farm Sales Raise Questions of Land Speculation By Soros Pratap Chatterjee
495 Guerrero Community Police Denounce Attempts to Use Citizen Uprising to Divide and Militarize Their Region Regional Coordinating Body of Community Police (CRAC), Translation by Kristin Bticker
496 Ecuadorean Tribe Will 'Die Fighting' to Defend Rainforest Jonathan Watts
497 Oaxaca: Triqui Protest Camp Suffers New Eviction Hannibal Rhoades
498 Gustavo Esteva: Recovering Hope - The Zapatista Example Jessica Davies and Helen Jaccard
499 What the Venezuelan Constitution Does, and Does Not, Say about Chávez's Innauguration Dan Beeton, CEPR
500 Chile: Historic Mapuche Land Conflict Flares Up Marianela Jarroud
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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