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Monday, 31 August 2015
1 The Return of Social Conflict in Paraguay: Toward a New Articulation of Struggles Raúl Zibechi
2 Paraguay's President Horacio Cartes: A Year Later Claudia Pompa
3 Sawhoyamaxa Battle for Their Land in Paraguay Natalia Ruiz Diaz
4 Paraguay’s Militarized Democracy Claudia Pompa
5 Paraguay: Installation of Rio Tinto Alcan Company Causes Intense Debate Télam, Translation by Clayton Conn
6 What Changes Lay Ahead for Paraguay? Abel Irala, Translation by Danica Jorden
7 Paraguay: House of Cartes Dawn Paley
8 Paraguayan Government Deploys Joint Military-Police Force to Monitor Upcoming Human Rights March for "Violent Infiltrators" Ultima Hora, Translated by April Howard
9 Paraguay and Monsanto: The Seeds of Discord Claudia Pompa
10 Paraguay: Why the Canadian Government Supports the Ouster of Lugo Yves Engler
11 In the Shadow of the Coup: Social Movements for Democracy Mobilize in Paraguay Benjamin Dangl
12 Paraguay’s Bitter Harvest: Multinational Corporations Reap Benefits from Coup Government Benjamin Dangl
13 Post-Coup Paraguay: An Interview with Fernando Lugo Johannes Wilm
14 A Coup Over Land: The Resource War Behind Paraguay’s Crisis Benjamin Dangl
15 Pressure from the Region Could Be Decisive in Paraguay’s Crisis Natalia Ruiz Diaz
16 Tragic Week in Paraguay Javiera Manuela Rulli and Reto Sonderegger, Translation Lilian Joensen, Grupo de Reflexión Rural
17 Paraguay: 'There are More Dead Comrades' Darío Pignotti, Translation by Jim Rudolf
18 Paraguay: Land, Soy and Boots Ignacio Cirio, Translation by Jim Rudolf
19 The Tyranny of Soy Agribusiness in Paraguay Jesse Freeston
20 Paraguay: Americas Social Forum Continues Struggle to Dismantle Neoliberalism Marc Becker
21 The Land Lugo Promised: Paraguayan Farmers Mobilize for Agrarian Reform Benjamin Dangl
22 Paraguay: Protests and Rubber Bullets Greet Return of Dictatorship Criminal Benjamin Dangl
23 Police Repression and Presidential Promises: The Fight for Social Justice in Paraguay Lorena Rodriguez
24 Paraguay: Agreement with Rural Activists Puts End to Protest Natalia Ruiz Díaz
25 Paraguay: The Struggle for Land Natalia Ruiz Díaz
26 Paraguay: New 'Archives of Terror' Unearthed Natalia Ruiz Díaz
27 Political and Social Crisis in Paraguay Reto Sonderegger
28 Cooperation as Rebellion: Creating Sustainable Agriculture in Paraguay April Howard
29 P-MAS in Paraguay: Young Socialists Build a New Party from the Ground Up Clifton Ross
30 Lugo Faces First Challenges: Coup Plots and the Multi-Ring Political Circus of Paraguay Clifton Ross
31 Asunción's Bañados Neighborhood: The Power of Community in Paraguay Raúl Zibechi
32 Stiglitz Goes To Paraguay: Move Over Chicago, A Cambridge Boy's in Town Gustavo Setrini
33 Dispatch From Paraguay: Hope Reigns at Dawn of Fernando Lugo Presidency Clifton Ross
34 Paraguay: Fourteen Years in the Wilderness David Vargas
35 Paraguay Changes: Elections End 60 Years of Right Wing Rule Michael Fox
36 Voters in Paraguay Make History and Elect Left-Wing President Michael Fox
37 Photo Essay: Paraguay Votes Michael Fox
38 High Participation, Tension in Paraguayan Elections Michael Fox
39 Paraguay Celebrates Lugo's Historic Victory Michael Fox
40 Paraguay: Polls Closing, Results Point to Lugo Victory Michael Fox
41 Photo Essay: Counting the Ballots in Paraguay Michael Fox
42 Lilian Soto Interview on Paraguayan Elections Michael Fox
43 Fernando Lugo Wins in Paraguay, Celebrations Fill the Streets Upside Down World & Michael Fox
44 Paraguayan Election Forecast Shows Fraud On the Horizon Michael Fox
45 Voting Underway in Paraguayan Elections Michael Fox
46 Report From Paraguay on the Eve of Historic Elections Michael Fox
47 Elections in Paraguay: Indigenous Woman on Course for Senate David Vargas
48 Dissecting the Politics of Paraguay's Next President April Howard & Benjamin Dangl
49 Paraguay: Campesino Leader Charged For Confronting Crop Spraying Marco Castillo, Regina Kretschmer, Javiera Rulli, Gaby Schwartzmann. Translated by April Howard.
50 Paraguay: Elections, Yellow Fever, and a Meddling Ambassador Raúl Zibechi
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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