Upside Down World
Friday, 28 November 2014
1 Peru Plans to Abolish Iconic Amazon Indigenous Reserve, NGO Claims David Hill
2 Mining Firms in Peru Mount Legal Offensive Against Inspection Tax Milagros Salazar
3 Peru and Colombia: Community Self-Defense Against Megaminería Raúl Zibechi
4 Peru Passes a Packet of Neoliberal Reforms, Erodes Environmental Protections and Labor Rights Lynda Sullivan
5 Phosphates Mining Rocks the Boats in Northern Peru Luis Manuel Claps
6 Peru’s Conga Mine Conflict: Cajamarca Won’t Capitulate Lynda Sullivan
7 Peru: Senselessness in the VRAE Region Gustavo Gorriti, Translated by Danica Jorden
8 Repsol Sells Oil Stake in ‘Isolated’ Indigenous Peoples’ Territory in Peruvian Amazon David Hill
9 Prosecution of Forced Sterilizations in Peru Still Possible Milagros Salazar
10 Peru: Andean Self-determination Struggles against Extractive Capitalism Lynda Sullivan
11 "Yes to Life! No to Gold!" Indigenous Communities in Peru Struggle to Defend Land From Mining Roxana Olivera
12 Connecting with an International Historical Reality: Book Review of "Jose Carlos Mariátegui: An Anthology" Ramona Wadi
13 Elders in Peruvian Andes Help Interpret Climate Changes Milagros Salazar
14 Scientist Calls Peru Conga Mining Project an ‘Environmental Disaster:’ Interview with Reinhard Seifert Alice Bernard and Diego Cupolo
15 Cajamarca Anti-Mining Movements Celebrate and Question Study Results For Peru Conga Gold Mine Alice Bernard and Diego Cupolo
16 Regional Peruvian Government Fights Conga Gold Mining: An Interview with Dr. César Aliaga Díaz Alice Bernard and Diego Cupolo
17 Peru: Cajamarca Protests Continue as Conga Gold Mine Awaits Green Light Alice Bernard and Diego Cupolo
18 Native Peruvians See Loopholes in Prior Consultation Law Milagros Salazar
19 Peru: Elected by the Left, Ruling with the Right Oscar Ugarteche, Translation by Marybeth Stocking
20 Peru: Protest Against Mine Continues Despite State of Emergency Ángel Páez
21 Peruvian Government Expands Scope of Military Activity Ángel Páez
22 Showdown in Peru: Indigenous Communities Kick Out Canadian Mining Company Benjamin Dangl
23 Native Peruvians More Marginalized Despite Growth Ángel Páez and Eduardo Nayap
24 Hope in the Andes: What Ollanta Humala’s Victory Means for Peru Benjamin Dangl
25 Peru's Presidential Election: A Battle Over Memory and Justice Benjamin Dangl and Jesse Strauss
26 Peru: Humala and Fujimori in Final Stretch Ángel Páez
27 Peru’s Presidential Elections: Campaigning a World Away From Reality Fionuala Cregan
28 Washington, Peru and Ollanta Humala: You Can’t Always Believe What You Read in WikiLeaks Jeremy Bigwood
29 WikiLeaks: Peruvian Army Connected to Drug Trafficking InSight
30 US Court OKs Extradition of 'Butcher of the Andes' to Peru Ángel Páez
31 Women Sterilized Against Their Will in Peru Seek Justice, Again Ángel Páez
32 Peruvian Government Draft Report Buries the Truth about Bagua, Resurrects Racist Stereotypes David Hill
33 Oil Spill Devastates Amazon Region in Peru David Hill
34 One Year Since the Bagua Massacre: New Actors Facing a State in Crisis in Peru Raúl Zibechi
35 Free Trade Undermining Rights in Peru Milagros Salazar
36 Peruvian State Protects Mining Company Instead of Citizens: Interview with Mario Tabra Guerrero Yásser Gómez, Translation: Marcelo Virkel
37 Peru's Supreme Court Upholds Fujimori's 25-Year Sentence for Murders and Kidnappings April Howard
38 Report on Massacre of Native Protesters in Peru Biased, Says Head of Inquiry Milagros Salazar
39 Peru: Violence Targets Anti-mining Activists Jennifer Moore
40 The Neoliberal Crusade For Resources on Indigenous Lands in the Peruvian Amazon Jamie Way
41 Peru and Ecuador: A Common Enemy Jennifer Moore
42 Massacre in the Amazon: The U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement Sparks a Battle Over Land and Resources Raúl Zibechi
43 Moving Forward: The Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples Marc Becker
44 Peru: 'Police Are Throwing Bodies in the River,' Say Native Protesters Milagros Salazar
45 Massacre in Peru: Photo Essay and Dispatch on the Bloody Conflict Catapa
46 50 Days of Protest and One Massacre in the Peruvian Amazon Ben Powless
47 The Rainforest's Cry: Amazon Uprising and Opposing Perspectives of Development in Peru Irene Arce Claux, Translation by Timothy Erskine
48 Mining Co. Bailout Eclipses Environmental Disaster in Peru Milagros Salazar
49 Rock Bottom Mining: Unemployment and Crisis in Peru Irene Arce Claux , Translation by Matt Schwartz
50 Peru: Praying for Justice Jennifer Moore
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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