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Wednesday, 17 September 2014
51 Militarization and the War on Drugs in Peru: Interview with Ricardo Soberón Yásser Gómez
52 Peru: Interview with Political Prisoner Lori Berenson Emma Shaw Crane
53 Peru: Buried But Not Forgotten on International Day of the Disappeared C. Edward Anable
54 Peru: Piura Votes, A Dangerous Precedent Jennifer Moore
55 Peru: Tambogrande Mine Returns Amidst Two Other Conflicts John Schertow
56 Return to Putis: EPAF Resumes Exhumations of Mass Graves Ash Kosiewicz
57 Unburying the Evidence of Peru's Biggest "Dirty War" Massacre Ángel Páez
58 Peru: Indigenous Organizations Aim for the Presidency Milagros Salazar
59 Peruvian Women Rally Against Rising Food Prices Toward Freedom
60 Peru: Coca Advocates Protest Suggested UN Ban Jenessa Stark
61 Peru: Four Dead After Government Crackdown on Protests Against US Trade Deal Daniel Denvir
62 Peru: Survivors Come Face to Face with Massacre Leader Ángel Páez
63 Peruvian Media Portrays New Student Leaders as Terrorists Yásser Gómez with Yasmín Díaz
64 Peru: Free Trade Deal an Andean Tragedy David T. Rowlands
65 Lima's Community Kitchens: Combating Hunger and Loneliness Raúl Zibechi
66 US Congress Passes Free Trade Deal with Peru Jennifer Gunderman and April Howard
67 No to the FTA with Peru Upside Down World
68 Chile Extradites Fujimori to Peru Benjamin Witte
69 Nationwide Protests Over Neoliberal Policies Rock Peru Benjamin Dangl
70 Extraditing Fujimori: The Other Dictator in Chile Benjamin Witte for NACLA
71 Regional Elections in Peru Reject Politicians, Traditional Parties April Howard
72 Golden Cages: Wealth and Misery in Peru's Highlands Aura Bogado, ZNet
73 Ollanta Humala: Peru's Next President? Justin Vogler
74 U.S. Meddling in Peruvian Presidential Race? Jeremy Bigwood
75 No Justice in Peru Cyril Mychalejko
76 Peruvian Candidate Worries Investors Cyril Mychalejko
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