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Tuesday, 24 May 2016
Free Trade

1 Group Calls for Obama to Suspend CAFTA Stop CAFTA Coalition
2 Costa Rica's CAFTA "Si" Vote Called into Question Kari Lydersen
3 Referendum in Costa Rica: Countdown to CAFTA? Kari Lydersen
4 A Brief Political History of DR-CAFTA in Costa Rica Daniel Henry Thomas
5 Taken Aback by Leftist Shift, White House Endeavors to Con the Americas Dan Denvir
6 Video From Immokalee Workers: With These Hands I Demand the Future Coalition of Immokalee Workers
7 Revisiting the "Miami Model" Cyril Mychalejko, Z Magazine
8 Canada's Quiet Free Trade Agreement Cyril Mychalejko, The Dominion
9 No More CAFTAs! Tom Ricker and Andrew de Sousa*
10 IIRSA: Integration Custom-Made for International Markets Raúl Zibechi, IRC Americas
11 Anti-FTAA Meeting in Cuba
12 Ecuador: Trade Talks Stall, Protests Continue Cyril Mychalejko
13 U.S.-Peru FTA in Jeopardy Cyril Mychalejko
14 President-elect Chooses Free Trade Over Democracy Cyril Mychalejko
15 Anti-CAFTA Protests Rock El Salvador Cyril Mychalejko
16 Mexico's Unfair Trade With Europe Cyril Mychalejko
17 AFTA Could Undermine Lawsuit Against Chevron Cyril Mychalejko
18 CAFTA Influences Costa Rican Election Cyril Mychalejko
19 Bush Using Implementation of CAFTA Agreement to Expand Corporate Rights in Central America Tom Ricker and Burke Stansbury*
20 CAFTA Misses Deadline Cyril Mychalejko
21 Peru's "immoral" FTA Cyril Mychalejko
22 "The Tyranny of Free Trade" Cyril Mychalejko
23 The Free Market Versus Regional Integration Raúl Zibechi
24 AFTA talks stalled Cyril Mychalejko
25 Chavez, Fox and the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America Greg Rosenthal
26 Timely demise for Free Trade Area of the Americas Laura Carlsen
27 Regional Integration After the Collapse of the FTAA Raúl Zibechi
28 A Selection of News and Views on the Passage of CAFTA (8/01/05)
29 CAFTA Deserves a Quiet Death (6/27/05) Mark Engler
30 Bad and Getting Worse: Labor Rights Sold Out With CAFTA (5/31/05) Bekki Bolthouse and Beth Brockland, Rights Action
31 CAFTA's Hollow Reforms (5/23/05) Cyril Mychalejko
32 Free Trade and Resistance in Guatemala (4/19/05) Cyril Mychalejko
33 Free Trade and Frivolous Lawsuits (3/6/05) Cyril Mychalejko
34 Chile Says No To Bush (11/21/04) Kiernan Rok
35 FTAA Protests In Miami (11/19/03) Ali Tonak
36 The Real Cancun (11/10/03) By Ali Tonak and Tessa Brudevold-Iversen
37 NAFTA, Farming and The Arcata Eye (10/14/03) Mneesha Gellman

"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" - Eduardo Galeano

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Consecuencias del extractivismo en América Latina: Entrevista con Eduardo Gudynas

México: En Oaxaca, los profesores se preparan para la huelga nacional

Raúl Zibechi: "Brasil enfrenta en la actualidad una grave crisis de carácter multidimensional"

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