Upside Down World
Monday, 29 August 2016
1 An Interview with Uruguay's José Mujica: From Armed Struggle to the Presidency
2 Uruguay: Environmental Analyst Eduardo Gudynas Dissects the Myth of President José Mujica
3 Uruguay’s Legalization of Marijuana Makes Sense in a Senseless Drug War
4 A Step Toward Justice in the Long “War on Terror”: Uruguay Offers to Welcome Guantanamo Detainees
5 Uruguay Prepares for Iron Rush: Civil Society Opposes Proposed Mining Legislation
6 Uruguay’s Struggle for Historical Accountability
7 Uruguay: Birth of a Movement Against Mining and Extractivism
8 Uruguay Rejects “The War on Drugs”: Law Proposes State Control of Marijuana Production and Distribution
9 Women’s Groups Say Uruguay’s New Abortion Law Falls Short
10 Environmental Resistance in the Uruguay River
11 Book Review on Bolivia - Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces
12 Celebrating Compromises in Uruguay: José Mujica Inaugurated as President
13 Turning Activists Into Voters in Uruguay: The Frente Amplio and José Mujica
14 Hope and Disappointment in Uruguay's Elections
15 Presidential Elections in Uruguay: Former Guerrilla vs Neoliberal
16 Uruguayans Call for a National Vote on Impunity Law
17 New Declarations Against Impunity in Uruguay
18 Between Law and Politics: The Continuing Struggle Against Impunity in Uruguay
19 Uruguay: Congress Votes to Legalise Abortion, But Veto Likely
20 El "Técnico" y el "Pepe": Seeking Electoral Unity in Uruguay
21 Uruguay: The Politics of Recent History
22 The Soybean Crop in Uruguay: The Creation of a Power Block
23 Truth and Justice in Uruguay, Two Decades Delayed
24 Uruguay: Spirit of Afro Resistance Alive in Candombe
25 Uruguay: Building Autonomy, One Co-op at a Time
26 Uruguay's Frente Amplio: From Revolution to Dilution
27 W.B. pulp mills on hold in Uruguay
28 Without a Boss: A Worker-Run Textile Factory in Montevideo, Uruguay
29 Uruguay's New Government (6/22/05)
30 Feet to the Flames (3/24/05)
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