Upside Down World
Saturday, 27 August 2016
51 The Revolution Will Not Be Destabilized: Ottawa's Democracy Promoters Target Venezuela Anthony Fenton
52 Analysis of the Venezuelan Referendum: Time for Economic Strategy Max Ajl
53 Victory in Venezuela: Chavez, Progress and Media Coverage C. Edward Anable
54 Venezuelans Vote to Eliminate Two-Term Limit on All Elected Office 54.4% to 45.6%
55 Venezuelans Vote Peacefully Over whether to Amend Constitution James Suggett and Tamara Pearson
56 Why Obama Should Meet With Hugo Chavez Chesa Boudin
57 Financing Venezuela's Communal Councils George Gabriel
58 Venezuela's ALBA in the face of the Global Economic Crisis Jodie Neary
59 Adentro Barrio Adentro: An American Medical Student in Venezuela Rebecca Trotsky-Sirr
60 Venezuela Proposes New Regional Currency During ALBA Summit James Suggett
61 Venezuela: Elections Will Put Chávez to the Test Humberto Márquez
62 Smoke and Mirrors: An Analysis of Human Rights Watch's Report on Venezuela Gregory Wilpert
63 Latin America: The War on Democracy - Documentary Online John Pilger
64 Revolution! New Book Charts Roller Coaster Ride of South American Left Benjamin Dangl
65 Venezuela: Creating an Endogenous Cooperative Culture April Howard
66 Venezuela: Land Reform Conflict Arises Around Strategic Water Source James Suggett
67 Venezuelan Youth: A Potential Antidote to the Weaknesses of the Revolution Tamara Pearson
68 What is the Venezuelan News Media Actually Like? Andrew Kennis
69 Venezuelan Recycling Workers Struggle for Justice Tamara Pearson
70 Interview: Speaking with Hugo! author Bart Jones Daniel Denvir
71 Will the Bolivarian Revolution End Coal Mining in Venezuela ? James Suggett
72 McCain to Prevent Venezuela and Bolivia from Becoming Another Cuba James Suggett
73 US Naval Fleet to Be Positioned Off the Coast of South America Victor Figueroa Clark
74 London Court Rules in Favor of Venezuela in Dispute with Exxon James Suggett
75 Contradictions and Tensions in Venezuela's Bolivarian Process James Suggett
76 Venezuela: Danger Signs for the Revolution Kiraz Janicke & Federico Fuentes
77 Venezuela: 'Exxon Will Never Again Do Business in This Country' Humberto Márquez
78 Steel Worker's Strike Shuts down Venezuela's Largest Steel Plant Kiraz Janicke
79 Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution at a Turning Point Gregory Wilpert
80 Gender Issues in Venezuela's Constitution James Suggett
81 Chesa Boudin: Venezuelan Democratic Process Is Working Katie Halper
82 Live WebRadio Coverage of Venezuela Referendum PCASC
83 Latin America's New Petro-Politics Nadia Martinez
84 "Crisis in the Americas" - A Page Out of Washington's Propaganda Playbook on Venezuela Michael Fox
85 Susana Gonzales Interview: Venezuela, Then and Now Gabriel Ash and Cyril Mychalejko
86 Washington Promotes 'Independent' Media in Venezuela Michael Barker
87 Venezuela: Workers to Join Chávez's PSUV Paul Haste
88 Talking Dirty About Revolution: Sexual Health and Gender Inequality in Venezuela Rebecca Trotzky Sirr
89 Political Change in Venezuela: An Interview with Chesa Boudin Gabriel Ash and Cyril Mychalejko
90 Slaying Vampires: Chavez Proposes South American Energy Treaties April Howard
91 The New Politics of Political Aid in Venezuela Tom Barry
92 Venezuelan Youth Street Culture Festival James Suggett
93 Rewriting the Constitution in Bolivia and Venezuela Sujatha Fernandes
94 Online Video: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Kim Bartley & Donnacha O'Brian
95 Misión Barrio Adentro: Experiencing Health Care as a Human Right in Venezuela Rebecca Trotzky Sirr
96 Free Speech and RCTV in Venezuela James Suggett
97 Venezuela: The Times They Are A-Changin' Gabriel Ash
98 Venezuela's Banco del Sur: The End of the IMF in Latin America? Paul McIvor
99 Bush Dodges Chavez Questions, Despite Repeated Prodding Michael Fox
100 Venezuela Expands Regulation of Food Production Gregory Wilpert
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