“Dirty” Uruguayan Colonel Held in Brazil

A retired Uruguayan colonel wanted in "dirty war" probes was detained on Monday in Brazil.

Manuel Juan Cordero, an advocate of torture, is wanted in Uruguay for his connection in the disappearance of a leftist dissident during the country’s 1973-85 military dictatorship.

Argentina is also seeking Cordero’s extradition for the kidnapping of well-known native poet Juan Gelman’s daughter-in-law, as well as for his role in the coordination of the repression of dissidents in South America under Operation Condor.

Cordero spent time in Argentina and worked from Automotores Orletti, Operation Condor’s base in Buenos Aires. He is believed to be responsible for the detention, torture and "disappearance" of scores of people.

An Argentine diplomat expects Cordero to be extradited to his country in the next few days.