Ecuador’s Amazon Region Threatened by Oil (Again)

Two petroleum projects are threatening the survival of Yasuní National Park, the most important protected area of continental Ecuador: the ITT project and Block 31 project, the last one, given as concession to the Brazilian oil company Petrobrás.

Both oil projects are found in the heart of this National Park, that has been qualified by scientists from different parts of world, as the zone with the highest biodiversity of the planet. In just one hectare of Yasuní National Park, 644 species of trees have been found. To put this number in perspective, there are as many species of trees and bushes in one hectare of the Yasuní, as there exist native trees and bushes in North America, a reckoned of 680 species.

To send a letter to Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa asking him to implement a moratorium on oil exploration in the region visit: