Peddling Security: Venezuela vs. Guatemala

The Chilean President snubbed Bush when she failed to tip her hand on who Chile would support in the upcoming bid for a Latin American seat on the UN Security council.  Two seats carrying two-year terms are granted to a Latin American nation, with a seat elected each year. It is generally accepted that the countries of whatever region vote for who will represent the region on the UN-Security Council. Peru and Argentina currently represent the Americas 

The US has been pushing for Guatemala, but Venezuela is also a candidate. The race is ruffling feathers that barely settled after the 2005 election for Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS). In that race, Chilean candidate José Miguel Insulza beat out the US-supported former Salvadoran President Francisco Flores and Mexican Foreign Minister Ernesto Derbez. 

With regard to the UNSC seat, Brazil and Argentina have announced that they will back Venezuela. It is assumed that Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica will back Guatemala.  

In an interesting move, Bachelet may have secretly revealed her bias when, during a recent visit she thanked Dominican Republic, a staunch US ally, for its pro-Insulza vote. The move could be interpreted as a nudge by Bachelet for the DR to continue voting against US-sponsored candidates. The vote takes place in October.