Teachers in Oaxaca Call for Boycott of Mexican Elections

Striking teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico said they would boycott this weekend’s Mexican Presidential election, but would cancel the boycott if contract negotiations with the government took a turn for the better. The National Union of Education Workers Local 22 (SNTE, in Spanish)-representing 40,000 primary and secondary public school teachers- also announced the re-establishment of a permanent and total occupation of the Oaxaca City central plaza. A previous occupation was violently dislodged by police on June 14, injuring hundreds of teachers, supporters and bystanders.

SNTE’s most recent actions, including a demand for the Governor’s resignation,  represent its attempt to capitalize on massive popular support won by teachers after the police attack. The hardened positions come in spite of a call from the Archbishop of Oaxaca for a “truce” until after July 2nd balloting takes place.

The union announced that teachers would hold another march June 28 that will embark from the airport on the edge of town. A June 15 march drew up to 300,000.