Wash. Post Compares Obrador to Stalin

The Washington Post is upset with Andres Manuel López Obrador. Because Obrador is demanding a recount in an election with several irregularities (if not cases of fraud), the Post suggests he is Stalinist, anti-democratic and threatens to move the country back to authoritarianism.

The Post Editorial stated that Obrador has made "wild charges" in his dispute with the preliminary election results and states "international and independent Mexican observers detected no such abuse," as if there were absolutely no experts that disagreed with those the Post talked to.

But as UpsideDownWorld reported in early July, there are quite a few reasons why a recount would be warranted. They include:

§ "In all the states won by the PAN there were over 30,000 more votes for president than senators—as one would expect—but in all the states won by the PRD there were over 300,000 less votes for president than for senators."

§ "On July 4, locals found ballot boxes from three precincts won by Lopez Obrador in the trash dump in Nezahuacoyotl, Mexico State."