Terrorist Attack Points to Ongoing Violence in Key City for US-Colombia FTA

A car bomb exploded in Colombia’s port city of Buenaventura last month, killing nine people and leaving 60 others injured. The U.S. plans on utilizing this port as a major point of export and import should the US-Colombia free trade agreement pass in the future. This incident underscores the insecurity faced by civilians – the majority of whom are Afro-descendants – in this area known for drug smuggling and high homicide rates.


El Salvador: Monsignor Romero, 30 years later

April 5, 2010 James Rodríguez 0

Monsignor Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, was assassinated while giving a mass on March 24th, 1980. Romero had become a recognized critic of violence and injustice, and was therefore perceived as a dangerous enemy by certain military and right wing civil groups. This March 24th, a mass honoring Monsignor Romero’s memory was held on the same altar where the latter one was gunned down exactly thirty years before.

Disappeared But Not Forgotten: A Guatemalan Community Achieves a Landmark Verdict

April 2, 2010 Amanda Kistler 0

On August 31, 2009 a tribunal in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, sentenced former military commissioner Felipe Cusanero Coj to 150 years in prison. Cusanero’s conviction for surreptitiously kidnapping and murdering six Guatemalan citizens in the early 1980s, keeping their whereabouts and fate concealed, marks the first time in Guatemalan history that a court has found a member of the military guilty of a crime against humanity.


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