Ecuador: Widespread Protests from Left and Indigenous Sectors Demand Progressive Changes

August 20, 2015 Carlos Zorrilla 0

The largest protests – and by far the longest-lasting – against Rafael Correa’s government have been raging all over Ecuador since August 13th, when hundreds of thousands of people in a national strike called by the Indigenous People’s organizations and Labor Unions, took to the streets in Quito and other parts of the country. The goal was to vociferously show their discontent with a number of government policies and demand reforms.


Ecuador: Stop the Deportation of Manuela Picq

August 17, 2015 Marc Becker 0

Franco-Brazilian academic and journalist Manuela Picq has been arrested at an Indigenous march in Ecuador and is facing deportation. She was accompanying her partner at the march and pursuing journalistic investigation of the Indigenous movement. Update August 17th: Today a judge ruled Manuela Picq will not be deported from Ecuador.


The Fight for Justice for Ecuador’s Amazon Continues

April 19, 2015 Lindsay Ofrias 0

On April 20, U.S. attorney Steven Donziger will help defend one of the most historic class-action court judgments against a large corporation: Ecuador’s Supreme Court decision in 2011 that holds Chevron liable for $9.6 billion of damages for environmental harms affecting an estimated 30,000 Amazonian people.


Ecuador: Defending the CONAIE beyond Its House

January 14, 2015 Manuela Lavinas Picq 0

The government of President Rafael Correa achieved what seemed impossible since the late 1990s: it reunited Ecuador’s Indigenous movements. Yet, this was not likely the intended goal of evicting the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) from its headquarters.


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