Paraguay’s President Horacio Cartes: A Year Later

July 21, 2014 Claudia Pompa 0

Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes is seen by many as a stalwart neoliberal and his failure to reach an agreement with opposition parties led to the March general strike. The strike was the country’s first general strike in 20 years, and only the third in Paraguay’s history.


Sawhoyamaxa Battle for Their Land in Paraguay

January 8, 2014 Natalia Ruiz Diaz 0

“More than 20 years after being expelled from our ancestral land and living [in camps] along the side of the road, watching the cows occupy the place where we used to live, we decided to return because that land is ours,” the Sawhoyamaxa said in a message accompanying the petition drive.


Paraguay’s Militarized Democracy

September 18, 2013 Claudia Pompa 0

On August 23, Paraguayans woke up to news that resembled more the days of Stroessner’s dictatorship than those of a developing democracy. On August 22, Paraguay’s Congress had granted the newly inaugurated President Cartes power to unilaterally order military interventions inside the country. […]

What Changes Lay Ahead for Paraguay?

Instead of dealing with land problems, the government’s attention will be on keeping social conflict from growing in the cities, for which they’ll invent new ways to criminalize the urban poor by creating job sources that do not lead to work security, but rather to things like encouraging the maquiladora sector and deregulating the workplace. The issues of land and farmworker resistance will be treated in the same way they have for decades; that is, through persecution and repression.


Paraguay: House of Cartes

April 24, 2013 Dawn Paley 0

South America’s newest president has a checkered past, and a huge personal fortune. School of the Americas Watch, which sent a delegation to observe the elections, expressed concern at Horacio Cartes’ sympathy for the dictatorship, his public disdain for queer people, and his seemingly totalitarian aspirations.


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