Morales Announces Cabinet

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced his cabinet on Monday, filling it with Indians, union leaders and intellectuals to set the poor South American country down a more socialist path.

"There’s a clear intention to maintain a certain balance between efficiency and legitimacy," said Jimena Costa, professor of political science, "Ceding certain ministries to social leaders is necessary to maintain governability and not have people out on the street immediately making demands."

New cabinet members include:

Abel Mamani, a radical civic leader who helped lead protests that forced Bechtel out of the country, will hold the new post of minister of water.

Andrés Solíz Rada, a former socialist member of Congress, critic of U.S. foreign policy and advocate of nationalization of the energy industry, was named energy minister.

Casimira Rodriguez, a Quechua Indian, and a former housekeeper and head of the domestic workers’ union, was named justice minister. Rodríguez led protests which helped usher in a law that protects domestic workers from mistreatment.