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Tuesday, 24 November 2015
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1 How the Politics of Extreme Energy Lead to the Criminalization of Social Protest in Argentina Aldo Orellana López and Sian Cowman
2 Barter Networks: Lessons from Argentina for Greece Marina Sitrin
3 Ni Una Menos: The Cry Against ‘Femicides’ Finally Heard in Argentina Fabiana Frayssinet
4 Argentina: Chemical Warfare on Towns Raúl Zibechi, Translation by Alfie Lake
5 Argentina: Punishing to Let the Oil Flow Observatorio Petrolero Sur
6 Over Half the Experts in Argentine GMO Regulatory Body Have Conflicts of Interest with Industry Darío Aranda
7 Prosecutor’s Death a Test for Argentine Democracy Fabiana Frayssinet
8 Argentina: Mining Corporations vs. Democracy Ezequiel Adamovsky
9 National Women's Meeting in Argentina: Thousands Marching for Their Rights Laura Beratti
10 The Other Side of Human Rights in Argentina Silvana Melo, Translation by Nick MacWilliam
11 Ghosts of Olavarría: Human Rights Trial in Argentina Seeks Justice for Victims of Military Dictatorship Nick MacWilliam
12 Why Argentina is Right to Defy the Taliban of Global Finance Jerome Roos
13 Argentina: Communities to Resist Oil Extraction in National Park Fionuala Cregan
14 Argentina: Journalism and Propaganda Darío Aranda, Translated by Danica Jorden
15 Andrés Carrasco, Argentine Scientist and Activist: A Thank You Darío Aranda, Translated by Danica Jorden
16 Defending the Earth in Argentina: From Direct Action to Autonomy Marina Sitrin
17 An Argentine Bachillerato Popular at the Crossroads: The Encroachment of the State on the Demands of Social Organizations Lucas Christel and Nancy Piñeiro, Translated by Nancy Piñeiro
18 Argentine Activists Win First Round Against Monsanto Plant Fabiana Frayssinet
19 Land Conflicts in Argentina: From Resistance to Systemic Transformation Zoe Brent
20 A Deal with the Devil? Argentina Reaches a Fracking Agreement with Chevron Jorge Daniel Taillant
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"If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn't we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?" -Eduardo Galeano

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Cómo la Política de Energía Extrema Conduce a la Criminalización de la Protesta Social en Argentina
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