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Tuesday, 27 September 2016
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1 Argentina: Leaders of Tupac Amaru Social Justice Organization Face Political Persecution Nadine Sofia Brennan-Ventura
2 Argentine Social Movements Strike Back Against Monsanto Darío Aranda, Translated by Nancy Piñeiro
3 Argentina: Mauricio Macri's Dubious Dictatorship Ties Heather Gies
4 How the Politics of Extreme Energy Lead to the Criminalization of Social Protest in Argentina Aldo Orellana López and Sian Cowman
5 Barter Networks: Lessons from Argentina for Greece Marina Sitrin
6 Ni Una Menos: The Cry Against ‘Femicides’ Finally Heard in Argentina Fabiana Frayssinet
7 Argentina: Chemical Warfare on Towns Raúl Zibechi, Translation by Alfie Lake
8 Argentina: Punishing to Let the Oil Flow Observatorio Petrolero Sur
9 Over Half the Experts in Argentine GMO Regulatory Body Have Conflicts of Interest with Industry Darío Aranda
10 Prosecutor’s Death a Test for Argentine Democracy Fabiana Frayssinet
11 Argentina: Mining Corporations vs. Democracy Ezequiel Adamovsky
12 National Women's Meeting in Argentina: Thousands Marching for Their Rights Laura Beratti
13 The Other Side of Human Rights in Argentina Silvana Melo, Translation by Nick MacWilliam
14 Ghosts of Olavarría: Human Rights Trial in Argentina Seeks Justice for Victims of Military Dictatorship Nick MacWilliam
15 Why Argentina is Right to Defy the Taliban of Global Finance Jerome Roos
16 Argentina: Communities to Resist Oil Extraction in National Park Fionuala Cregan
17 Argentina: Journalism and Propaganda Darío Aranda, Translated by Danica Jorden
18 Andrés Carrasco, Argentine Scientist and Activist: A Thank You Darío Aranda, Translated by Danica Jorden
19 Defending the Earth in Argentina: From Direct Action to Autonomy Marina Sitrin
20 An Argentine Bachillerato Popular at the Crossroads: The Encroachment of the State on the Demands of Social Organizations Lucas Christel and Nancy Piñeiro, Translated by Nancy Piñeiro
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