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High Participation, Tension in Paraguayan Elections PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Fox   
Sunday, 20 April 2008 08:38

ImageAlberto Castiglioni, former Vice-President of Paraguay, and member of the Colorado party, made statements this afternoon on national television, as he exercised his civic duty.  He declared, once again that with tonight's results, "we will see who is the true Colorado party."

The comments have caused an uproar of responses in the Paraguayan press.  Castiglioni was the front runner in internal Colorado primaries for presidential candidate.  He was defeated by Blanca Ovelar, in results which he says were fraudulent.  These are his first comments after leaving an Opus Dei retreat earlier this week.

In other news, spotted violence has been reported across the country, but overall, although tense, Paraguay is calm with a half hour to go before the close of the voting places.

Things are also running relatively smoothly in the interior of the country, although there have been some cases of attempts at vote buying, and coercion.

Participation appears to be high, although numbers won't be released for many hours

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