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Fernando Lugo Wins in Paraguay, Celebrations Fill the Streets PDF Print E-mail
Written by Upside Down World & Michael Fox   
Saturday, 19 April 2008 16:12

Lugo Wins
We just got off the phone with Michael Fox, the Upside Down World correspondent covering the elections in Paraguay. From the midst of celebrations in the streets, he reports that with 90% of the results in, Fernando Lugo has won the election.

"We are convinced that Paraguay has a right to better horizons. We have felt it in the pain, in the tears of so many mothers, the disenchantment of so many young people and the suffering of so many children," Lugo said.

"We acknowledge with dignity that the results for the presidential badge are at this point irreversible," Colorado candidate Blanca Ovelar said.

The festivities there were so loud that in an initial phone call to Michael Fox, all we could hear him say over the phone was "Es increíble! Es increíble!"

Fox is going around the streets to rallies and celebrations interviewing people. He said, "Everyone is ecstatic. Almost every person I see says it's the most amazing thing in 60 years. Grandmothers and children and parents and fathers say it's the best thing in decades!" As we spoke with him car horns were blasting, and mobs of people were cheering in the streets, the celebratory roar filled the background. "It's amazing, no one has seen anything like this in years. There are thousands of people in the streets," Fox reported over cell phone from the streets of Asuncion, Paraguay, the nation's capital.

Stay tuned, Fox will be filing more reports later tonight on Upside Down World, with audio recordings of Lugo's speech, interviews with voters, sounds of the celebration and photos.


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