Amnesty International: Immigrants in U.S. “Jailed Without Justice”

  Immigration is growing and increasingly visible. Immigrants and their families carry all their human rights with them when they move. But undocumented immigrants often live in the shadows and at heightened risk of human rights violations. Amnesty International calls for immigrants to be treated with full respect for their human rights and human dignity.


On March 25, Amnesty International released a new report "Jailed without Justice" that exposes the immigration detention system in the United States as broken and unnecessarily costly.

Over 30,000 immigrants are detained every day. This is triple the number detained just ten years ago. Immigrants can be detained for months or years without any meaningful judicial review – this despite international human rights standards requiring judicial review.

It costs about $95 per day to detain someone, while effective alternatives only cost $12 per day. These more affordable alternatives are often not considered and the use of such programs varies greatly region to region.

READ THE: Executive Summary | Key Findings | Download Full Report (PDF 662K)
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